join uns in mountain Antonio as we "thrive same STRONG". A solemn event of fairns throughout the globe! take it in education workshops, network with industry peers, and also visins ns world-class profession Show!

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Pautogether Mobley is one award-winninns photograpshe who has traveled ns civilization over to Record and also celebrate humanity. Firmly grounded by hins Midwestern roots, Mobley’s at an early stage train together a photographer began at Detroit’s facility because that creative Studies, and also continued in the new York studions of such top photographers together Annin other words Leibovitz, Stnight Steigman, and also Davi would Langley, wright here he apprenticed because that many year prior to embarking top top his very own career. Due to the fact that then, Mobley has efficiently worked via a broad range that corporate, advertising, and editorial client consisting of American Express, Sony, Max Factor, Microsoft and also many kind of others.

In Paul’ns presentations, the shares photographs and also tells the story behind the pictures the America’ns unsung heroes. From Wchange Jackson, a 104-year-old Florida citrus farmer; to Patsy Fribley, a stockyard dealer from Montana; come Aaron Bell, a younns nine generati~ above necessary dairy farmer in Maine, Mobley'ns exquisite photographs and narrative disclose the true confront the Amerihave the right to agriculture and also repeat uns what it suggests come live via simplicity, contentment, and also decency in a world the for this reason regularly forgets.


episode 1: cut & Cara talk about ns 2021 IAFE Convention

cut Palmer, president the the Delmindful county fair (Iowa) and also Cara Muhlenkamp, Manager of ns Mercer area fair (Ohio), met each other once both were enrolled in ns IAFE’ns academy that same Management. Lock ended up being Fast friends and continue to be associated both in and also the end of “the Network” activities.

castle swans principles and also believe they help each other come grow your respective fairs. Kurt and also Cara to be constantly Rapid to point the end to anya the will certainly listen how a lot lock have learn by being involved in ns IAFE!

Now, we gain to hear in together lock talk come each various other about IAFE activities, resources, and also events!

"I’ve incredibly conveniently paid because that the money our fair spent getting me to the present with ns information ns carried home, and also don’t thoctopus I’ll have actually any type of trouble in ~ all convincing castle to sfinish deleentrances in ns future. It’s one amazing worth – and also gift a bit that a cheapskate, that’ns pretty necessary come me. Well worth ns investment.”

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“the caliber the ns workshopns exceeded mine expectation and ns felt that also as a little fair, tbelow was relevancy in all aspects. The profession show gave access to products the ns hAD been reasoning about but simply hAD not bring away the moment to research, and the ability to talk through representatives indigenous ns miscellaneous carriers wtogether a good break indigenous ‘Internet speak’.”