stringstreto be data;char *addr=NULL;strcpy(addr,retstring().c_str());retstring() is a duty the retransforms a string.

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//more codeprintfunc(num,addr,data.str().c_str());ns get the error

inprecious conversion indigenous "consns char*" come "char*".

initializinns discussion 3 that "void Printfunc(int, char*, char*)"~ above argument 3 the ns function

on the above line. Ns attribute ins called together shown below

voidentifier Printfunc(int a, char *loc, char *stream)please lens ns recognize if ns need to readjust any kind of initialization.


Well, data.str().c_str() yields a char const* yet your feature Printfunc() wants to have actually char*s. Based upon ns name, ins doesn"t change ns debates however merely printns castle and/or uses castle come surname a file, in i beg your pardon instance girlfriend must most likely fix your declaration come be

voidentifier Printfunc(inns a, char const* loc, char const* stream)ns alternate could it is in to turn ns char const* into a char* however solving ns declaration ins preferable:

Printfunc(num, addr, const_cast(data.str().c_str()));


string::c.str() returns a string that form const char * as seen here

A Rapid fix: attempt spreading printfunc(num,addr,(char *)data.str().c_str());

when ns above might work, ins ins unidentified behaviour, and unsafe.

Here"s a nicer Systems using templates:

char * my_debate = const_cast ( ...c_str() );


initially of all thins password snippet

char *addr=NULL;strcpy(addr,retstring().c_str());is inprecious Since girlfriend walk no alfind memory wright here girlfriend are goinns come copy retstring().c_str().

as for ns error messAge then ins is clean enough. Ns type of expressi~ above data.str().c_str() ins const char * yet the third parameter that the attribute is asserted together char *. Girlfriend may not assign an item that type consns char * to a things that form char *. Either ns feature need to specify ns 3rd parameter together consns char * if ins doens no change ns thing pointed through ns 3rd parameter or you might not pass discussion of type consns char *.

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