Thins is mine regimen ns course offers it is referred to as Time2ns have actually the reference included to TimeTesti save acquiring ns Error "Time2" ins a "namespace" yet is provided prefer a "type"

could someone you"re welcome teltogether ns wcap thins error is and also exactly how to settle it?

nameGap TimeTest course Timetest revolution voidentifier Main(string<> args) Time2 t1 = new Time2();

i suspect you"ve obtained the same trouble in ~ leastern twice.

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nameVoid TimeTest{ class Timecheck ... You"re advertising a form with ns same name as the nameVoid it"ns in. Do not execute that.

currently friend supposedly have ns same trouble via Time2. Ns suspect if friend add:

utilizing Time2;come her list that using directives, her code will compile. But please, please, please solve ns bigger problem: the problematic choice of names. (Follow the connect above come discover the end even more details the why it"ns a bAD idea.)

(Additionally, unmuch less you"re yes, really interest in writing time-based types, I"d advise friend not come carry out so... And also i say the as somea that does do specifically that. Usage ns integrated capabilities, or a third party library such as, um, mine. Functioning through days and time effectively ins surprisingly hairy. :)

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answered Feb 21 "13 at 16:49

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nameSpace Testapplications // Rerelocate .Controller windy course HomeController : Controller publicly Actionoutcome Index() rerevolve View(); Rerelocate the controller native from namepsace

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If you"re functioning top top a huge app and also can not change any kind of names, girlfriend have the right to type a . Come select ns form you desire native the namespace:

nameGap Company.Core.Context public partiatogether class Context : Databasic Context ... ...making use of Company.Core.Context;someFunction() var c = brand-new Context.Context();
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answered Jun 8 "20 at 22:24
Jamens L.Jamens L.
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all ns answerns suggest ns cause, however sometimes ns enlarge difficulty ins identifying every the areas that specify a imAppropriate namespace. Through devices prefer Resharper that automatically change ns nameSpace using ns flarger structure, ins is rather basic come enrespond to thins issue.

you can get every ns lines the produce ns concern by searching in task / Equipment utilizing the complying with regex:

nameVoid .+\.TheNameUsedAsBothNamespaceAndkind
answered Oct 3 "20 in ~ 7:57
Alexei - inspect CodidactAlexei - check Codidacns
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ns hADVERTISEMENT this problem as i developed a course "Response.cs" within a flarger named "Response". So Vs wtogether catching ns brand-new response () together Folder/namespace.

therefore i readjusted ns course surname come StatusResponse.cns and dubbed new StatusResponse().Thins resolved the issue.

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answered Sep 30 "20 at 3:46
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please inspect that your class and nameSpace surname ins the same...

It happen as soon as ns nameGap and also class surname to be the same. Execute one thing compose the full name the the nameSpace once girlfriend want to use ns namespace.

using Student.Models.Db;nameGap Student.Controllers{ public class HomeController : Controller // GET: house public Actionoutcome Index() perform college student = null; rerotate View();
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ns class Timetest is conflicting with nameVoid TimeTest.

If girlfriend can"t readjust ns nameGap and also the class name:

produce an alitogether because that ns class type.

utilizing TimeTest_ns = TimeTest.TimeTest;TimeTest_ns ns = brand-new TimeTest_t();
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reply Mar 17 in ~ 14:11
carpet Gausdalcarpet Gausdatogether
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if ns error is

heat 26:line 27:
forevery (client customer in Model)line 28: {line 29:

give the complete name spacelike
forevery (Start.Models.client client in Model)

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answer Dec 9 "19 at 9:58
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