Ashley Rossns is constantly ready because that her following trip. Folshort she ~ above Twitter and Instagram because that travel tips, destination ideas, and off ns bconsumed route spots.

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~ interning in ~, Ashley joined the teto be permanent in 2015. She"s live on 3 continents, but stiltogether never knows wright here she following adundertaking will take it her. She"ns constantly trying to find upcoming destination hotspots, isolated retreats, and also concealed jewel to share with ns world.

Ashley"s stories have been featured online ~ above usa Today, company Insider, TripAdvisor, Huffington Post, Jetsetter, and Yahoo! Travel, as well as other publications.

the handy items i always Pack: "A reusable filtered water bottle—ins conserves girlfriend money, keepns girlfriend hydrated, and eliminatens waste—win-win."

ultimate Buckens list Experience: "A week in a bamboo bevery hut top top India"ns Andaguy Islands."

take a trip Motto: "travel light, often, and in good company."

Aisle, Window, or Middle Seat: "Window—finest view in the house."

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ashley_stake a trip arossi

Whetshe you’re a whiskey lover or a history buff, you will do it uncover a lot of to savor in ~ ns Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The renowned distillery, situated in a tiny town near Nashville, provides tours packed with gtake it history, cootogether facts, and also a behind-the-scene look at at ns whiskey-makinns process. Right here are seven surpclimbing truth us learned on the tour.


No one knows the real Story Behind ‘No.7’

Tbelow to be many variation top top wbelow ns number come from—some speak it wtogether his happy number (he was a gambler), if others speak it wtogether ns registration number assigned come him by ns government. Various other theories: that hAD salso girlfriend or ins wtogether the variety of ns train the lugged his barrelns because that distribution.

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Ashley Rossns traveresulted in Nashville courtesy that Nashville Convention & tourists Corp. Folshort all of she adendeavors (significant and small) on Instaglamb and Twitter.

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