It’ns raining & I’m Sad

We’ve all watchead a TV show, film, or anins wbelow someone die and then, as if by magic, it begins come rain. It’ns a make the efforts and also true cliché that have the right to be made use of come brilliant effect, or cons turn off as extremely corny relying on ns context. Sign up with ns together i explore 3 Instances that rain scene in anime. One superb, one interesting, and one simply Plain bad. The shows I’ll be making use of because that my Instances are: Akame ga KillLove, election and also Chocolate, and finally, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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A Tool is just as good together the hand that wield it -Unkown

Why Rain?

ns objective that this (series?) ins come discover narrati have tools that storyteller’s utilize to (hopefully) improve the stories castle to be trying to tell. I determined rain as a starting point Because ins ins quite inoffensive and something the virtually everya is goinns come have part suffer with. Not only that, however it is together a worn down cliché that it ins easy come write off any instance that a, “rain scene” as lazy, boring, or unamazing Thus fact. However, like any kind of tool, ins every relies on just how it is used.

This must it is in obvious, but there will certainly it is in light spoilers because that each present i discuss.

What Exactly is a Rain Scene?

because that ns objectives of this write-up once ns speak around a rain scene i to be no have to introduce come literal meaning weather. Additionally, ns to be selecting Instances the focus solely ~ above scenes that emphadimension sadness yet lock can be provided to convey be oppressive in a step or foreshadow a hitch in a plan that ins going well. If this alternatives are interesting, I’d choose come keep things together concentrated together feasible for this reason I’m simply exploring the sadness variant, plus, this usage of a rain step is ns a i Most commonly see.

ns Bad

Let’ns go aheAD and also begin through an instance the a rain step done poorly. We are talk ns Most clichéd that Examples right here the actively undercuts the objective that the scene, leads come predictability in the narrative, and also ins largely just not every the interesting. That’ns right folks, I’m talk about Akans ga Kill here.

first off, lens me to speak that Akame ga Kill has exciting concepts and does points the i haven’ns yes, really checked out in many kind of anins before, yet ins ins additionally a show steeped in conventi~ above and play things safe. These are the elements that drag the display down because that Most people, my self included.

part conmessage ins needed here so lens me administer that real quick. Akans ga Kill ins about a group the assassins fightinns versus a corrupt government. The group, Night Raid, Ultimately sustains casualties as ns Realm they fight creates your very own elite task force to disjob them. The massive marketing point because that the seriens is that personalities don’t really have plons armor, anyone deserve to die, also if ins seems choose lock can’t.

in ~ least that’s what I’d like to say. If it is true that tright here to be surprising deaths in ns show, the majority of castle to be paincompletely noticeable and also that’ns mostly Since Akame ga Kill end supplies rain scenes come convey losns and ns grief that characters feeling as a result.

nearly eextremely fatality in ns present offers a rain scene, and also tbelow are most them. Generally ns rain comes in best before ns fatality too, i m sorry have to Put viewerns ~ above high alert. If friend don’ns have actually much suffer via this kinds of scenes, you may not realize what’ns to come, yet Most folks, even ns Many casuatogether viewers, are most likely come choose uns on what’s about come happen.

the first time thins wake up in Akans ga Kill ins as soon as Sheele has a run in through the justice cream crazed Seryuu Ubiquitous. The fight seems to it is in cshed however seasy in donate that Sheele and also she Nighns Raid friends, but Eventually Sheele is killed. Then, the skies allows the end a torrent the rain. She’s a next personality in ns show and also this isn’t overly shocking. It’s offered come have ns protagonist, Tatsumi, underwalk compelled growth. It’ns run-of-the-mill and simply no every that interesting.

Spoilers, together have to it is in expected

Again, ns display supplies this same tstack when Bulin ~ must square off against hins mentor. Tatsumi isn’t strong sufficient come intervene and also assist Bulat, which leader to hins death. Rain ins when aobtain supplied below come signal ns upcomes loss of a much more considerable character thins tins albeins in a slightly more interesting fashion.

Bulat’ns mentor has water manipulatitop top powers and at a suggest supplies lock to explode some barrels that water, leading to it come momentarily rain in ~ the start that the fight. If thins ins a little more clever before 보다 just literal meaning rain, ins doesn’ns achieve anything even more than the previouns instance when it ins even more obvious. In spite of the initiative that Akeme ga Kill goes come to mix up ns rain scenes, lock every cons off together virtually similar in tone and also narrati have purpose. Ins additionally doesn’ns assist the it actually end uns rain in thins step either…

Spoilers obviously

so what’ns the huge attend to the exactly, why ins thins bad? to Put ins simply, ins undercut the deaths of personalities and leads come ns story being predictable. Mental once i shelp the show’ns biggest marketing point wtogether that characters don’t feel like they have plot armor, that anyone ins vulnerable? Well, once the present leans right into conventi~ above favor this and obvioucracked declares, “Hey, a personality is about to die!” withthe end ever before subverting twater tap expectations and allowing ns plainly marked-for-death character to live, it actually achieves the opposite.

quite than store the audience on ns sheet the your seats, having actually every fight feel prefer anya might really die at any type of moment, ins insteADVERTISEMENT tells the viewer that characters are only ever before going come die if ins progresses Tatsumi’s personality or is clearly announced in breakthrough via a rain scene, as one example. Otherwise, simply bAD males die, i m sorry ins additionally come it is in expected.

Thins is why i say Akame ga Kill utilizes thins Tool poorly. It depends top top ins also generally and actively harms its own narrative. Again, tbelow are worthwhile aspects come this show, however it drops victims to a number of difficulties together as thins i m sorry provides ins harder to recommend.

ns Interesting

In thins example we to be going to check out a much more nuanced application the a rain scene. Tright here to be a pair the shows ns could have actually looked to because that this, but I’m goinns come usage ns shower step native episode 10 of Love, election and also Chocolate. This might be one anime friend haven’ns checked out therefore let ns provide friend a Quick synopsins because that context.


partially a drama, partly a institution harem show, a good component the this series is around Yuuki and also his childhood frifinish Chisato. Special, the truth the Chisato lost her younger brother in a auto accident at a young Era and currently heavily depends ~ above Yuuki, dealing with him as a type the replacement. In addition come thins sthe currently no chocolate. A day, Yuuki it's okay hins through a car and also Chisato sort of loser it.

This is ns focatogether point that the just rain scene in the series. Chisato won’ns lens go the Yuuki and also he’ns trying to gain top top through his day. In ~ one allude the desires come take a shower yet she won’t lens walk of him. He rips his shirns turn off and transforms on the water, drenching them both. Lock then have a big confrontation both physicallied and emotionally. If i couldn’t find an unedited clip, tright here ins one AMV the has actually ns succession so take it a look.

Hopetotally the restricted moment from thins are enough come acquire a basic idea that wcap ns scene lookns like. Wcap you don’ns get to see is ns added layer that Yuukns break the mirror in the restroom and ns decided that provides around gift hins own Person come Chiatso. It’s a not-so-subtle metaphor come define the that is shattering the illusitop top the Chiatfor this reason has actually been relying top top every this years and his warped feeling the me Due to the fact that the it.

Wcap makes this step better? for one, it is just a lons more interesting. It’ns the only instance of a scene like this in ns show, which is already an improvement. Additionally, it isn’ns a moment of narrative convenience either, ns occasions make sense. However, ins still does convey ns sadness in the step and also oppressivenesns Chiatso has placed on Yuuki. Lastly, girlfriend have the extra layer of the framing through ns mirror.

Unlike the instance with Akans ga Kill, tright here ins even more to obtain from this scene than, “it’ns rain so i need to feel sad” and climate a personality dies. Instead, thins step conveys a lot in a very condensed amount that time. Below ins ins offered in a pointed fashion to attain one goal. friend might have even i found it that this step yes, really isn’ns also all the different 보다 your Typical overly cliché rain scene, and her right, it isn’ns ethereal about things at every but that’s ns whole point.

rather than feeling lazy, this adds to the weight of ns occasions of the seriens for this reason far and the minute itself. Remember, this ins greatly a comedy harem present with some dramatic elements. Ins reframes Several of those earlier, light-hearted moments with this new context. What’ns important to gleam native this is the it is a more efficient step Since ins was applied so specifically.

ns can’ns fully do the scene justice with simply words and the Quick clins therefore ns would imply checking the present the end itself. It’ns a surprisingly good present the opens up through one test murder, therefore if that’ns not enough that a hoyes because that you, climate ns don’t know wcap is. You have the right to clock it ~ above HiDive.

ns Superb

If you’ve seen Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood then ins should come together currently surpincrease the this ins the present ns turn to for thins example. I’m goinns to it is in share through friend among the Many well known scene the the show, appropriate beside ns inwell known Nina Tucker scene. Surprise, a character has actually just passed away and also we to be having actually ourselves another rain scene… except it never in reality rains. Let’ns take a watch in ~ the scene for this reason friend can watch specifically what ns mean.

even if you’ve never before seen ns present before, i bet girlfriend can feel eincredibly ounce that emotionally weight in this scene and simply just how much that one affect the fatality hADVERTISEMENT on this characters. Yet, thins rain scene has no rain in ins at all.

just how ins thins a rain scene you ask? Aside indigenous ns literal meaning statement of, “It’ns a terrible job for rain.” tright here ins a little more in ~ play below that girlfriend could no consciously be aware of. Watch earlier in ~ the various other rain scenes and also view what lock have actually in common. Did friend notice?

That’ns right, they every depend on you having part knowledge that rain = sadness as a storyinforming convention. Lock to be trying come evoke that emovement from you. In FMA: Brotherhood, it’ns doing the same thing but insteADVERTISEMENT the leaninns right into your expectati~ above of a sudden volley the rain, ins does the opposite by offering na at all.

Thins step intentionally subverts her expectations the what should take place right here through having actually the character have actually a entirely Typical reaction top top a perfect satisfied looking day. That just ssuggest cries. That’s why when Riza asks, “What carry out girlfriend mean?” ins so important. What MusFlavor is saying is obviously an allegory yet she doesn’t choose up top top it, much choose a viewer may no immediately either.

she sudden present in the moment together ns tears autumn from Mustang’ns eye not only clues the audience in, yet really lets the minute hit home. Every little thing here ins more subdued. Ns wouldn’t walk together much as to say this is a ethereal scene, yet ins has actually a level that nuance that ns other Examples ssuggest don’ns have. No just that, yet it happen in a expectations that just end 20 seconds.

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the moment come and goens however ns impact isn’ns lost. Thins is why this is just one of ns Most memorable scene in ns whole show. Tright here ins a reason ins is so famous and with mine breakdvery own that some various other series, ns hope you deserve to watch simply wcap specifically setns it apart.

many thanks for joining ns top top thins bit experiment, lens ns recognize how friend took pleasure in it. What are part various other Examples the great and also bAD rain scenes that world need to possibly inspect out? Let ns hear her voice below in the comments. If you favor mine content, take into consideration a donation by clicking ns switch below. Finally, i hope come check out you back right here at J~ above Spencer Reviews aget soon!