Jack Reacher need to uncend ns fact behind a major government conspiracy in order to clear hins name. On ns run together a fugiti have indigenous the law, Reacher uncoverns a potentiatogether trick native hins previous that might readjust hins life forever.

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Genre: Action,Adventure,Crime

Director: Edward Zwick

Actors: Aldis Hodge, Cobie Smulders, Danika Yarosh, Holns McCallany, Judd Lormand, Patrick Heusinger, Tom Cruise

Country: China, USA


DragonHeart (1996)

In an ancient tins as soon as majestic fire-breathair soared with the skies, a knight called Bowen come face to confront and also heart to heart with ns last dragtop top on Earth, Draco….



Kill’em every (2017)

after ~ a substantial shootout, a mysterious strfury (van Damme) come in ~ a neighborhood hospitatogether top top the broctopus that death. Then, a international gang brazenly concerns the hospitatogether to hunt…


the exceptional Spider-guy 2 (2014)

for Peter Parker, life ins busy. In between taking the end the bADVERTISEMENT men as Spider-male and spfinishing time through the Person the loves, Gwen Stacy, high school graduation cannot cons quickly…



Alexander (2004)

Alexander, ns King that Macedonia, leader his legion versus the giant Persione Empire. After defeating the Persians, that leads hins Military throughout the climate well-known world, venturing farther than any…


cellular (2004)

A young man receives one emergency phone speak to on hins cell pha native a older woman. Sthe clintends to have to be kidnapped – and also ns kidnapperns have target her husband…

Wolverine faces his ultimate nemesins – and testns of hins physical, emotional, and mortatogether boundaries – in a life-altering voyEra come modern-day Japan.

Tragedy, betrayal and a secret discovery fuetogether a woman’s vengeance because that ns loss the she people and family members in thins special episode of “Kingdom.”

Bourne is lugged the end the hidinns once aget by reporter Simon Rosns that ins trying to unveitogether operation Blackbriar, an upgrade come job Treadstone, in a collection the newspaevery columns….

Akira Sharma is her averPeriod mrs indigenous Jodhpur. Early in life sthat seens an atrocity cursed on a neighbour and learnns come protect herself. And, a spitfire is born.

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Rahul embarkns on a trip to a tiny town in Tamitogether Nadu come meet ns last great the hins grandfather: come have actually hins ashe is immersed in ns Divine water of…

Gary Faulkner ins one ex-con, unemployment handyman, and also modern-day work Dtop top Quixote who receives a visitop top native God telling him to Record Osmaybe Bin Laden. Equipped through just a single…

ns story that French high-cable artisns Philippe Petit’ns attempt to cross ns TSuccess Towers the the civilization profession center in 1974.

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