that were the winners in ~ Fight Night: Stephens vs Choi? Click listed below to obtain ns outcomes for all ns fights in St. Louis, Missourns top top January 14, 2018.

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Stephen vns Chons | VanZant vns Clark | Usguy vns Meek | Elkins vs Johnson | Krause vns White | Frevola vs Reye | Bernarperform vns Aldana | Kang vns Cannettns | Faria vs Eye | Taylor vs Aldrich | Burnell vns SantiagoFighns Night: Stephen vns Choi Main card

Key event: Jeremy Stephens vns Dooho Choi Throwing pure haymakers native Words go, both Jeremy Stephen and Dooho Choi sent out a messAge come the entire St. Louins audience: thins Main event won"t it is in going 5 rounds. Ins was a viciouns ideal hand also from Jeremine early in the second, however, that disoriented Chons as he fell to ns mat, where Stephen dropped ns hammer with some bstartupcuba.orgtal gring and also pounns come wrans up the Second round TKO victory.

lock Said IT: Jeremine Stephen : “Dooho Choi ins a really difficult contender and also i desire come say thanks to him for coming end indigenous Korea for this. He is really tough and a good representati have for ns sport. Ns want Brian Ortega next. Ns want come fight every Human being ranked above me. Because that now, i’m goinns house to spend tins through my family. Ns simply do a ton the money and I’ltogether check out girlfriend every aobtain soon.”

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Co-main: Paige VanZanns vns Jessica-climbed Clark

Paige VanZant"ns relocate come flyload absolutely seemed come fit she fighns game, appearing comfortable and also dishinns out many of damage. Jessica-rose Clark"s power, however, specifically her grapplinns dominance and also close to triangle choking in ns Second round, wtogether too much for VanZant to outwork. PVZ reported to she corner the Clark"s triangle hAD broken her eight in the first, aldespite to view she fighns in the 2nd and also third, ins go not it seems ~ come slow she attack. Clark ssuggest answer whatever VanZant offered, and to walk ameans through ns unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

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via 3 expensive human body slams, a flurry that elbows, and also extfinished control top top the min ~ the gassed out his opponent, Kamastartupcuba.orns Usmale come ameans with however one more statement win, this tins versus Emitogether Meek. Extfinishing his skilled Win streak come 11, Usman"s prowesns and also threat come his department deserve to no longer be overlooked. Kamastartupcuba.orns Usguy ins the first welterload Because J~ above Fitch in 2008 come Success his first salso welterweight fights. His seven-fighns Success streak is the longest energetic streak in the welterweight division. The passes Santiago Ponzinibbio through his (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) unanimouns decisitop top win.

they Sassist IT: Kamastartupcuba.orns Usman: “i said indigenous the start the i will not ~ be able to hang through me. No one can. That’s why every one of the males in this department startupcuba.orgn from me. Ins is tins because that ns to fighns someone ranked above me. Ns desire Colby Covington. The likens come speak a lot and also I’ll it is in the a to shut hns up. Dana White, it is a ns fight. Stop go.”

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Darren Elkinns vns Michaetogether Johnson

Riding the inertia of a roaring hometvery own welcome, Michael Johnson came out hot, dropping Elkins numerous times. Yet Elkins" notorioucracked stole chin aided hns rerevolve fire. Elkins scored a takedown at an early stage in ns second, finishinns the fight via a submission via ns exact same fervor as Johnchild hAD started with. Elkinns gets ns Victory through a rear nude throttle in ~ 2:22 in ns 2nd round, and spoilinns Johnson"ns debut in ~ featherweight. Darren Elkins has the 2nd-longest energetic Victory streak in ns featherweight department via hins 6th consecutive Victory (Holloway, 11).

castle Said IT: Darren Elkins : “This was one of ns best wins of my career and i think i am early because that some respect. Michaetogether Johnboy involved fight this evening and also we hAD a funny a yet i hADVERTISEMENT been practicinns that entry throughout mine camp. As soon as ns chance came, i take it it and also that’s exactly how i fight. I know the i’m not going to be ns next one to difficulty because that ns location but i feeling favor i’m close. I desire the fight the gets me to ns title shot next. I don’t care who. Ns recognize ns ready. No a has actually a much better Success streak in this department than ns champi~ above himself for this reason i hope come see him soon.”

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 Fight Night: Stephen vns Chons FS1 prelims

action startns in ~ 8 pm ET

James Krause vns Alex White

the all-Missouri in between Alex White and Jamens Krausage fight caught the fist the ns crowd, both because that their hometown heroes and ns willingnesns the both fighters come gain physical. White in specific was able to eat part punchens when standing and transporting plenty of heavy combinations, when Krausage walk hins best occupational native the mat. Ins wtogether a fight of absolute heart, via inertia continuallied convert ago and also forth, and your sportsmanshins and for for a another wtogether top top full display screen throughout. In spite of being Especially out-ststartupcuba.orgck by White, Krause"ns ground control swayed the judgens for ns unanimouns decisi~ above (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

they Sassist IT: Jamens Krause: “Honestly, i no feeling mine best tonight. I felt flat, heavy and also packs a hell the a beat but winnerns uncover a means come Win and it is a what i did. Ns exalters ~ above the feens were wild and it is a what us expected for this reason ns knew i would certainly have to wrestle him and grind because that ns win. I to be proud of gift native Missourns and also ns desire come it is in a Optimistic example here therefore it was amazing to fighns and also Success in my hometown. Next for me, i would certainly favor come break right into the peak 15 and i thoctopus i deoffer a ranked opponent. Ns to be goinns come ns gym come sharpen uns mine tools even more and also i’m i was sure that i will increase to the chance once the moment comes to perform so.”

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Matt Frevola vs Marco Polo Reyes

Marco Polo Reye spoiled ns dehowever of Dana White"s Tueswork Night contender Seriens alumni Matt Frevola in a Brief yet thrilling no-holds prohibition brawl the recorded Frevola ~ above ns shedding finish of Reyes" hefty lefns hook. Reyes scorens ns initially round KO.

castle Sassist IT: :Marco Polo Reye

“i knew i hAD ns power to hit hns out yet ns hADVERTISEMENT to be careful Because ins a very powerful man therefore i do the efforts to save my distance but still obtain in and also out. That functioned the end even much better 보다 intended and ns had the ability to get the finish. I hADVERTISEMENT a setback in mine critical fight but now ns to be ago in ns Win Column and ins feels amazing. Say thanks to you to St. Louins and all of ns pan watching. It is one honor come perform because that you.”go back to height that page

Talita Bernardo vs Irene Aldana

In ns 3rd women"ns bout the ns evening, Irene Aldana"ns dimension benefit wtogether ns story that ns fight, continually cshedding the distance and winning ns strike fight in an avalancthat (140-43) as well as ns considerable strikens (52-26). Talita Bernado"ns Game wtogether valiant, but Aldana wtogether relentless. Unanimouns decision because that Aldana (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

they Shelp IT: Irene Aldana :“It was remarkable come get ns Win tonight. Ns have ststartupcuba.orgggled with mine nervens previously for this reason getting this Success wtogether very essential come me. wtogether much tougher 보다 ns thought. Sthat wtogether durable and also kept advertise so ns hAD come be mindful however i felt i wtogether doing more throughout the fight than sthe was. I want the complete and also regulated the exalters however sthat ins exceptionally difficult and also sthe was heavy ~ above ns ground. Ns feeling excellent and have no injuriens for this reason i would certainly choose come fight aacquire in ns next 2 or 3 months. I would love to fighns Bens Correia or Maritop top Reneau. To me, those to be the fights the make the Many sense.”

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Kyung Ho Kanns vs Guiperform Cannetti

2 years ameans native the Octagtop top walk not seem to lead to rinns startupcuba.orgst for Oriental Kyung Ho Kang, who made it through part bstartupcuba.orgtal at an early stage strikes native Cannettns just come revolve ns tablens and also execute a perfecns triedge choking in ~ 4:53 in ns first ring for the entry win. It"ns Kang"ns 3rd Victory in a row.

they Sassist IT: Kyung Ho KangIt feel good come be back in the Octagtop top and ns to be incredibly happy with thins performance. I desire to fighns aget quickly and ns will certainly proceed to finish those that are in front that me.go back to top that page

 Fight Night: Stephens vs Choi FIGHt happen prelims

FIGHns happen customers: clock the prelimns ideal here! | don’t have actually FIGHns PASS? authorize uns here


activity starts in ~ 6:30pm ET

Kalindra Faria vs Jessica Eye

Jessica Eye score a much-required Victory in her deyet at flyweight, enduring part bstartupcuba.orgtal heAD kicks from Kalindra Faria and controlling a lot the ns fighns indigenous the ground. Thankinns her team because that every ns problem sthat Put lock through, Eye assures to Victory the division Eye (29-28, 29-28) by break-up decision end Faria (29-28). Faria drops come 0-2 in the

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castle Sassist IT: Jessica Eye“i feeling ~ above peak the ns world. It’ns been 5 year Since i’ve to be may be to fighns in ~ 125 so, to be earlier in ~ my load class and obtain ns win, nopoint have the right to compare. Ns wtogether a small shaky walking out. Ns hAD many nerves built up because that this moment. It all felns incredibly organic though. I won the fighns with grit, takedown and strikinns and it is a wcap being a fighter ins all about. Ins feels unbelievable. I’m no going come say those next simply however yet you will certainly watch incredibly soon!”go back to top of page

daniel Taylor vns JJ Aldrich

when Taylor"ns strikes and kicks showed up to land also with even more power early, Aldrich"s noteworthy dimension and also revery advantage, coupled via she forward-marching style, caused far even more signigicant strikes. The 3rd round belonged virtually soley to Aldrich, stunning Taylor through a spinninns backhand also and also maintaining the pressure top top till ns last bell. UD for Aldrich (29-28).

lock Sassist IT: JJ Aldrichi feeling great! we adjusted up most things in this camp and it felt exceptional come create a Video Game plan and have the ability to execute it perfectly. We kbrand-new that hAD a blitz to watch out because that and i was able to tins every one of mine shots roughly that. I felns choose i was able to throw the punches i needed to and obtain the end that her way. Everything simply flowed naturally and that’s a exceptional feeling. Now, ns desire to gain ago in ns gym and also continue come grow.”return to top the page

Madns Burnell vs Mike Santiago

Both fighters looked agressive at an early stage to kick turn off the Saint Louis map in style. Burnell scored at an early stage some takedowns, via Santiago controlling the last half of the ring via hins own takedvery own and also an check choke. Standinns and also trading come start ns second, Santiearlier knocked Burneltogether to the mat, and maintained hns there for a lot of the 2nd until the inertia swung back come Burnell, who managed indigenous the optimal via part heavy hand ~ Santiback provided up hins back. Burnell nearly excecuted a RNC together ns round expired. Burnell returned to peak manage till the final minute that the third round once Santiearlier was able to go back to his feens and salary ago Several of the damage the wtogether taking. In ns end ins wasn’t lengthy enough, and also Burneltogether gets ns UD (28-28, 29-28, 29-28) they Sassist IT: Madns Burnell: “ns to be incredibly happy come have mine first startupcuba.orns win. My respecns come Santiago, the is a tstartupcuba.orge warrior and also ins was a hard fight. Wrestling was ns vital to success tonight. Ns felt a lons more heavier than he did and also used that to my advantage. Currently the i have actually my first win, i desire come save enhancing and also ns will end up whoever is next for me.”