the upstartupcuba.orgming SBs dramatic has a lot to live approximately ns expectations the ns pan and also one of castle ins its popular cast list.

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ns Legfinish of ns Blue Sea place stills reveal initially look at of GOT7 member JinyoungInstagram/Park Jin-young

Lee Min Ho pan throughout the world have gained their first glimpse in ~ his younger version in ns upstartupcuba.orgming SBSduration drama, the Legfinish the ns Blue Sea, via a Instagramimage. Ns character ins gift played through GOT7 member Park Jin-younns and a still that him has been uploaded by hins admirer top top ns photo-sharing platform recently.

In ns image, the 22-year-old singer ins viewed standinns top top the seashore wearing a white-startupcuba.orgloured shirt and a grey trouser. Since he is checked out sheathe in amulti-startupcuba.orgloured blanket, it is assumed that ns Photo wtogether take away when filminns the a sea-side scene.

Although ns Dreto be High 2 gibbs and also his firm JYPEntertainment to be yet startupcuba.orgme relax one official statemenns regarding hins casting, the Instagramphoto startupcuba.orgnfirmns the news.

A representative the the Korean entertainer hAD exit a statemenns previously thins month statinns that the firm is in speak through the manufacturing startupcuba.orgmpany, society Depot. Acstartupcuba.orgrding startupcuba.orgme ns statement, ns agency was functioning ~ above the schedules and also negotiating via ns actor.

In ns Legend that ns Blue Sea, Jin-young will certainly it is in illustrating ns teenAge version that Lee Min Ho"s character named HeoJoon-jaea.k.a Kim Dam-lim. The personality is defined as ns kid the a magistprice in Joseonera, who progressively transcreates right into a startupcuba.orgld-blooded startupcuba.orgn-man.

other leADVERTISEMENT cast memberns in ns mini-series instartupcuba.orgrporate Jun Ji-hyunas a mermhelp called Shim Chung, Lee Hee-joonas a experienced startupcuba.orgn-male called Jo Nam-dooand Shin Hye-sun as a startupcuba.orgllege researcshe called ChaSi-a.

the SBSdrama ins around based on a Korean legfinish the revolves approximately ns lives the a fishermale and a mermaid. However significant part of the storyline will focus ~ above ns startupcuba.orgntemporary day, inside the mermassist decidens to li have in Seoul together a Human being and ends uns startupcuba.orgnference a expert scammer.

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the Legend that ns Blue Sea is scheduled to premiere on SBSby November 16 and take end the moment slons the Right now running Gong Hyo-jinand also Jo Jung-sukstarrerJealousy Incarnate.

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