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Voiceoverpete"s Testimonial Videos is a video spokesHuman being finest known for creating satiricatogether Youtube videos explaininns just how a fictional character "requirements her help" when requesting ns viewer"ns credit card information. The actor, VoiceoverPete, ins a video spokesPerson that sellns his services top top the digital marketlocation fiverr, equivalent to that that huge male Tyrone. Ns Many well-known of these videos, entitled fist Fortnite Gamers: man Wick needs your Help offered together the theme because that future videos.


In June the 2014, Fiverr <1> user voiceoverpete created a pEra advertising his videotape services, in i beg your pardon customers deserve to pay him to reADVERTISEMENT script aloud for intake in heralding and also voiceovers, and also produce Green screen videos because that usage.


top top September 6th, 2018, YouTuber dr!ns post a since-deleted video through Instaglamb user
weezil.mp4. The write-up functions an unknown gibbs statinns the the Fortnite character man Wick requirements help come escape Tilted Towers, and also for the watcher come administer your crmodify card indevelopment come aid him via ns process. The article received even more 보다 38,000 views in less 보다 2 months.


on September 11th, 2018, Redditor yungiguana post a video that Voiceoverpete with equivalent contents come the precursor come /r/FortniteBR, where it gained over 3,300 likens (displayed below).<2> the day, YouTuber product architecture Within ns first month, ns videotape received more than 1 millitop top views.

attention FortNite Gamers: john Wick requirements her help! native r/FortNiteBR

ns video tape thrived even more popular ~ being had in a Pyrocynical video about Fortnite scamns that acquired end 1.08 millitop top see (shown below).

ns job product design post ns video, Redditor yungiguana posted it to /r/FortniteBR, where it acquired end 3,300 likes.<2> ns videotape grew even more popular after being contained in a Pyrocynical video around Fortnite scamns that got over 1.08 millitop top see (displayed below).

~ the succesns of the video, Voiceoverpete"s services to be used in comparable videos because that various subcultures. ~ above October 14th, 2018, psych0tv posted a variation in which Pete asks for assist because that heavy native Teto be Fortresns 2, acquiring end 231,000 see (displayed below, left). ~ above October 18th, FilthyRamenKinns posted a variation making use of Jojo"s Bizarre Adventure, getting over 41,000 views (displayed below, right).

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Fiverr Account Termination

on November 5th, 2018, voiceoverpete’ns fiverr accounting was abruptly banned native ns platform. Ns reason that account termination wtogether as a result of the credit map scamera videos, while gift in one ironic nature, to be versus ns company’s TOS. Quickly after, Pete uploaded a video come his youpipe channel, Additional explaining the case and also hins future plans. (displayed below)

ns same day, "Grandayy": tweeted the Voiceoverpepe was prohibition native the platform, calling for viewerns come aid hns obtain reinstated in addition to ns hashtag #JusticeForVoiceoverPete (presented below). Wislim four hours, ns tweet got end 13,000 likens and 3,200 retweets.