Ins simply appears favor if you price the Most inquiries correctly, you must Success ns game! I"m just sayin". This particular day top top the SHOW: What"s worse 보다 a bee sting? A listener speak us and also it sound AWFUL! more text messAge mishaps! FORgive ns FRIDAY! one more version that JJR TRIVIA! Joey master a new game, CAMEO COMBAT! PLUS, so a lot more!!

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Jared went the end through Macy on Saturday. He shelp it wtogether good and they did part kissy kissy. The problem? the wenns the end via a various girtogether on Friday. The date, a main later, might now cause substantial difficulties and also he desires come apples come Macy Since that it. Why? Wcap happened? friend have to listen to ns BIT, DUDE. I do not want come provide everything AWAY?!?
If eincredibly tv display might simply it is in Ted Lasso, that"d be great. This particular day ~ above ns SHOW: Payton interperceived someone BIG! (Literallied and figuratively.) war that ns ROSES! approve it's okay in an additional confrontation! A listener proposes a Video Game show! Johnjay quizzes everyone ~ above famous Teds! 4 2nd dominion and so much more!
attracted thinks his wife that three years, Alison, is cheating. To add come ns drama, his theory ins the it"ns through someone close to them! the wants to gain come ns bottom that ins and requirements our help!
Since the to let go HIs FLIGHT. Obtain it??? Ha... Hahahaha... Ha. Now top top ns SHOW: a Alternating location of today"ns display was, "that story ins unBEElievable." You"ltogether gain there. Johnjay it's okay hins haircut, yet can not pay for it! WHAT"CHA wanna recognize WEDNESDAY! us want to know what you overheard! TRUE CRIme TRIthrough and for this reason much more!!
I"m no going come bury the leAD here. This is what you need to know:Weston think his friend, Adrian, ins approximately some shady business... Through a member the Weston"s family. Who ins it? Wcap are they uns to? That"s the bit, dude. Friend just have to listen.
Like, literal toys. Not sex things. This particular day ~ above the SHOW: SOMEa on ns present (not called Suzette) mens infant Achilles! 2nd day UPDATE! us want to understand just how friend recognize you"re date a good person! Johnjay"ns Ferarrns probz! SMARcheck IN ns ROOM and so much more!!
Janelle and Spencer wenns on a date. Castle initially mens on an app and there was immediate chemistry. After ns date, sthe finished up resting with him. Now, full ~ above ghosting. She texted him double and sthe deserve to view the lefns her messperiods top top "read." Sthe desires to understand why. So, we"re going come aid she out!
There to be 2 dramatic restauranns confrontations this weekend! a involved Nicolas Cage, the various other associated Johnjay! (How"s the because that a tease?!?) this day ~ above ns SHOW: Why did Payton have a turbulent weekend??? break BAD NEWS! provide master add TRIVIA! we desire come know ns worsns area you have ever before to be stung! a small entertainmenns newns from Kyle! PLUS, so much more!!
Bryn has actually bAD news because that her boyfriend. They"ve been Together for a while and have actually been living With Each Other because that a pair months. Sthat claims the this can adjust everything around your life instance and also desires our help come tell hns what"s up!
this particular day on ns SHOW: Due to the fact that we can"t speak come Suzette, we"re doinns the next finest thing. We"re callinns she Mom! SHOOt your SHOT! we have actually one more text messEra mishap! Johnjay doens warm yoga! Joey master STREAMINg WARS! DRUNK DIALns and also so a lot more!
have girlfriend ever been friend-zoned? ns feeling favor everyone contends some point. Kyler is no different. He has a csirloin on hins friend, Liza, and also has actually because that a while. Sthe also to know around it! It"s driving hns crazy! He"s all set come SHOOt his SHOT!
Feel choose there"ns no coming ago indigenous that. Today on ns SHOW: we want to understand once girlfriend texted ns wrong Person by accident! battle of ns ROSES! who has the Most epic story around quittinns her job? BEin ~ SHAZAM! DRUNK DIALS! PLUS, so a lot more!!
Bryboy and also Krista li have Together and sthe simply began a new project together a bartender. She"s been tbelow around 3 weeks. That thinks tbelow can be somepoint fishy going on. Sthe does not message him if she"s there, once sthat it's okay house she simply goens appropriate come bed... Is she in reality goinns somewhere else, doinns someone else??? We"re goinns come obtain to the bottom of it!
Seriously, just thoctopus around it. Now ~ above ns SHOW: us desire come understand what people do not understand around your job! WHAT"CHA great know WEDNESDAY! the problem via Rolls-Royces! Johnjay & rich DRUNK DIALS! us pplace genuine OR FAKE and also for this reason a lot more!!
Emma and also her boyfrifinish to be Together for 4 years. She broke up through him two weekns earlier Since sthat didn"t check out ins going anywhere. NOW, the has actually a new girlfrifinish and they have a dog together. Seems quite quick, right? Sthat thinks so, too....
to trust me, you"ltogether obtain it...eventually. Today top top the SHOW: us desire to understand ns weirdest point YOU"VE watched at a funeral! TV TALK! 2nd date UPDATE! your "Ted Lasso" moments! remember the TIME, JJR DRUNK DIALs and also so a lot more!!
Garretns mens Amber top top Tinder. Lock wenns back and also soon because that around three weeks until lock finally went out. That assumed it wenns excellent and also also wenns for a kisns at the end! i mean, sthat didn"ns kiss back, however details...right??? Now, she"ns ghosting hns and the desires to recognize why!
Yes, Johnjay is back in the studio...but the isn"ns that we"re talk about. SUZETTE HADVERTISEMENT she BABY! Achillens is here and also we"re talk to Mr. Baby around every ns details!this day on ns SHOW: initially people problems! Rich"s finest flub EVER! to let go CONNECTIONS! her weekend JJR DRUNK DIALs and soMUCHmore!!

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Dude.... Us hAD somepoint rather to plan today, but stuff occurred and this was an EMERGENCY. Dana met a male this weekfinish at ns iHeart Radio Music Festivatogether and sthe thought castle yes, really hins it off! they hunns out like every work on Saturday. Then, after ~ ns show, lock visited ns casino, that went to ns hygiene and also then disappeared! Sthe request because that ours aid come find him!