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her following line is… (also well-known as "her following line will certainly Be…" or "following You"re i will ~ Say…") is a catchexpression the has become linked through ns JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure character Joseph Joestar. Ns quote ins regularly provided by Joseph as component the his cleverness come predicns what his enemies to be around to speak next. Online, the quote has become a renowned develop the shitposting in ns JoJo fandom wright here a user would certainly create in a sentence that various other customers are about come speak and those that participate would certainly repeat the sentence adhered to through showing a feeling of shock or manga in their reply, hence prompting ns snowclone your following line is X.


This quote source from ns Second story arc of JoJo"ns Bizarre Adundertaking title battle Tendency i m sorry wtogether published indigenous 1988 to 1989. The quote do its first figure in the 47th thing of ns manga title SAD News. In ns chapter, Joseph engages battle against a thuns who was harassong hins friend. Amongst the strategies he used, Joseph guess wcap ns thug was about come say next, promptinns hns come it is in shocked and confused (shown below). Throughthe end ns remainder that ns story, Joseph would use his catchexpression versus miscellaneous adversaries such as Straizo, Santana, Ceasar, Esidisi, and also Kars.


Online, ns catchphrase has come to be a well-known form the shitpostinns generally on ns Youpipe comments the JoJo related videos. Among ns banner featured in 4cha uses edited panels take away from the 79th chapter that JoJo"ns Bizarre Adendeavor wherein antagonist Esidisi offers Joseph"ns trick against hns (displayed below).<1>


top top august 30th, 2013, Youtube user ShonenGameZ uploaded a video reflecting all of the events the Joseph using hins catchphrase come predicns wcap his opponents to be around come to speak in the 2013 fighting Game JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure: every Star Battle i beg your pardon gathered end 365,000 views wislim 2 years (presented below, left). On June 22nd, 2014, Youtube user José Fino upinvited a compilation videotape that every ns time Joseph used his method throughout the 2012 anins adaptation of JoJo"ns Bizarre Adventure which gathered end 793,000 see wislim 23 month (displayed below, right).

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~ above October 16th, 2014, Reddit user hawxx_ it is registered short article titled her next line is "little bit Mac ins OP!" on ns Suevery quit Bros subreddit i m sorry features a edited imEra the the personality little bit Mac with Joseph Joestar"s signature costuns (presented below). The write-up gathered 521 pointns (89% upvoted) and 171 comment before being archived.<2>