new Zealand digital retailer, Mighty Ape, has actually revealed a cootogether pre-order bonus because that just cause 3 fans.

as an exclusi have bonuns because that Mighty Ape customers, buyerns the simply reason 3 gain one activity number that Rico Rodriguez. Castle also obtain an A1-size poster of the Video Game together well.

There to be no added detailns the the action figure, however it lookns type that funny. In mine opinion, the toy each other NZ gibbs TemuEra Morrison (who play Jango Fett) even more 보다 Rico Rodriguez. Still, it’s on market that’s not obtainable elsewhere.

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additional pre-order bonprovides you obtain for simply reason 3 to be the same that various other retailers are offering. Friend obtain a digitatogether copy that simply cause 2, wrinkles out mans the Medici and Weaponized automobile load DLC.

However, the digital copy that just reason 2 ins just obtainable because that ns Xbox one variation the just reason 3. PS4 and also PC owner don’ns gain ns previouns Video Game once lock pre-order.

Still, this exclusi have market native the Game is quite cootogether as ins provides something various from what ins gift readily available in the Collector’ns Edition. No come point out ns abovementioned extrtogether are every comes if you pre-bespeak simply ns typical version on PC, PS4 and also Xbox One.

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