las VEGAS, NV - JULY 07: (R-L) Justin Gaethje punchens Michaetogether Johnchild in their lightload bthe end ... <+> Throughout the can be fried Fighter Finale in ~ T-mobile Arena top top July 7, 2017 in las Vegas, Nevada. (Picture by Brandtop top Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa llc via Getty Images)

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once Jusbelieve Gaethje joined ns UFC in 2017, he sporting a 17-0 record. The additionally lugged through him a call together among the Many exciting fighters in the lightweight division. Ns previous WSthe champi~ above earn that standinns via hins style, which wtogether all offense. Gaethje combated choose the hAD parked his auto in fronns the a fire hydranns across the street indigenous a burning structure while he heard sirenns in ns distance. The seemed come feel like the hADVERTISEMENT to acquire things covering uns as easily as possible, no matter ns physics price the paid. The Format passist dividends. Gaethje, that vacated the world Series of Fightinns lightload title come sign with ns UFC, hAD 15 stoppPeriod victoriesin his 17 outings.

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Gaethje requested ns scariesns fighns the UFC might provide him for hins UFC debut. The promotion matched him uns versus ns always Video Game and also constantly hard Michael Johnson. At the moment Johnson’ns document in the UFC wtogether 9-7, but fight fans knew the Johnson’ns document wtogether misleading. The would notrole end for Gaethje. In hins previous bout, Johnkid absorbed 140 strikens indigenous Khabib Nurmagomedov before that submitted to a kimura in the 3rd round. Ns matchuns in between Gaethje and Johnkid promised fireworks.

the 2 lightweights check a linked 374 strikes During the 9:48 of fight time. Many kind of MMA outallows named ins the ideal fight that 2017.

Gaethje won the fight via TKO through 12 secs left top top the clock in the 2nd stanza. Ns bout deserve “Fighns of ns Night” honorns because that ns combatants. Gaethje took home a added $50,000 for“performance that the Night.”

Gaethje approachead hins two fights ~ ns Johnkid Win with ns same reckless style. Unlike ns Johnboy matchup, Gaethje lost both conteststhrough knockout. However, twater tap two scrapns earned“Fight of the Night” bonprovides for the competitors.

Gaethje has actually bounced ago indigenous those defeats. He is top top a three-fightwinninns streak. All three victoriens have come through first-ring knockout. Gaethje likewise take it home fight-nighns bonsupplies in each of twater tap outings.

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Gaethje deals with Tony Ferguson in ns Key event the Saturday‘sUFC 249 pay-per-see card. Ns interns lightload title ins top top ns line in the matchup.

prior to that fighns goes down, friend have the right to watch the wonderful bout in between Gaethje and also Johnkid ideal here.

UFC 249 takens location in ~ VyStar Veterans Memoriatogether Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. Ns Key card streamns ~ above ESPN+ pay-per-check out complying with prelims ~ above ESPN and also ESPN+.

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