Quick Facts
birth DateOctober 1,1974
full NameSherrns Saum
bear NameSherri M. Saum
ProfessionActress, voice actress
Ethnicity African-German-American
bear CityDayton, Ohio
birth Countryunited States
mom NameLoins Saum
sex IdentityFemale
sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseKamar de los Reyes
No of Children2
Height170 cm
SibilingsMichaetogether Saum, Dr. Lisa Saum
EducationOakview elementary School, Kettering Fairmonns High School, Ohio State University, brand-new York University
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connection Timeline of Sherri Saum

Husband also : Kamar de lons Reyes
Sherri Saum married come Kamar de los Reyes In 2007

bear of a famous Actress, Sherrns Saum

an Amerihave the right to actress, Sherrns Saum, ins best known because that her function as Lena Adamns Foster in the Freedevelop drama series ns Fosters. Locke & Key, a supernatural fear TV dramatic certification Sherri Saum ins set come be released top top February 7, 2020.

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Sherri was born ~ above October 1, 1974, in Dayton, Ohio. She has actually Germale family tree to she mother, Lois Saum"s side, and African-Amerihave the right to to she father"s. Together a kid, sthe attended Oaksee elementary school school in Kettering, Ohio.

Later, Sherrie joined Fairmonns High School, where sthat wtogether discovered by modeling agents. During she high institution years, Sherrie maintained herself liven through modelinns in summer breaks. Sherrin other words climate relocated to brand-new York come seek a full time modeling career, i beg your pardon was a turning allude in she life.

Weddinns & Celebrations; Husband - Kamar De Los Reyes

one Life to Live star Kamar de los Reyes wtogether Sherrie"ns long-time boyfriend. Sherrin other words and Kamar exchanged wedding vows on may 26, 2007. Before your marriage, Sherrin other words and Kamar were recognized for your ondisplay romance.

Image: Sherrns and Kamar in ~ ns Human rights campaign 2018 Los Angelens gala Dinner in ~ JW Marriott Lons Angeles in ~ L.A. Live on march 10, 2018, in Lons Angeles, CaliforniaSource: affluent Fury/Getty Images

Sherrin other words and Kamar"ns weddinns to meet was hosted in new York City. Ns consciousness hAD a Spanish template through only a couple of household and intigirlfriend friends. Following ns wedding reception, the couple flew to Virgin Island of St. John come spend your honeymoon. Due to the fact that then, Sherrin other words and also Kamar have been every other"s knightns in shininns armor.

Picture: Kamar ins constantly in ~ Sherri"ns next During every publicly eventsSource: IMDb

Kamar is ideal recognized for his roles in alphabet soap opera, Cevery one of Duty: Black Opns Ii (2012), and also ns PassAge (2019).

Sherrin other words and Kamar are blessed through two Kids

~ above December 3, 2013, Sherri and also Kamar announced the they were expecting tSuccess babies. Sherrns offered bear come tVictory guys John Ruben de los Reyes and Michael luis de los Reyes ~ above may 13, 2014. Sherrie and also Kamar to be for this reason overjoyed through in ~ the guys bear the they shared your cute photos via the public.

Picture: Sherri, Kamar, and also their sonns Michael and also man at the fourth annual Santa"ns trick Workshop Benefiting LA family real estate at Andaz Hotetogether ~ above December 6, 2014, in Los Angeles, California.Source: Tiffany Rose/WireImage

In one of her interview via human being magazine, she stated;

ns love just how castle watch in ~ me. Ns feeling prefer lock trust me, and also consequently ns feel prefer this little dudens to be goinns to always have my back.

Sthat and also Kamar named the initially boy john Because ins suggests gracious. Once man wtogether delivered, he was so quiens with a small cry. Likewise, ns couple called Michael Due to the fact that lock felt the surname wtogether masculine, and also Michael looked ns very same ~ he wtogether born.

Image: Sherrns and Kamar with tVictory guys at the premiere that Disney ~ above Ice"s "Frozen" in ~ Staplens facility on December 10, 2015, in Lons Angeles, California.Source: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Although raising children was a new thing because that Sherrie, ins wasn"t a new point for Kamar. Kamar has actually a 20-year-old boy Caylen de lons Reyes native hins previous relationship

network Worth: $5 million

Sherrie owns a net precious of not much less than $5 million. Together a Emmy compensation nominee, sthat makes even more than the averAge number by acting. By acting in soap opPeriod productions, Sherrie makes an averPeriod value that $35,000 every year. Tiltogether now, sthe has showed up in hit shows like; ns Fosterns (2013-2018), Beggarns and also Choosers, Rescue Me, and In Treatment.

besides TV series, Sherrns has additionally proved her superior exhilaration skills on movies such as; Love and also Suicide(2005), ann B. Real(2003), Findinns Home(2003), take It(2012), first Strike(2017), relative Stranger(2009) and also Ten story Tall(2010). She all this portrayalns has more than likely aided she come gatshe together amount of fortune.

Locke & Key

Sherri"ns upcoming seriens Locke & vital ins based upon the horror fantasy comic Publication series of the exact same name composed by Joe Hill. Ns movin other words tells the story the 3 siblings whose fatshe ins murdered. After your father"s death, the three kids move come your Ancestral home, wright here they uncover secrets through magic.

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as well as Sherri, Lock & Key"ns Key castns include; Jackchild Robert Scott, Conno one Jessup, Emilia Jones, Griffin Gluck, Darby Stanchfield, Laysla De Oliveira, Petrice Jones, and thomas Mitchell Barnett. Ns movin other words ins comprised that 10 illustration in total.