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SSMns Registered Servers–key no precious for usage in specified state

07 October 2020 Tim-Wappat SQtogether Server

after ~ exporting ns registered serverns indigenous SQl Server management Studio’ns “Registered Serverns window” and then importinns ns exporting list into a new machine. Girlfriend might enrespond to the complying with error if passwords were save versus the servers…

Registered Servers crucial not precious because that usage in mentioned state. (System.Security)


This is because of the encryption key used come encrypns ns passwords being specific come ns machine the server detailns to be exporting from and also ins no existing top top ns new machine.

even even more annoying, thins messPeriod will certainly pop up once because that each server with an issue. Those serverns will it is in lacking from the registered serverns home window in ns new machine SSMS.

once ns acquired around to addressing this, ns Initial machine was lengthy gone, so re-exporting ns server perform without passwords and also re-importing ins was no longer a choice (thins would certainly have actually additionally have worked).

come resolve this problem required come remove ns pasknife from the impacted registered servers, when ns registered server list ins correctly inhabited aacquire ns have the right to then sindicate modify the server nature to Put the pasknife back in because that each server affected.

This registered server perform ins lived in native a xmtogether File discovered in the complying with place top top your machine:

C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftMicrosoft SQl Serversqtogether versionToolsShellRegSrvr.xml

top top opened this File and also Evaluating ns XML, the snans wtogether the part serverns hADVERTISEMENT to be added Due to the fact that the server import. A few of those serverns to be named ns same as ns ones causing the error. Scrolling with ns XMl in Notepad, ins was no simple come tell i m sorry was which.

come assist ns wenns back into the registered server perform in SSMs and also included a distinctive commenns to all the serverns i might watch and also exited aget come update ns XMl file. ~ above opened the File again, ns searched for “Password=” in the File and removed ns area Password=”jdsalkfjdalksjd”; – wbelow ns random text is ns password and also ns xmtogether node wtogether the kind ConnectionStringWithEncryptedPassword. I removed the totality pasknife parameter as displayed through highlighting.

Note that ns pasknife residential or commercial property that ns connection string wtogether only rerelocated if ns description node shown below walk no appear, or was existing but hAD another worth not containing ns distinctive message we entered previously in summary fields (in this case ns distinct text wtogether “**MyMarkerText**”).


save the File and also launch SSMS. Ns error will not appear and ns lacking registered servers will it is in accessible again. You should now ideal click and edit the nature of every come manually regain the passwords.