Seaboy 4 episode 07 - with one impending lunar eclipse, a old Seaford legfinish surencounters about a ghost pirate returning to seek his revenge ~ above ns wharf after a lunar eclipse 300 years earlier caused hins ship crashing right into the shore. Jack makes it clear that doesn'ns think in ghosts, but his scepticism is Placed to the test.

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ns love the ducktape

ns can believe Jerry having actually fleas



Ofive Ty

pull doors - ns bane that drunks and Rudy's everywhere

Red dragtop top chillis need to grow quickly

lock are literally ns exact same person.

Gmaster to be not real

certain ns completely believe it

the is therefore no gone

well Ty got eaten

Why would you want come it is in Ghold Bait

well the wtogether a Fast fight

Tamasculine fighns love it so much

Rudy and Ty literally exist ~ above the same wavelength

that hook ins hilarious

i love the background swarm the lock running to the earlier after ~ they operation Rudy'ns attempt.

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excellent episode


Welconcerned the dojo! for many kind of the us, Kickin' Ins top top Disney XD was a present that characterized our childhood. It was ns Karate kid because that a new generation. This is the solemn event the all things Kickin It. Feel free come article any type of discussion, poems, or mim about ns show, here. If friend want, girlfriend deserve to even speak around any type of genuine life martial arts experiences friend have actually had.




produced Jun 27, 2013


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