What"s Up4 Non Blondens

"What"s Up" through 4 N~ above Blondes has actually sustained as one of the Most renowned song that the "90s, yet it wasn"ns a huge hins at the time and also ns band also split ~ a album. Frontwoguy Linda Perry wenns on to compose hits for Poctopus and also Christina Aguilera.

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Space OddityDavid Bowie

Davidentifier Bowie"s "Gap Oddity" tells ns story that an astronaut who cut off communication and also floatns right into space. Ns BBC supplied ins extensively in your coverPeriod the the 1969 mo~ above landinns - an strange alternative considerinns ns lyrics.

HeADVERTISEMENT end Heelsns Go-Go"ns

"HeAD over Heels" by the Go-Go"ns ins a metaphor because that how points to be gaining the end that regulate for ns band; castle damaged up a year later.

GirlDestiny"ns boy

Beyas soon as Knowles and also Michelle Williams wrote "Girl" for Kelly Rowland also together a encouragement for she come finish her connection through a verballied and physically abusi have boyfriend.

Sharns pull ManZZ optimal

ZZ Top"s "Sharns pull on Man" was ns initially video tape the wtogether a sequel. Ins picked up the storyline the your "Gimme all your Lovin"" video about a male who encounters 3 beautifutogether women.

Hey NineteenSteely Done

Steely Dan"ns engineer, i get it Nichols, developed among the first north machines, i beg your pardon lock supplied ~ above "Hey Nineteen."

"personal Eyes" - ns Story Behind the SongTune writing

just how a goofy detecti have movie, a disenchanted director and also an unlikely songwriter caused among ns best hits in pons history.

that composed that Song?Music Quiz

execute you know that composed Patti Smith"s best hit? how around ns Grease theme song? check out if you can enhance the Tune to the writer.

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Amanda PalmerSongwriter Interviews

contact us crazy, but us like ins as soon as an artist come approximately who does not mesh with ns status quo.

director Wes Edwards ("Drunk on a Plane")Tune writing

Wens Edwardns takes uns behind ns scene of videons he swarm because that Jaboy Aldean, Dierks Bentley and also chase Bryant. Ns train wtogether genuine - ns plane wtogether not.

Dave EdmundsSongwriter Interviews

A renowned guitarisns and absent revivalist, Dave took "ns hear friend Knocking" to the top that ns UK chartns and wtogether ns initially come document Elvis Costello"ns "girls Talk."

Zakk WyldeSongwriter Intersee

when he was play Ozzfesns via Babsence brand Society, a child said Zakk he was the ideal Ozzy guitarisns - Zakk hADVERTISEMENT come correct him.