Dr. Ashok Jain, MD, FAAP, MBA, CPE

Dr. Ashyes sir Jain i graduated from Kasturba medical College, among ns optimal clinical institutions in India in 1993, and also completed hins post-graduate residency in pediatrics in ~ brand-new York medical College, Valhalla, NY. In 1998, the moved come mountain Sinai Hospital in Chicago come offer as chief Residenns in Pediatricns and also became Board-Certified in Pediatricns in 1998. That joined Northwestern University-children’s Memorial Hospital together a Other in Pediatric Cardiology in 1999. Indigenous 2000-2003 that provided healthcare services to underserved children in Indiana and also north Carolina.

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Dr. Jain received hins MBA indigenous Fayetteville State College in 2004. The opened up his first pediatric practice, "hope Millns Pediatrics," in august 2003. Eighteenager month later, Dr. Jain branchead out and included a 2nd practice, north side Pediatrics, and also Since then, has continued come open up brand-new pediatric practices. Currently, Dr. Jain opeprices 20 pediatric practices the rental more than 160 people.

In 2006, Dr. Jain launched ns India Foundation, a philanthropic organization. Ns foundation has actually increased accumulation for project Drishti, i m sorry gives eyeglassens or cataracns surgical procedure to needy patient in India and ins likewise working to build a institution in Rajasthan, India. Ns foundation has actually established a routine to provide run treatment come trein ~ disability kids in north Carolina. Dr. Jain has personallied added even more 보다 fifty percent a million dollars to assistance the structure and also itns objectives that providing healthcare to ns needy via itns affiliates Shri C. R. Jain charitable to trust owned Hospital, Samarthanam trust because that Disabled, project Drishti, and Dr. Solanki Eye Hospital. The structure has actually additionally added to many not-for-profit healthcare and also educational campaigns for needy in ns US, Nepal, and India.

In may 2007, Dr. Jain moved to Bangalore, India, come develop and also open MedSotogether (formerly Indus Westside) Hospital. The 200-bed for-benefit hospital opened its doorns in January 2010 and also attributes Cutting edge technology, six operation rooms, 45 instrumental care beds, and offer medical, trauma, surgical, cardiac, pediatric, neonatology, and also burn patients. Finish cardiac surgery, infertility/IVF, minimal accessibility bariatric surgery, and transplant surgery are just a couple of of the many program the hospital offers.

Dr. Jain ended up being a Board-Certified medical professional Executi have through the Certifyinns the supervisory board in clinical management in 2011.

Dr. Jain has actually received many kind of honorns and awards. In 2005 that wtogether inducted into the Eugene S. Mayer Hono one society because that community services at ns University of phia bìc Carolina in ~ Chapel Hill school that medicine because that area organization in India and also ns US. In 2010 that was forgive the national Medalli~ above because that Entrepreneurshins award by ns Beta Gamma Sigma worldwide Honor Society. In 2011 Dr. Jain was named a top ‘Mend and also Shaker’ in ~ the Triangle organization Convention. In January 2013, he was nominated for north Carolina tiny organization Person of the year Award. In 2015 he got a Certificate the success indigenous north Carolina clinical society structures -Kanoff institute that management university for his leadership and also business to the populace of NC. In 2016, Dr. Jain team startupcuba.org Pediatrics wtogether recognized as service that the year through NC small service innovation and development Corporation.

startupcuba.orns Pediatricns has obtained plenty of Awardns from NC State Medicassist and also national awards as Patient-centered medical home - levetogether 3 (highest recognitions) native national Committee on quality Assurance (USA) for fantastic high quality wellness care solutions under Dr. Jain"s clinical and administration leadership.


over ns following 5 years, Dr. Jain planns to continue the growth the pediatricns practices in phia bìc Carolina and also neighboring says by structure child-familiar infrastructure, permitting and empowerinns specialists to supply excellent healthcare services come children, boost access to care, develop neighborhood employmenns opportunity, and also contribute to the local economy.

Yetunde Adesanya, MD

Dr. Adesanya i graduated indigenous Albany kind of medical College, Albany, NY, in 2005. Native 2005-2008, sthe went on to finish she residency in Pediatrics native Westchester county medical Center, brand-new York clinical College, NY. Sthe ins board Certified in Pediatrics by ns Amerihave the right to plank that Pediatrics.

Dr. Adesanya ins credentialed together a Attending medical professional and also has admitting privilegens at Cape fear sink Hospital. Sthe is licensed come exercise in ns State of north Carolina and ins employed with uns Due to the fact that October 2008.

Dr. Adesanya’ns skilled affiliations include the American Academine the Pediatrics and ns north Carolina Pediatric Society.

Sharon A. Burke, MD

Dr. Burke obtained her Bs level in Biology, pre-med native Fairleigh Dickinkid University. Sthat climate obtained her clinical degree (MD) with Honorns native Rosns University; Internship and also Residency in Pediatricns in ~ Beth Israel medical center in Newark, NJ. Post-doctoprice Clinicatogether and study Fellowship in Neonatal-Perinatatogether medicine at Roberns wood Johnkid and also St. Peter University clinical Centers brand-new Brunswick, new Jersey. Four years together combine clinical manager that Neonatatogether extensive care Unins at University Hospital in Newark, NJ. Twenty-5 year together medical director of Sub-Acute Transitionatogether care Unit at Children"ns specialty Hospitatogether in new Brunswick, NJ.

Sthe design the specialized treatment unit in the therapy of newborn opioidentifier withdrawal, with study publication and national Recognition. Sthe likewise emerged specialty care through publication and state-large acknowledgment for kids requirinns long hatchet ventilation, hyperalimentation, and spinatogether cord disease. Sthat draft treatment program for children with metabolic and also neurodeveloppsychological obstacle such as Autism Spectrum, Feedinns disorders, Retinopathy. And sthat was the director because that ns largest post-cardiac, liver and also intestinal transtree routine in ns country.

Sthe offered medical treatment because that youngsters in the outpatience medical house and also permanent care basic using telemedicine. Dr. Burke involves startupcuba.orns through incredible clinicatogether understanding and also field of expertise and a enthusiasm for every children, native newborn to younns adult. In she words," youngsters are mine life, and also startupcuba.org has actually allowed ns to live in a beautiful area giving care because that God"s Many valuable Amongst us."

Sthe is president of the Brunswick forest Women"s Book Club, i beg your pardon provides reading bags because that ns children the startupcuba.org; sthe singns through ns Wilmingt~ above Chdental culture and stays happily via her husband john and also their 90-pound rescue Labrador named Shadow.

thomas Blackstone, MD

thomas Blackstone, MD, FAAns attfinished college and medical college at Ohio State University. The served as a naval trip operated doctor stationed in ~ Cherry allude Naval Corps waiting terminal native 1970 come 1972.

that wenns top top come pediatric residency at Columbuns children’s Hospital, offer together a cook residenns in 1975. Dr. Blackrock practiced thirteen years in Mansfield, Ohio, and four years in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, prior to makinns hins residence in Wilmington. Hins clinical interestns encompass ADHD and contagious diseases.

Dr. Blackstone has offered together Chwaiting of Pediatricns in ~ brand-new new Hanend local medical center and also has actually served on ns boards that Wilmington health accessibility for Teens, coastal doctors Alliance, and Cape are afraid Hospital.

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Tom resides in Wilmington via hins ma"am Marilyn and also has 4 children and also 4 grandchildren. As soon as not in hins garden, Tom enjoys jogging, swimming, and biking. He and also Marilyn have da missionary work-related in Haiti and also the Dominideserve to Republicly and attend harbor City community Church.