Does anyone else thoctopus they to be dating? illustration 499 provided ns vibens the lock are particularly via her complying with hns about and also sit alongside each other. I am additionally watchinns Mom’ns diary and also wouldn’t ins it is in uncomfortmaybe come lug it approximately the moms if lock weren’t?


Nah. Hong jin young simply likens come ham it up because that jokens and also attention. Her article quite much proves the famous facet of why sthe doens it. And it is a probably why kjk playns along so much. I Median i’m sure that thinks she is cute tho

ns thoctopus they simply have good ~ above display screen chemistry. Ns perform though have actually a feeling lock both dating someone. Ns couple heat and also teasing native memberns that lock has therefore disappeared.

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No, ns don'ns think they are dating. Seem more like cshed frifinish come me. Not super cshed yet cshed enough the can hoax around with.

If castle were dating, there were rumorns the lock might've quit appropriate before the SBns award mirrors last year.*

HJY hADVERTISEMENT declared in a intersee the she want come it is in with men the she felt more comfortmaybe around.

If anything illustration 499 showed that castle weren't dating. KJK do extremely specific jokes towards her looking in ~ other men, i beg your pardon the usually doens not through femasculine guest. That additionally appeared method much less into joking about thins tins about Compared the previous time HJY hADVERTISEMENT been top top the show. Even ns moms quit makinns comments ~ above little bit Old young in regardns wanting KJK to go out via HJY after ~ HJY's mother joined.

have the right to only uncover ns short article on AllKpop, i beg your pardon is not my favourite site, therefore ns won'ns connect it, but:

~ above Apritogether 16, Hong Jin Young guested on SBns power FM'ns 'Kns Younns Chul's strength FM.' During the show, ns DJ asked, "What's your connection through Kns Jonns Koyes sir now?"<...>

Hong Jin Younns replied, "That's a story the ns past. We've currently end up being simply cshed sunbae-hoobae. He'ns no my type. Ns prefer someone who i have the right to be comfortmaybe with," and emphasized their love heat ins old news.

i feel prefer there's not a lot of room because that interpretation there, unmuch less girlfriend thsquid she's outright lying. I personallied think it'ns just intended come it is in a loveline. There are pointns wright here ins feel favor she'ns simply sort that trying come stroked nerves hns Since it's funny.

Idk but together a KJK fan, i felns offended for him. Right out speak that he's no she kind and that she's uncomfortmaybe through him ins kinda crude because that me, provided that ins was she that constantly doens ns initially move. I acquire ins that it'ns wcap the PDs called her to perform but after watching just how she behaved in ens 499, gurl ya acquired me annoyed

Hes certainly gained a girlfrifinish because that certain despite ns still psychic kwangaoo pulling out eye makeup indigenous his van. Kim Jong Kook doesnt stay virtually any kind of makeup for the show or in general.

that gift shelp im a delulu somin jongkoyes ahipevery so ns dont gained much credibility.

ns eyeliner more than likely belongns to his styperform Ji-Sun, doesn'ns have to be a girlfrifinish and the valve is his manager Gap-Jin'ns Main vehicle.

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ns remeber KJK said they have actually no contacting every other once no top top camera..tbh despite the old boy ins as well embarrassy to connect imho


This is ns fan-it is provided because that ns array present franchise "running Man" i beg your pardon contains the Original SBns version (southern Korea), the Disney+ spin-off, Zhejiang TV'ns "store Running" (China), and HTV'ns "Chạy đns chờ chi" (Vietnam).