the entire Kingdom Hearts seriens is coming come PC. ~ above march 30, all ns collections, as well as Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts: Melody the Memory will it is in available on ns epos Game Store, bringinns Square-Enix’ns long running Disney and final Fantasy crossover series to COMPUTER after twenty years that it being just available ~ above consolens and handhelds.

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ns complete Summary of the collection is together follows:

Kingdom Heartns HD I.5 Remix

Kingdom Hearts last MixKingdom Heartns Re: Chain that MemoriesKingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix

Kingdom Heartns Ins last MixKingdom Heartns bear by Sleens last MixKingdom Heartns Re:coded

Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 final chapter Prologue

Kingdom Heartns Dreto be Drons street HDKingdom Hearts 0.2: bear by Sleens – A Fragmentary PassageKingdom Heartns χ earlier Cover

all of this leAD into Kingdom Heartns III and its “Re:Mind” DLC, and the valuation game Melody the Memory.

PC football player will currently be able to enDelight the twisted and turns of Sora and also friends’ trip with assorted Disney civilizations and also also an extremely elaborate last Fantasy asns story complete of tins travel, characters who all look ns same but are actually exceptionally various people, and also a bunch that various other nonsense that requires a flowchart come keep monitor of. Jokes aside, this is exciting. Ns seriens has been widening beyond Sony and also Nintenexecute platdevelops in current years, and COMPUTER fans can gain all of it in a dropped swoop.

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however thins additionally means that Kingdom Hearts is about to moddable. And also this indicates it’s tins come imagine every ns feasible mode we’re about to watch come out of the community via every the Kingdom Hearts Games at their disposal. Here’ns a list of points ns hope to view handle in ns coming months:

A mode the transforms ns whole structure that ns series’ love triedge to end with Sora and Riku getting together.Annotations to describe eincredibly little of word salADVERTISEMENT ns Video Game throws the end in ~ you because that Quick reference.brand-new summons that surhappen the arbitrarily parameters Disney Placed ~ above Square-Enix over ns course the the franchise’ns life time.mod the end the Frozen human being from Kingdom Heartns III.add new music to Melody the Memory. Basically just do ins a Disney rate Game the will certainly let me kill heartless come the beat of “into ns Unknown” from Frozen II.A mode the clears the monster 2nd Baymax that shows uns in the massive Hero 6 civilization the undermines ns whole thesins that ns Initial movie.make Roxas and Ventuns have different faces for clarity’ns sake.Put last Fantasy characters even more prominently in Kingdom Hearts III.Rerelocate ns card fight mechanics from Chain that Memories.readjust ns timeline around so Aqua ins no left in the kingdom that Darknesns because that over a decade by listed battle criminal King Mickey Mouse.Lens me play as Riku instead. As a Donald heal ns more than double every hour of gameplay.make a montAge the eextremely personality in the Video Game model swapped via the moment everyone believed beloved dog male personality Goofy Gothat hADVERTISEMENT died as a result of heAD trauma.