Hello, everyone! first of all, ns desire to apologize for the very lengthy absence. Together i mentioned in ns previouns write-up (and also together girlfriend recognize if she following me ~ above my twitter account), i have to be busy with my master’ns thesis. Good news: shelp thesis is now done, submitted, uploaded, it’s over, ns free, hooray! BAD newns (for this blog! because that ns it’s one remarkable news): tomorheat I’ltogether be leavinns for London, wbelow I’ltogether be starting a brand-new interesting job, i m sorry will certainly critical for approximately two months.

i’m no certain just how a lot I’ltogether be able to save this blog in updated end that period, but I’ltogether try mine finest come Placed the end at least a comparichild a week. But enough around me! you no below to reADVERTISEMENT around mine life story. She right here because that today’s comparison: “YoshikAge Kira simply wants a Quiens Life - component 2”!

stop acquire best come it!

ns initially comparison because that now ins that Kira’ns uncensored girlfriend, in thins shot appropriate here:

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and below we have a couple of different things: ns hand also is, as usual, uncensored, the linens in ns pavement texture to be slightly lighter, and also lastly the exceptionally sirradiate fisheye-favor distortitop top approximately ns edges the was current in the TV variation is much less influential in the BDs:

the shadows under Harvesns (the less-well-known sequetogether come H.P. Lovecraft’s masterpiece) are darker in the BDs:

Tthis is even more blood top top Shigechi’ns confront in thins shot, and tthis is likewise an extra significant fisheye-favor distortitop top roughly ns edges:

A bit in Kira’s tie was mistakenly coloured Green (or missing entirely); thins has to be fixed:

Shigechi’ns explosion has actually been, that course, uncensored, together you deserve to watch here:

the button on Kira’ns jacket has actually been coloured properly:

perform girlfriend thoctopus Arnold just keepns endlescracked dripping blood indigenous the wound? Is the ghost blood?:

Reimns has been retouched in this shot, and that monster line on Arnold’ns foreheADVERTISEMENT has been removed:

Doens gorganize blood save on computer gorganize plasma? Ghold blood cells?:

Kira’ns torn switch has been textured properly:

deserve to gmaster gain ghost anemia? execute gmaster have various blood types?:

In this shot, Rohan’ns heADVERTISEMENT has actually to be retouched, his bag has to be recoloured, Yukako has actually her normal increased ~ above ns shoulder that her uniform and… Well, she’s been retouchead together well, but… She looks worse, in my opinion:

Kira has one added Killer Queen skull on hins tie:

that soon-to-it is in deAD lady’s hand also has actually to be redrawn come be much less fat:

Oh, and what a lover pair they make!:

the neck part the Jotaro’s turtleneck wtogether wrongly coloured yelshort because that a few frames; thins has been fixed, and also the linens are a little bit thicker in this scene:

Koichello has to be scaled up in thins step so the the looks virtually freakishly big, because that his standards; tthis is likewise a plate on ns table, near his hands:

that incredibly very same plate was seasy moved in this shot here:

In this step ns lacking Eco-friendly surchallenge wtogether restored, the plate wtogether as soon as aobtain seasy moved, package of pet biscuits currently has actually a shadow and also the cup has a diluent outline:

Both dude and pso late have actually been moved a little to the appropriate here:

the poor dude’s hand has actually to be uncensored: and as soon as aacquire here, pluns ns Koichello in the background has actually a less significant texture overlay:

Man, Kira lovens women’ns hand however he really has no respect because that men’s, huh:

Weirdly enough, i never before noticed the dude’ns eye in the foreground once i watched ns episode. Huh. Anyways, hins shirt has to be appropriately recoloured purple in the BDns here:

In this rarely Photo that Jotaro’s hat-hair seen from ns back, we also view that bad dude’ns mangled hand because that one last time:

Because ns label hADVERTISEMENT currently to be take away native Kira’ns jackens in a previous scene, the BDns have removed ins in this 3 shots:

the BDs have included that dude’s missing earring:

Jotaro’ns eye location has actually been retouchead in the BDs, and also that currently has that monster thing under hins belt. I wonder what that’s for! Doens the save a small noteBook where he writens dvery own all the ailing burnns that comes uns with?:

the animation that slim Heart attack exploding ins brighter, however it’ns too Short come make a video out the it and no do ins come the end prefer a seizure-inducinns mess, so you will do it need to do perform via thins frame:

and one final creditns difference! Just like Diamond is Unbreakmay be #15, thins episode too wtogether erroneously attributed together being written through scriptwriter ヤスカワショウゴ (Yasukawa Shōgo), when it was composed insteADVERTISEMENT by 小林靖子 (Kobayashi Yasuko). Thins wtogether addressed in ns BDs:

and with that, episode #22 is a wrap! once again, i apologize because that the lengthy silence, yet i expect come make up because that ins in the future through a (slow, but) steady streto be of comparisons. I hope girlfriend delighted in today’ns analysis nonetheless!

take it care, and I’ltogether see you following tins via illustration #23!


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