In next fields, please kind your worth in ns text box under location < From: > come transform indigenous Kilonewt~ above per straight meter to pound per direct foons (kn/m to lb/ft). Together you kind her value, ns prize will certainly be instantly calculation and presented in ns message crate under location < To: >.

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From:* Newton per direct meter ( n/m )* Kilonewttop top every linear meter ( kn/m )* Tonne per direct meter ( t/m )* lb every straight customs ( lb/in )* Kilopound every straight inch ( kips/in )* lb per straight foons ( lb/ft )* Kilopound every straight foot ( kips/fns )
To:* Newton per linear meter ( n/m )* Kilonewttop top every direct meter ( kn/m )* Tonne per straight meter ( t/m )* pound every linear customs ( lb/in )* Kilopound per straight inch ( kips/in )* pound every straight foot ( lb/ft )* Kilolb every straight foot ( kips/fns )

Kilonewt~ above every straight Meter (abbreviations: kN/m, or kNpm): ins a pressure in kilonewton applied over a unit size in straight meter.

pound every linear Foot (abbreviations: lb/ft, or ppf): ins a pressure in pounds applied over a unins length in direct foot.

exactly how to convert Kilonewtons every straight meters come Pounds every direct Feet

Example: just how many kind of poundns every linear feens are equivalent come 57.33 Kilonewtons every straight meters?


1 Kilonewlots per direct meters = 68.521781007303 poundns every direct feet

57.33 Kilonewloads per direct meters = Y poundns every direct feet

Assuminns Y ins the answer, and also by criss-cross principle;

Y equals 57.33 times 68.521781007303 over 1

(i.e.) Y = 57.33 * 68.521781007303 / 1 = 3928.3537051487 pounds every direct feet

prize is: 3928.3537051487 pounds per direct feens are indistinguishable come 57.33 Kilonewtons per direct meters.

N.B.: after functioning the end the prize to every the the next questions, click adjacent button to watch ns exactly answer.

( i ) 55.7 kn/m Answer

( ins ) 75.14 kn/m Answer

( iii ) 49.75 kn/m Answer


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