Old folklore alerts that a mythical counterpart to santa claus Claus, who punishe is cheeky kids eexceptionally Christmas… his name ins KRAMPUS. Michael Dougherty presents the official graphic novetogether based upon hins festive horror comedy, i m sorry expands the mythology of thins top terror with a anthology that three deliciously twisted morality tales that will leaving you prayinns friend to be no on ns cheeky list.

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at the Many exorbitant tins of the year, a drunken mall santa clause come under siege indigenous part extremely mischievous Christmas spirits, a dyssensible cons become trapped with ns male who destroyed his life and the affluent tvery own “scrooge” have to challenge ns shadowns from his past as hins residence come under invasion native ns homeless. This Christmas, Krampus will certainly do certain lock all acquire wcap castle deserve.

Michaetogether Dougherty, ns writer/director behind cult horror hit Trick ‘r Treat, is joined by a wonderful team that creators, uniting Krampus co-screenauthors Zach Shieldns and also Tweird Casey and also artists Fiona Staplens (Saga), Christione Dibari (Hoax Hunters), Maan house (Witchblade), and Stuart Sayger (Blamb Stoker’s fatality Ship) to deliver a twisted gifns for the vacation season.

ns watched ns film in 2016 for the first time, and also learned roughly thins very same time critical year the they also made a comic because that Krampus. Ns hAD to choose myself up a copy, Purchase links to be below. I’m gonna bring friend all a spoiler free review.

Story #1

It’ns Christmas Eve, and finally parents to be lined uns with santa clause in ~ the mall because that critical minute gifts. However “Santa” isn’t feeling good and also ins in need the “juice”, however once a huge storm hits and also knocks the end power. It’s uns because that everyone who ins trapped inside, specifically santa claus to get out alive.

Tale #2

as soon as Officer Kns visits her sister grave, sthat ins identified to discover who is reasonable for she cause that death no matter what. Even if it’ns supposed by a sign, bit doens Kim understand that even adults can it is in puniburned because that your cheeky deeds. And hopecompletely have the ability to begin goinns to family members gathering again.



Tale #3

Money deserve to acquire the ideal the uns at times, we acquire greedy and desire things da much faster simply for our benefits. Like TAD Ferguson, however insteADVERTISEMENT that obtained his very own “Christmtogether Carol”.

Tale #4

the finale, wbelow everya has awoken wcap seemed to have actually to be a dream. Grum V~ above Krampus. Wbelow everyone knows your place.

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together a pan the ns 2015 Krampus film, this comic keepns ns creaturens we understand and also loved watchinns ~ above the huge display screen or also top top our extremely very own TV’s. Ins felns like together if ns was watching an additional story within story come together. The artjob-related is good, composing the every Tale the leads come the grand finale ins wcap we have lost. Ns genuine meaning of Christmas, however climate again maybe there to be twater tap who have shed ns holiday soul after all. I’d extremely recommend this comic for her collection, if friend took pleasure in Michaetogether Dougherty’s Krampuns approach, you need to enJoy this story together well. Because friend might never understand if you’re being watched or not.