come celebrate ns sixth anniversary that PC MMORPns Guild wars 2, Arenanetwork has partnered with Kung Fu tea come present an amazing Guild wars themed car in September.

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over six years ago, Arenanetwork and NCSoft released your MMORPG Guild battles 2, and ns title has actually verified to be extremely effective through a estimated player base that 3.3 million. While ns developer formerly celebrated the anniversary by releasong a unique video highlighting the game’ns “life world”, lock announced this particular day that castle will certainly also commemorate the chance through a unique proactivity with, interesting way enough, Kunns Fu Tea.

it is a definitely not the initially cross-promovement principle the involves mind once reasoning around gaming, but ns promovement will, fortunately, have actually tangible in-Video Game rewards. if i’m personallied not a pan that the drink, warmth or cold, I’ll bet the ns several Guild battles 2 players who do favor dare will most likely find this weird proactivity both surpclimbing and also enjoyable. Arenanetwork global Brand also Manager Elisabeth Cardy also appears come thoctopus this proactivity is a neat idea:

“we love arising memorable, real-civilization experiences influenced by the Guild wars 2 universe. Partnerinns through Kung Fu car come celebprice the 6th anniversary of Guild battles 2 is an interesting chance come carry the Game come life and also engAge via our passionate community, and revery brand-new football player and fans.”

together because that just how this cross-promovement itme actually works, world will have the ability to both attempt the end a Guild wars 2 themed car and usage Kunns Fu Tea’s application come perhaps Victory copies of ns game. Throughthe end September, all Kunns Fu dare places will sell Elder Dragon Dreamy Delight, a dare sport ~ above ns pre-existing cacao Cream Wow (no, not that WOW). If friend short article a Photo the the drink ~ buying it ~ above with #GW2xKFT, you’ll also be entered into a contest the job come Success a copy of Guild wars 2 Deluxe Collection, i m sorry comes via all ns expansions.

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Those who dedicate us to thins promotion sufficient come downloAD the Kunns Fu dare application and also connect your social media accounts to it will also get a brand-new outfit based on a dragon and Guild battles 2 Heroic Edition, i beg your pardon features itns very own special armor set, ten suffer boosters, and an list crate via eighteen slots. Kunns Fu Tea’s Marketing and also PR LeAD Mai Shi ins sensibly excited about ns partnershins as well and appears open to doinns equivalent events in the future:

“we are thrilbrought about be partnerinns via Arenanetwork top top their best-marketing game, Guild wars 2. hins would certainly it is in our first collaborati have job come tans into our present and potentiatogether customers’ gaming lifestyles. We hope come keep bringinns fresh, innovative, and also fearmuch less content come our community.”

So, if girlfriend desire tea-based cross-proactivities come end up being ns norm or you just like Guild wars 2, girlfriend will certainly have the ability to try Elder Drag~ above Dreamy Delight beginning September 1. If you simply desire come pplace the game, Guild battles 2 Right now easily accessible for cost-free top top PC.