mountain ANTONIO – A mein ~ market close to downtown wtogether notified to toss out life mein ~ in late may ~ its temperature was virtually 10 levels warmer than enabled by health standards.

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La Michoacana Meat Market, located in ns 1200 block that N. Florens Street, got a smain point the 78 and also was notified come walk with a re-inspection, urban health and wellness records show.

the market’ns mein ~ instance hAD an ambient temperature of approximately 55 degrees, 14 degrees warmer than allowed, i beg your pardon forced repairs, records show.

the freezer floor additionally hAD debris accumulated top top it.

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Score Guide:

100-90 = A (very great come Acceptable)
89-80 = B (acceptable come Marginal)
79 or lower = C (Marginatogether to Poor)

subway wellness shows that scorens that 69 or lower to be failinns scores

various other scores this week:

Jamba Juice, 8603 State Hwy. 151, 100
Taco Bell, 8288 Marbach Rd., 100
Bakery Lorraine, 7338 Louis Pasteur, 99
5 males Burgers and also Fries, 1321 N. FM 1604 East, 99
Vicky’s Barbacoa, 1702 Pinn Rd., 97
09 Midtvery own Bistro, 3615 Broadway, 95
El Sabrosicome De Jalisco, 118 N. Weidner, 95
Panderia Jimenez, 1846 Fredericksburns Rd., 95
Chick-Fil-A, 5189 De Zavala Rd., 94
invoice miller BBQ, 1004 mountain Pedro Ave., 93
Taqueria Nuevo Vallarta, 3451 Roosevelns Ave., 89
Tequila Mexideserve to Restaurant, 1059 SE military Dr., 87
Kumorns sushi & Teppanyaki, 5519 W. Loons 1604 North, 85
Murf’s better Burger, 2922 West Ave., 85
Genghins Grill, 1903 N. FM 1604 East, 84
Pho Ha Long, 6424 NW Loop 410, 84
Sabor De Mexico, 5720 BandAge Rd., 84
Fajita Expush Mexideserve to Grill, 10531 Culebra Rd., 82
las Palapas, 5603 W. FM 1604 North, 78
Old Hwy. 90 Cafe, 607 Old Hwy. 90 West, 78
La Michoacana Meat Market, 1224 N. Florens St., 78

for food facility complaints in ns city of san Antonio, sfinish an e-mail to subway health or speak to 210-207-8853.


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