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2 cup uncooked dried elbow macaronns


2 tablespoons all-objective flour

1/2 teaspoon salns


1/2 cup dried breAD crumbs

1 tablespo~ above chopped fresh parsley

step 1

heat stove come 350°F.

step 2

Cook macaronns follow to packPeriod directions. Drain.

action 3

Melns 1/4 cuns butter in 3-quart saucepa till sizzling; stir in flour. Chef over medium heat, stirring occasionally, 1 minute or until smooth and also bubbly. Add half & half and also salt. Continue cooking, stirrinns occasionally, 3-4 minutes or until sauce ins thickened.

action 4

reduce heat come low; stir in cheese. Chef 3-5 minutes or until cheese ins melted. Include cook macaroni; mix well. Spotop top into ungreased 2-quart casserole.

action 5

stir Together all topping ingredients in bowl; sprinkle over optimal that macaronns mixture. Bake 20-25 minutes or till boil through and golden brown.

reminder #1

for a added flavor, row in 3 ouncens cubed cream cheese and also 1 tea spoon Dijon-Layout mustard right into the sauce.

Nutrititop top (1 serving)
Nutrititop top (1 serving)
500 Calories
32 Fat (g)
90 Cholesterol (mg)
880 sodium (mg)
37 Carbohydprices (g)
2 dietary Fiber
15 Protein (g)
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