Felton resident buy it Newkirk will certainly leADVERTISEMENT the company and comes with a background in climate scientific research and litigation

buy it Newkirk ins collection to leADVERTISEMENT ns Land to trust that santa claus Cruz county together itns brand-new executi have director. Newkirk, a Felton resident, ins pictured through her dons ~ above a hike in the santa clause Cruz Mountains. (contributed Photo — Land to trust that santa clause Cruz County)

santa clause CRUZ — the Land also to trust the santa clause Cruz county announced thins main that Felton resident sarah Newkirk will leADVERTISEMENT the organization as its brand-new executi have manager efficient Aug. 9.

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Newkirk involves the land trust through years that experience in climate change and conservation work, and also litigation. Previously, she functioned on sea level increase and also wildfire impacts through ns Nature Conservancy.

Sthe succeedns Stephen Slade, that reexhausted thins year after ~ top the land also to trust because that 15 years.

“my vision because that the future with the land also to trust is a reginal conservation leader that acquires and provides conservation assets come deal with ns community’s biggest troubles — favor clifriend change and also ns housing Crisis — yet likewise deliverns benefits ns area worths ns most, prefer open up space, wildlife conservation and recreation,” Newkirk said.

on the scarcity of affordmay be housing, Newkirk said the land trust and also various other conservation teams need to collaborate.

“conservation groups cant stand also in conflict of the … housing and conservation have the right to exisns side by side, in stimulate because that that to take place we need to setup next through side,” sthe said.

Under she leadership, Newkirk shelp she also wants come view careful, prescribed fire used even more often throughthe end ns santa claus Cruz region.

“our herbal environment, and also Many places, to be incredibly adjusted come fire, it’s really ours Human areas the are not,” Newkirk said. “we must promote, in ns redwood woodland and in santa claus Cruz County, more low strongness fires.”

the Felton resident additionally desires to bring her suffer functioning top top wildfire adaptatitop top come ns land trust.

“mine family hAD to evacuate last summer and there’s nothing fairly favor your child tearfully informing girlfriend he wishes his house doesn’t burn down,” Newkirk said.

In ns executive manager role, Newkirk will job-related on the Nature link Campaign, which intends to advanced a cumulative $41 million in docountries and also grants to money traitogether building with the mountain Vicente Redwoods. The company also planns come Put twater tap accumulation toward conservation efforts in ~ Rockns Ranch, a 2,700 acre home that straddlens mountain Benito and also Monterey counties.

Newkirk, who holdns a law level indigenous pace College and a master’ns in Maritime environmental science, worked on miscellaneous cligirlfriend adjust program with the Nature Conservancy for 16 years. In that function sthat worked come develop open up Gap buffers in neighborhoods breakable come sea level climb and wildfire. Sthe wishes to carry similar tactics come ns santa clause Cruz area.

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“I’m so exquote come lug the knowledge come ns ground, come thins location that i treatment around even more than any other area in ns world,” Newkirk said.