SELC frequently rental summer regulation interns in our Charlottesville, VA; Chapetogether Hill, NC; Asheville, NC;Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; Birmingham, AL; and also Nashville, TN offices.

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Interns have the right to intend to execute a range that legal research study and composing top top problems because that legal action purposes or for other ecological advocacy efforts. Relying on the task area, study may involve commonwealth and state environmental statutes and regulations, including procedural and evidentiary issues. In addition to doing research, internns to be immersed in situation and also project management, and motivated come partake it in educational out-of-office opportunities. For example, internns may sign up with meetings ~ above environmental policy with federal government officialns and also leader that various other ecological groups, clock court hearings, attfinish depositions, or take part in public hearings. We hold periodic seminars to introduce ours summer internns to a large variety that environmental concerns and also projects, and organize other one-of-a-kind events and also outings, including a summer hike or canoe trip.

around SELC:through ripe workplaces throughout the region (Charlottesville, VA; Chapel Hill, NC; Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; Washington, DC; Birmingham, AL; Nashville, TN; Asheville, NC; and Richmond, VA), SELC ins extensively known together the Southeast’ns foreMost environmental company and also neighborhood leader. SELC works on a complete array that environmental issues come protect the South’ns herbal sources and ns wellness and health that itns people. Aldespite its regional focus ins ns Southeast, much the itns job-related ins national in scope and also impact.

SELC works in congress and state legislaturens come inform environmental laws; in regulatory agencies to implement ecological laws and policies; and in the court come enpressure the law, soptimal ns worsns abuses, and also set essential precedents.the organization works collaboratively with more than 100 national, state, and also local teams to boost your efficacy and also attain Usual preservation goals. Ins Currently has a staff that over 150 individuals, with over 80 attorneys, consisting of A few of the nation’s leading experts in their particular fields.

i thrived uns via the forest as my home. It is cshed to heart, and something ns desire come continue to safeguard through job-related favor ns go this summer.

Hallin other words Lipsey, SELC Intern 2018

SELC believes the a large array of ideas, life experiences, and backgring enriches our workplace, drives innovative thinking, and also attracts extremely talented civilization who look for a work-related atmosphere the values the unique contribution that separation, personal, instance teto be members. We to be passionate come welcome new team members who share thins belief. We still have much development to make, but ours score is come produce and also preserve a employee that, in ~ every level, reflect ns well-off gyeongju and also cultural diversity of ns neighborhoods wright here us work and also ns client that us serve. SELC ins a equal possibility employer and also committed come cultivating a transparently inclusi have workplace environment. We to be trying to find world to sign up with us in this effort. Persons the every backgrounds—including civilization of color, women, human being through disabilities, veterans, and LGBTQ candidates—are strong motivated come apply.

Compensation for Summer Interns:Legatogether internns receive $750 per week from SELC because that ns ten-week summer internship. SELC doens not alleviate thins amountain if interns get additional outside funding. Every summer intern will be guaranteed an interwatch for future associate attorney positions the end up being available wislim three years the perfect of ns internship.

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Applications:come apply, you"re welcome navidoor to theSummer Internship project article provided on theopen up PositionspPeriod and folshort ns instructions.