first Name: Le"Veon
last Name: Beltogether
Position: running Back
College: Michigone State
draft Class: 2013
draft Age:21.2

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40 garden Dash: 4.60 seconds
40 garden (MPH): 17.78 (MPH)
20 yard Split: 2.64 seconds
10 yard Split: 1.57 seconds
Bench Press: 24 repns (225 lb)
Wonderlic: (N/A) (0-50)
QB sphere Velocity: (N/A) (MPH)

upright Leap: 31.5 inches
BroAD Jump: 118 inches
20 Yd Shuttle: 4.24 secs
three Cone: 6.75 seconds
shuttle Split: (N/A) secs
60 Yd Shuttle: (N/A) seconds
four Square: (N/A) seconds

Height: 73.38 inches
Weight: 230 lbs
BroAD Jump: (N/A) inches
Hand also Size: 9.63 inches
arm Length: 31.5 inches
20 Yd Shuttle: (N/A) seconds
3 Cone: (N/A) seconds

Eventoccasion Score% by RB% by Size
Weight230 lbs89.9--
Hand Size9.58"73.351.5
eight Length(N/A)" -- --
40 Yd4.60 sec47.677.7
20 Yd2.64 sec66.588.4
10 Yd1.57 sec76.889
Bench 24 reps8879.5
BroAD Jump118"53.764.5
Shuttle4.24 sec54.671.2
3 Cone6.75 sec96.498.7
60yd Shuttle(N/A) sec -- --

Event: (N/A)
Position: (N/A)
40 garden Dash: (N/A) seconds
40 garden (MPH): (N/A) (MPH)
20 Yd Shuttle: (N/A) secs

Height: (N/A) inches
Weight: (N/A) lbs
upright Leap: (N/A) inches
power Throw: (N/A) feet
SPARQ Score: (N/A)

much better than a 4.60 fourty yard Dash Time
much better 보다 or equal to a 118 inch BroADVERTISEMENT Jump
better than or same come a 6.90 3 Ca Driltogether Time
taller than 5 feens eighns inches

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Pgreat NameSimilarity ScorePosition
Matt Jones82RB
Christian Ponder72QB
will Witherspoon72OLB
Ken Norton72ILB
Barrett Green71OLB
Frank Moreau71RB
David Braxton71OLB
Justin Durant70ILB
Dorian ODaniel69OLB