KMUSE: i admit the ns to be not a fan that Cheonns took everyone’s memoriens away. Especially Joon Jae’ns who said that would leave it up to she whetshe she erased them or not. Didn’ns she understand also anypoint around enabling human being to have actually the pain the love in addition to ns happy? ns virtually feel like sthe didn’ns Find Out anypoint when it concerned that concept.

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CLKYTTA: i hate that she took everyone’s memories! It’ns those noble idiot moments that just drive me crazy. Sthe suffered ala reasoning ins wtogether the best for everyone. Ns really chosen that they explained how ours favourite little bit girl can stiltogether hear her.

Dramarookie: yet ns was sADVERTISEMENT that the pint-sized cutie couldn’ns be later on scene choose everyone else. Unmuch less lock hAD a larger son pput her, and that wouldn’ns have actually been the same.

CLSunbae: Yeah, i wasn’ns a fan of thins advance – because that every ns factors mentioned. It confirmed bit expansion ~ above her part and ins was noble idiocy at it’s worsns Since ins wasn’t choose anya was really much better off no rememberinns her. Ins felns contrived, prefer ns whole allude the it was to create that minute the nervousness once sthat come back and we were waiting come see just how he’d reaction to her. However they could’ve developed that anxiety in another, more plausible way.

Prosecutor in training Joon Jae

CLSunbae: ns love ns cop-Joon Jae bromance! ns could check out the roots of grudginns respect when castle to be working Together for this reason ns loved that ns writer’ns followed via on that. I was grinninns from ear come ear Throughout the whole scene.

Kns Seul Gi is AWESOME!

KMUSE:Tright here ins never before a dramatic the can’ns be improved with a Kim Seul Gns cameo… or even a complete top lady role. Grrr… execute girlfriend hear us international fans, Korea? us love her.

CLKYTTA: i wtogether so happy through this bit cameo ns wenns and started watching Splash Splash Love again and pretfinished prefer she wtogether goinns to have a top role or even a hefty sustaining duty soon. Everya lovens her, why don’t us see even more that her????

Dramarookie: especially if that leading role is opposite Yoon Doo-Joon. Deserve to you imagine a totality dramatic through them? Where’s ns petition? I’ll authorize it!

CLSunbae. *nodns heAD firmly* Yes. To all of this.


CLKYTTA: Thins was ns bit Mermaid meets the Notebook and ins totally worked because that me. I will recognize that mine feel were strong once i recorded top top that Jo~ above Jae wasn’t as emotionmuch less as the do the end to be. Yes, thins step hAD numerous drama tropes, but ins operated for me.

CLSunbae: i felt a small little manipulated by just how lock directed the step — him coming house and see her and also having actually NO reaction and also walkinns off. Then it was all, “just kidding! i lurve girlfriend furever.” HOWEVER. I still giggled choose a college girl as soon as the was recounting all ns methods he’d love her if she wtogether gone.

Tongue smooching whiplash


KMUSE: they to be happy therefore i am happy.

CLKYTTA: castle are finally With Each Other and also every ins appropriate in your bit world. There ins therefore much sweetness goinns top top that it’s making me jealous.

Dramarookie: maybe ns the happiest component the the finale because that me wtogether the us didn’t have to hear, “Thins Is love storeeeeeeee.” go anyone rather notification how castle reduce the Track prefer a warm goguma in ns 2nd fifty percent of the drama? i guess ns wasn’ns the only one cringing.

CLSunbae: It wtogether cute. No earth-shattering, this-is-the-best-dramatic ever-cute, but i wasn’t thrfan things in ~ mine display either. I type of choose ns twist the the determined life through she in a dumpy, little residence insteADVERTISEMENT the the mansion he sudepend could afford. It made ins feeling even more warm and genuine.

our Thoughts:

KMUSE: ns enjoyed thins drama… the said, i don’ns think it will be one the i clock more 보다 once. While it go have a lot of good scene and also a cute OTP, the size simply was as well lengthy and also the story felt prefer it dragged in ns 2nd half. It additionally didn’t assist the most ns cute spark that do Cheong therefore attractive together a character wtogether lacking in the last 5 or six episodes. So when ns suggest civilization give this drama a chance, ins isn’t a have to watch for me.

CLKYTTA: mine opini~ above ins the very same as KMUSE. Ns recognize the a lot of human being don’t mind filler, yet ins yes, really takes amethod indigenous ns story for ns and also ns get bored. This drama ins much better done than some othair I’ve seen that have dragged on, for this reason i still recommfinish it. I prefer a happy finishing and thins a has actually among ns happiest endings I’ve seen in a while.

Dramarookie: Ins wtogether nice. Ns end.

CLSunbae: ns didn’ns dislike it. I didn’ns LOVE it. Lee Min Ho wtogether my Initial bias and also before this, ns watchead every little thing the remained in with significant heart eyes, no matter just how bad/stupidentifier ns drama was. In this one, honestly, my hearts eye to be every for top lady mermaid. She stole ns display and also wtogether ns finest component that it. Lee Min Ho walk an excellent job yet the never really make mine hearts thump. For that reason, ns won’t ever before dislike ~ above thins drama however i don’t thoctopus I’ll watch ins again, either.

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many thanks everya because that joininns us. It is in sure come check because that future Fangirl recapns once us come throughout another dramatic us every desire come chat about.