KMUSE: Ha. Ns love that this wtogether ns only point ~ above Cheung’s mind once sthat believed his confession. Also much better was that Jotop top Jae gained a silly laugh top top his confront eexceptionally time the listened to her inner dialogue. This two are just cute cute cute.

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CLKYTTA: She yes, really ins eexceptionally girl who has actually remained in love. She’s literally invincible best now. I to be love Jo~ above Jae’s reaction come her giddiness. The authors to be yes, really doing a great job with ours OTP’s reactions come every other. I to be really appreciatinns exactly how much eactivity and understanding we are gaining indigenous Jo~ above Jae. It’ns refreshinns to recognize the he’s enjoying her therefore much.

Dramarookie: If that can listen come her singTrack all day lengthy and stiltogether smile favor that, ins need to be love.

drama Geek: Thins component the your connection ins ns finest and ns don’t desire she come ever before find out that have the right to listen she thoughts.

Who’s His Mother?


CLKYTTA: i want to yank every one of thins girl’ns hwait out and also slans her ten ways come Sunday. Sthat ins therefore unbelievably selfish. She ins she own worst enemy.

Dramarookie: ns don’t recognize if it’ns Due to the fact that i favor the actress, yet ns really don’ns hate this character. She machicountries amuse ns more than frustrate me. I thoctopus I’ltogether enDelight watchinns she lick Ahjumma’s boots for awhile.

dramatic Geek: i wtogether pissed in ~ first the sthe actively retained castle from meeting. However then once she wenns in and also proved they to be mommy and boy i wasn’t as mad. It was simply funny to see her therefore off kilter when sthe realized groveling was in her future.

A kid Betrayed

KMUSE: Yes, it suck that dad doesn’t love friend together much together friend believed he should. That ins stiltogether no excusage come lens your psycho mom murder hns withthe end saying anything. Bitternesns can just go for this reason much in excmaking use of her actions.

CLKYTTA: Thins man has actually serious daddy issues. No matter wcap the doens that isn’t Joon Jae and also that can’ns replace him.

drama Geek: I’m expected come care. Do I? not really. Thins ins wbelow ns thoctopus the show is the weakest. I great ns stepbrvarious other hADVERTISEMENT been played by a more powerful actor. I’ve likewise establish that the male that playns dAD is much better once he’s in an extra comedic role.

and he Goes stunner evil in the Battach that an Eye


KMUSE: i reMain incredibly invested in our couple’s plight because that happy ever after. Ns likewise problem the there are coming to be more and even more obstaclens in the method of your happiness. Specifically in ns develop of our newly rotate evil stepbrvarious other and Joon Jae’s conman girlfriend who might come to be a threat now the the is gift lefns behind. Ugh, ns suspense.

CLKYTTA: i thoctopus us will have a wrap up the crazy killer’s storyline quickly and that will certainly walk come jail and evil stepbrother and hins mom will take it over. I’m reasoning that he’ns goinns come attempt come steal our mermaid from Jotop top Jae with part kind of misunderstanding. I additionally think that in between second leAD girl and also ns girlfriend us have actually several avenues for a huge misknowledge and break uns that our OTP. We all understand the there hregarding be a rest uns and also a do up. Ns simply expect it’s a Brief break uns and also a sweet make up.

Dramarookie: Ins this a 16 or 20 illustration drama? I’m hoping for 16, cause i understand 20 suggests even more angst. But I’m stiltogether enjoying it (other than the the annoying, intrusive music cuens were earlier thins week) and I’m exceptionally bitterness that there wtogether only one episode this week. Therefore mean.

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dramatic Geek: This is a twenty illustration drama so angsns will it is in a coming. Ns stiltogether reKey invested in our OTns and also mildly interested in the rest. Is anya dying because that Tae oh to discover the end she’ns a mermaid?

thanks for joininns uns because that ours shorter recans thins week! be certain to sign up with uns aget next week together we uncover the end if our bADVERTISEMENT guys end up being even more proactive and also whetshe Cheonns ever before realizes that Jae Jotop top deserve to hear she thoughts.