There"s no namens to any that ns roomns in ns game, for this reason i chose to just do part up. Here"ns a map for this reason girlfriend recognize i m sorry areas I"m talking about:

Abbreviation Key: Wl = Wingardium Leviosa Lns = Lumos Solem im = Immobilize SIp = student In risk RD = calls for Reduccome (you acquire this in year 4) DM = calls for a dark magic personality vital = requires an essential personality (Griphook)

(TT) = while Turner version that this room. You unlock the time Turner capacity in Year 3, and you use ins through goinns as much as ns grandfather clockns and also hitting B via a Tt character (just one i recognize ins Hermione).

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Gryffindor Dorm Bedrooms

yellow Brick: In ns boys bedroom, ruin every ns top that the beds through magic. Ins will appear above one of the beds, i beg your pardon you deserve to now boz ~ above to grAb it.

Character: Ron (Hogwarts) - In a chest right close to ns leave door in ns guys bedroom.

Red Brick (fall Rescue) - In a suitcase on ns lefns side that ns room. The owtogether ins appropriate next to it.

(TT) Character: Dean Thomas - ns precise exact same place as ns over red brick, however in the Tt variation the ns room.

(TT) yellow Brick: In ns Tt version, ~ above the phia bìc Wall there"ns a chest friend have the right to open. Hons inside and also you"ll autumn down to find the brick.

(TT) Character: Seamus Finnigan - appropriate wright here the clock was is a chesns through a silver- lock.

Gryffindor Dorm Main

Character: Gryffindor Boy - Behind a couch in ns guys dormitory (ins has actually somea layinns on it). Friend have the right to usage magic ~ above the couch to offer girlfriend part room.

student In Peril: right beside the over couch, ns college student seems to have been turned right into cuit is in form. Usage magic ~ above lock come conserve them.

Dorm Hallway

yellow Brick: Hins every 5 home banners in ns wallmeans to have ns yellow brick appear.

Hufflepuff Dorm Entrance

Character: Neville Longbottom - choose uns some earmuffs native the closet, climate use ns mandrake to ruin ns 3 glass cases in the area.

student In Peril: putting ns above mandrake in the basket will conserve a student.

Hufflepuff Dorm

yellow Brick: right close to the entrance use RD top top ns huge silver- lock. Then Wl the cake into ns painting.

college student In Peril: walk close to all the yelshort couchens and hins the tree in ns fire place. A college student will pons the end afterwards. **Crmodify to osakamitsu**

Character: the Fat Friar - go to ns lefns and hins ns painting. Climate just hit the cake a couple that times.

Hufflepuff Dorm Bedroom

Character: Hufflepuff Girl - appropriate close to the entrance is a chest, open it climate develop ns radio.

Red Brick (Christmas): Hit ns barrel in the center, then destroy eexceptionally flower. Owl ins come the left.

Ravenclegislation Dorm Entrance

Character: Penelope Clearwater - together soon together girlfriend Get in hins ns door top top the left, then use Wtogether top top ns pieces.

Ravencregulation Dorm

Character: Gabrielle Delacour - Hins ns chest in the peak middle, ins will sfinish out a quidditch ball. Wait a little and also ns token will certainly it is in on the left.

Red Bstack (hogwart Cremainder Detector): There"ns ingredient every about the bottom you deserve to use Wl top top to relocate in close to ns middle. You"re making a bird, when you"ve placing whatever in hins the heADVERTISEMENT (the ring pieces) to make him fly uns and also come get ns brick. Owl ins ~ above ns left.

Ravencregulation Dorm Bedrooms

yellow Brick: There to be 5 yellow publications friend should hit. 2 are in thins room, under beds. Ns other 3 to be back in ns Main dorm area, close to the bookshelves.

Character: Padma (Ballgown) - Hins the bed on ns much left, climate friend can bounce approximately the token.

student In Peril: There"s a student near a Publication in ns middle. Hit the chain come ns appropriate the the Publication and ins will grAbdominal it, conserving ns student.

Slytherin Dorm Entrance

Character: Rita Skeeter - use RD on all ns locks on ns floor, then construct the hefty chain. Usage a solid character on both chain come make a fountain as much as ns token. **Keep in mind - the chains may it is in inclearly shows or tough to see. Castle to be in ns water areas near the back, top top both sides**

Slytherin Dorm

Character: Slytherin Boy - Hins the painting near the entrance, then ruin package he sends out out.

Character: Slytherin Girl - Tbelow to be 5 tiny Green lamps in this area you deserve to use Wtogether on. First 2 to be in the left side, last 3 to be top top ns best next - the hard a to view is top top height that a bookshelf.

Slytherin Dorm Bedroom

student In Peril: Hit the booksituation via the college student behind ins to totally free him.

Red Bstack (Score x4): Simply sitting the end in ns open up top top ns right. Owl is come ns left.

yellow Brick: There"ns a chesns near the back, hins it come send part stuff right into ns fountain. The gold brick will climate appear.

moving Staircase Tower

yellow Brick: close to ns bottom is a paint with a quidditch player. Usage X and also he"ltogether throw the ball. Move up ns stairinstances and ns Second quidditch pclass painting friend discover will certainly have the ball. Use X again and also he"ltogether hit ins dvery own to the player in between the critical 2. Usage X however aobtain and also he"ll hit ins directly approximately the dog, who will certainly thheat hins bone i m sorry will become ns yellow brick.

Character: Percy (Sweater) - best in front that ns blue door to the Rec Room to be two tiny pots. Hit lock via X double to obtain the token.

Character: Professor Binns - store climbinns ns tower and you"ll spot a huge frosting via 2 candles ~ above eitshe side. Wl ns lit candle to gain ns token.

college student In Peril: at the exceptionally optimal of the staircase, alongside ns dog painting.

Rec Room

(available indigenous moving Stairsituation Tower, use X on ns blue door)

gold Brick: You"ll require 3 bunnies come obtain right into the spinninns wheels close to the car. Usage X ~ above ns painting near the door, climate Wtogether the letter right into ns mailbox for one. Use X ~ above the heap that scrans top top top that ns bookshelf because that 2. Lastly hit ns TV ~ above ns best 4 times to obtain the critical bunny and also the yellow brick.

Red Bstack (Smain point x6): Hit the press on ns tmaybe through X, it have to Print a photo that a red box. Ins will climate appear on the table, owl ins come ns left.

Character: grandfather Mason - Hins the bobbleheADVERTISEMENT on ns right table, then hit ns Second one.

Character: Mrs Mason - Hins ns lawnmower to acquire ns token.

Character: Dudley Dursley - Hins the computer, then hit the monitor.

Dumbledores Office

(you need to finish all story levels before you have the right to walk here. Crmodify to Geckyy)

gold Brick: ideal by ns Desk ins a chest through a silver- lock.

Red Brick (Invincibility): go close to the phoenix and ns red brick will certainly appear. Owtogether ins to ns left by the door.

Character: virtually Headmuch less Nick - walk come the appropriate in ~ hit the item on ns coat rack.

Character: Professor Dumbledore (Grey) - walk up peak and also pull the heavy chain. Climate destroy every ns planetns ~ above ns spinning display. Usage Wl top top ns sortinns hat come get the token.

Character: Professor Dumbledore - go up peak and also traction the heavy chain, climate usage DM on the chesns in the area behind the desk.


(location ideal ~ leavinns the dorm hallway)

college student In Peril: usage Wtogether ~ above the publications on the left come produce platcreates up to ns hanging student, push him to conserve him.

yellow Brick: There to be 6 unlight floatinns candle in thins area. Hins lock all come disclose a yellow brick.

Character: Dorins Crockford - Tright here are 6 torchens come usage Wtogether on - and also 3 even more in the Lobby Hallway (a has actually a silver- lock on it). Use Wl on lock all come acquire the token.


(usage Ridikkulus on the boggarts chesns in ns Lobby come get ns key for thins area)

Character: Ravenclaw Girl - usage RD ~ above the lock to ns right, then Wl ns bar the end the the way. Develop the piece the come out and after a Brief little bit the token will certainly appear.

Character: Susan Bones - go to the paint close to the entrance and also hit the frosting near it. Ns fire have to journey the Human being in ns paint come the various other paint near the cauldron. Jumns ~ above the leftMost flower the shows up and also have her Ai or co-op buddy use Wl top top ins come send friend up to the token.

Library 2nd Room

(use the ageing potion in the library to gain previous ns barrier)

** Glitch Alerns - crucial **

make certain girlfriend have actually a DM character and also bother when going because that the "sorcerer’s (Red)" character token. If friend don"t, you will not have the ability to acquire the token in a go, and also as soon as you leaving and also return among ns opponents girlfriend need to death will not appear.

** Glitch Alert **

because that some factor among ns wizard hats in the bottom collectmaybe noted has a "Yellow Crest" indicator attached come ins (friend deserve to check thins yourself - attempt turning off her cremainder indicator). Ins never disappears permanently - no certain why this happens, simply disregard it.

Red Brick (Red Brick Detector): walk come the ago and also friend have to currently see the red bstack uns the bookshelf. Use Wtogether ~ above ns books and also Placed lock in the ideal spot (near same coloured books) to have actually ins fall down. Owtogether is in ns bottom right.

Character: Alicia Spinnet - use a Book character top top the cabinet to ns left. Construct the vehicle, climate usage it to journey end ns 5 publications that appear.

Character: sorcerer’s (Red) - **Glitch Alert - watch Note above** usage a DM character on ns babsence Wall surface top top ns lefns (you have the right to break ins native the ground). Death the spider, climate hop uns and usage Expecto Patronus top top the enemy, climate kill the bee. Ns barrier must disappear now. Go over and also grAbdominal the token.

college student In Peril: - go under ns appropriate platform, hins the red Publication then use B come pick it up. Make certain you"ve da ns over first, Because you"ltogether need access to the closet top top ns left side. Use a dig personality come dig the end the ladder, rise up and Placed ns mandrake in the barrel to save ns student.

gold Brick: There are 3 brvery own wizard hatns girlfriend have the right to hit. One ins top top the lefns platcreate top top the railing. Ns other is ~ above ns ago wall, close to the huge door. Ns last is top top ns best platform, top top ns bookshelf at your level.

good hall Entrance

**Keep in mind - If you"re having trouble hittinns ns banner in thins room (ns video camera keepns goinns down insteADVERTISEMENT of up), walk back to the dashboard and also change your Y-Axins from turning back come Normal **

college student In Peril: In the room right prior to the great Hall, the banner in the height left (it"ns high up) has actually a college student top top it. Knock it dvery own via magic.

yellow Brick: In enhancement to ns above banner, tbelow are 3 othair in the exact same room - 2 by the doors to the good hall and 2 through ns stairsituation you came from. Knock down all 4 because that the gold Brick.

Character: bother (Blue Shirt) - on ns best side behind the staircase. You"ll must have actually unlocked polyjuice potions to obtain back there.

Character: Witch (White) - ~ above the much lefns there ins a cabinetwork girlfriend have the right to usage DM on, open up ins because that the token.

great Hall

student In Peril: ~ above the left high uns tright here is a college student stuck in a cobweb. Use X come gain hns down.

Red Brick (personality Studs): on ns earlier of the left table tbelow is a pile the bricks, use X to turn it right into a turkey. Eventually it will certainly break and ns red bstack will appear. GrAb it and also walk come ns right to offer it come the owl.

yellow Brick: watch closely ~ above ns tables and you"ltogether spons two Green cups and also a Environment-friendly jug alongside them - tright here are 6 total. 5 ~ above ns student tables, then one at ns teachair table. Hit lock all to make ns yellow brick show up over you. Then, hins ns platens at ns end the 3 tablens come produce platcreates come go grAb it.

Character: Molly Weasley - In the earlier top top ns left ins a silver- food platter, break it with RD.

Character: Colin Creevey - exact same as above, but on the right side.

toilet Hallway

Character: Hermione (Cat) - walk to the left and also usage a Publication personality on ns tablet. Build the result Lewalk pieces through WL, climate hins ns cabinet via X.

yellow Brick: ~ above the upper path, usage RD come gain by. Climate use Wl top top ns item within the glass - have actually your Ans or co-op girlfriend move the pieces in ns way. Traction ins the end then hit it, ins will certainly rotate into a snail which will leADVERTISEMENT girlfriend come ns yellow brick.

boys Bathroom

(needs RD to access)

Red Brick (x8 Score): In ns middle, relocate ns 2 shower heads to ns shower head pipes. Climate hit every 4 shower head handle to acquire the red brick. Ns owl ins close to the door.

student In Peril: Tbelow to be 2 huge Eco-friendly stallns top top ns right. Open the left and also run in to save ns student.

Character: Madto be Hooch - top top ns appropriate alongside a Environment-friendly cabinetwork is a garbAge can, knock it over. Usage Wl ~ above ns spbeam Repaint and tans the Wall to do ns token show up.

Main great gateways

Character: Gryffindor Girl - among the characters right here will be host a personality token and also tauntinns you. Chase hns around till that goens near ns little barrel near the earlier the ns room, then usage Wtogether on the barretogether come scare hns right into dropping the token.

Character: Ernie Macmillan - Tbelow are 6 glasns itemns you must break with a mandrake (the closet ins in the top right). One ins downstairs, ns various other 5 to be upstairs past the glasns door.

yellow Brick: close to ns enntrance gate come DATDA, usage the pieces to produce a huge H. Climate usage RD on the silver component to produce a animal tunnel. Move ns area utilizing WL, climate run with it to do ns bstack appear.

Character: Hannah Abbot - There are 8 torches girlfriend can use Wl on in this area. Use it top top every one of castle and also ns token will certainly appear.

Character: Lee Jordan - on ns right, top section tright here are 3 yellow statues. Hit lock via X and ns token will show up (eventually).

Character: Millicent Bulstrode - usage DM ~ above ns crate near the DATDA classroom/office.

Charms class Corridor

student In Peril: right after ~ acquiring Wingardium Leviosa, leave ns great and also go come ns left. Carry ns apple dvery own with WL.

Charms great Left

Character: Boy - go up height and usage Wl on the books near ns window twice.

Churts Undergring location Lefns

(accessible indigenous ns left classroom, usage RD ~ above the lock near ns teacher)

**WARNINns - Tbelow is a glitch wright here girlfriend deserve to acquire grounding in thins area with no means out. Perform no try to leaving (through means of the dragon) if the Video Game ins autosaving. Alternatively, wains come Get in thins room last (carry out every little thing rather possible in Hogwarts)**

Character: Mad-Eye Moody - destroy the beige orbns close to ns dragon, then use Wtogether on the piece to fix the dragon.

college student In Peril: simply come the ideal that the dragon, the student ins stuck in a spider Net high up.

Red Bstack (additional Hearts): come the much right ins a black orb, use DM on it. Climate carry the bstack to the far left.

yellow Brick: ~ addressing the dragon, jumns close to him to go earlier up. You"ltogether gain a yellow brick because that escaping.

Charms classroom Right

Character: Girl - Hins the 4 dropping candle in the room. Two to be near ns entrance, and the other two are parallel come twater tap but up a level.

Churts Underground area appropriate

(accessible indigenous the appropriate classroom, usage an essential character in the bottom left)

Character: Professor Flitwick - go come ns appropriate and usage Riddikulus top top the bogarts chest.

student In Peril: go farther to the right close to ns exit and also the student ins stuck in some Devil"s Snare, in the reduced portion. **Thins college student isn"t in a barretogether - if you watch that student, disregard them and go earlier one room**

yellow Brick: proceed to ns Second room. Use LM on ns vinens grabbing the clegislations top top ns Wall surface come release ns yellow brick.

Red Bstack (character Token Detector): In the Second room, talk parseltongue to ns line ~ above the wall, climate usage DM to open up ns orb. Ns owl ins just to the left.

DATDA (Defense versus ns Dark Arts) Office

(This and also ns listed below section look at similar, this one is close to the huge H top top ns wall)

yellow Brick: after ~ learning RD you deserve to usage ins top top 7 silver- items in ns room. Some are held through pixies, however as a whole they"re all out in the open.

Red Brick (Quick Magic): use DM ~ above ns orb in ns back, then bring ns red bstack to ns owtogether in ns bottom left.

Character: Rtop top (Pyjamas) - usage Wtogether ~ above all 4 torches in ns room.

Character: Parvati (Ballgown) - There are 3 spider webns because that you come hit. 2 on the appropriate Wall surface and one on ns left.

DATDA Classroom

(this and also ns over area look similar, thins a is under a Environment-friendly banner)

Character: Parvati Pavil - There to be 4 blue books the will certainly fly amethod as soon as it. 2 are close to the cabinets, one is in the southern finish the ns room, and ns critical is ~ above ns stairsituation at the top. **the one top top the stairinstance is exceptionally tough to see**

Character: Ginny Weasley - Sindicate open ns DM door in ns back. Accessibility to the Pendulum row a rea ins behind it.

Character: terminal Guard - use Wtogether ~ above every 4 torches in ns room.

gear Room

(accesible native DATDA great - use ns silver- lock chest in ns back)

Red Bstack (Regenerate Hearts): Tbelow to be 5 Bogarts chests (remember, usage Riddikulus) in thins room. Ns first is best in fronns the girlfriend as soon as friend start, the following ins next to the SIns and also ins caught in a Devil"s Snare. Ns third is on ns appropriate side, break the gear to the left and use Wl to carry ns chest down. Ns 4th ins simply to ns left, held by a pixin other words for this reason use IM. Ns critical is on ns far left, gain ns potion ingredients come traction ns chain to lug the chesns down. Ns owl is just come the lefns that where ns bstack shows up.

college student In Peril: Trapped in a spider Net close to the start. Basic to see.

Character: Viktor (Tuxedo) - Tright here are 7 hanging lamps for girlfriend to hit. Ns initially 3 are close to the entrance. The next ins near the equipment mechanism girlfriend break for among the chests. Ns last 3 to be ideal after going uns ns stairinstance girlfriend built.

Character: harry (Maze Task) - Up top appropriate before ns cauldron, hins the 3 multicoloured banner in ns backgring for thins one to pop up.

Pendulum Row

(obtainable native DATDA class - open the DM door in the back)

Character: Draco Malfoy - usage im ~ above all the pixiens holdinns on to the pendulums.

Character: Professor Quirrell - go to ns lower area (dvery own the stairs) and also tracity throughout come discover ns token.

yellow Brick: walk ideal native the above token and also usage im top top ns pixiens to punch ns chest down.

Potion Classroom

Character: Jusbelieve Finch-Fletchley - In the Main storyline, you"ltogether need to walk here to Find Out around the polyjuice cream potion. When you do it, you"ltogether get the character.

Potions great - next location

to gain up to ns top, you"ltogether should usage 3 tricks on the door on ns right. You"ltogether require a Hufflepuff personality for ns portrait top top the left, a Publication personality because that ns cabinet on the right, and also a character via an essential come turn ns snake in the middle. One you"ve gained all 3 unlocked girlfriend deserve to usage ns stackinns bricks come obtain to ns higher section.

Red Brick (Smain point x10): ~ above ns right side in Plain view. Ns owl ins simply throughout indigenous ns gate.

gold Brick: In the Center behind a ageing barrier. Friend deserve to usage the aginns potion in ns various other room.

Character: Professor Snape - top top ns far left in a chest.

Transfiguratitop top class next Area

(demands RD to access)

yellow Brick: usage ns transforming spell (red on the spell wheel) come turn ns dummies into animals. You"ltogether need to do ins 3 time sensibly easily for every lanemethod (you have the right to view the checkmarkns above the cages). Ns yellow brick will appear in the middle.

Character: Professor McGonagall - perform ns above and also this token will certainly likewise appear.

Character: Fred Weasley - Behind the chalkboard.

Garden Courtyard

Character: Oliver Wood - find the location for every ns potion ingredients. Then usage ns stamina medicine ~ above the hefty chain. Use a boomstrick come fly with all the hoopns the appear, and the token will show uns in the middle.

Divination Classroom

Character: Professor Trelawney - usage an essential character to open ns vault in the ago of ns room.

Character: Hermione (Blue Top) - right beside ns above vault, use DM ~ above ns cabinet.

spring Courtyard

student In Peril: on ns left you"ltogether view part students bullyinns somea with magic. Usage her very own magic against them to scare castle off.

Character: Hufflepuff Boy - Hop in ns closet on the lefns come get a pwait of earmuffns (if you"ve da the Herbology lesson), climate grAb ns mandrake ~ above the right side. Operation around through it smash the little glasns cases. 4 to be out in the open, while one is concealed farther down ns hallmeans ns closesns is in.

Red Bstack (collect Ghold Studs): damage all ns statues roughly ns fountain, then usage Wl on ns knighns armor come construct it. The owl is at the back.

gold Brick: usage DM top top ns babsence knighns armor best alongside the owl. GrAbdominal muscle ns broomsmite and also grAbdominal muscle eextremely blue stud the appears. In ~ ns finish that the path ns yellow brick will appear.

Character: Ravenclaw Prefect - after getting ns red bstack above, usage RD on the silver knight armour in the fountain. Then grAbdominal muscle ns bouncinns plunger and also use it to clean up the yelshort puddles. The token will certainly show up in ns fountain.

Clock Tower

**IMPORTANT - according to ZER0SUPERMAN, do certain friend gain ns yellow Bstack in this area prior to connecting with ns Parseltongue door - thins need to protect against the famous glitch where the gold Bstack doesn"t appear**

college student In Peril: There"ns a college student stuck in a spider Net right by ns entrance.

Red Brick (Score x2): Tbelow to be 4 pedestalns through a chest top top eitshe side. Open ns chestns climate arselection ns relocating clocks through Wtogether (match ns colours). Take the red bstack come the earlier of ns room to find ns owl.

yellow Brick: **Glitch Alert - This bstack has actually been reported come simply no show up because that part people, examine ns Keep in mind above** go to the appropriate and also hins ns painting. Climate grAb ns purplegear and Put it by the various other gears. The bell will then drons a yellow brick.

Character: Verntop top Dursley - walk to the peak location climate usage a parseltongue to talk come ns snake ~ above the left. A snake will certainly grAb one egg then get grounding in a hole, hit hins taitogether and the token will certainly appear.

(TT) Character: Milkman - simply come ns left that girlfriend once you Enter the Tns version.

(TT) Character: Madto be Rosmerta - In the optimal area, to ns best is a Book cabinet. Use RD climate usage a Publication character.

(TT) yellow Brick: top top ns left, hins the painting to gain some piece to add come the clock. ~ above ns right, carry out the above personality to gain some more pieces. Use Wl top top the clock, and also you"ltogether obtain ns brick.

little Courtyard

(friend start Year 2 in this area)

Character: Angelina Johnson - operation around the outer rns of this location and also hit allthe torchens via X. Ns token will certainly appear in the middle.

Character: Hufflepuff Prefect - usage ns on the pixies come gain ns chest, open up it to obtain some stackinns pieces. Usage them to grAb the character token in the air.

Character: Slytherin Prefect - usage DM ~ above the crate, then Wl ns seeds and also waterinns deserve to come gain a lifns up to the token.


(obtainable off small Courtgarden - acquire ns key indigenous the brvery own object in the bottom left)

Character: Hermione (Grey Hooded Top) - usage Wtogether on the bridge item ~ above the ground, ins will fly around climate do a course approximately the token on the right.

college student In Peril: go near ns earlier Wall and also tright here to be 2 owls holdinns a scroll. They"ltogether open it come relax the student.

gold Brick: relocate as much as the Second level, then use Wl on ns feather come tickle ns painting. Wl ns brickns that appear and also you"ltogether obtain the brick.

Character: Cho Chang - There are 3 documents friend have to Put on the document ins in the open, a ins in the silver chest, and the hard come view a ins in one of the brown cabinet - girlfriend deserve to usage Wl on it.

(TT) student In Peril: He"ns best in the Middle grounding in a pipe. Usage X come free him.

(TT) Character: Barty Crouch Senior - usage RD then Wl top top the cabinetwork come the right. Construct the plunger vehicle, climate use it to cskinny all 5 bird droppings top top ns floor.

(TT) gold Brick: Tright here to be 3 piece that maitogether top top ns floor, enhance your colour to the slots top top ns wall. Owls will certainly traction castle the end and also you"ltogether get ns brick.

(TT) Red Brick (yellow Brick Detector): relocate as much as ns 2nd floor, use Wl come solve the camera, then usage Wl top top ns red bstack in ns video ~ above ns wall. Owtogether ins next to ns camera.

(TT) Character: Hermion (Hogwarts) - Hins the Green point on the desk, then Wl the bricks girlfriend get to deal with the record player.

Quidditch Training area

Character: take care of (Quidditch) - Tright here to be 5 destruction spots spreAD the end on ns field friend have to destruction up. Simple to find lock all. Polyjuice impacts to be unda as soon as friend enter, so usage Crookshankns as Hermione (got in Year 3).

Character: Viktor (Dragtop top Task) - Hit the chesns through RD to open it, climate grAbdominal a broomsmite and fly with all the hoops.

gold Brick: Doing the over will certainly likewise do a yellow brick appear. Yay!

Herbology Classroom

gold Brick: In the earlier of ns room, jump native ns tree to ns peak the the warddrobe. Then jump come ns gold bstack that"s floating above.

Herbology 2nd Room

(use RD in the classroom, close to the earlier - there"s a door on ns right, not ns substantial brvery own door in ~ the end)

Character: Fleur Delacour - There"s a chesns in Plain vision in between the two rooms, use RD.

student In Peril: Gather the ingredient because that ns strength potion, climate traction ns chain come complimentary ns student.

Red Brick (singing Mandrake): after doinns ns over SIp girlfriend can make a staircase come the top portion. Carry every the mandrakes up and Put them in ns pots come acquire ns brick. Owtogether is in ns bottom left.

Garden Dome

(continue past the Herbology Second Room insteAD of going inside)

Character: Drummer - walk uns peak and usage Riddikulus ~ above ns bogart.

Character: Professor Sprout - GrAbdominal muscle some earmuffns and acquire ns mandrake. There to be 5 glass items for you to destroy, every straightforward to discover in this small area.

Lobthrough Hallway

Character: Madto be Pince -Tright here to be 3 panelns top top ns Wall surface friend can hit via X. 2 ~ above ns right, and also one on ns lefns with a silver- lock end it.

Character: Doris Crockford - 3 of ns 9 torches because that this character to be in thins hallmethod (a behind a silver lock). Ns various other 6 to be back in the Lobby.

external HogwartsHagridns Hut

gold Brick: close to ns center of this location you"ll check out A rock platform. You have to use LS/Wl come lift uns three rock slabs, climate use Wtogether ~ above the brooms to clean lock off. The yellow brick will climate show up ~ above the platform.

college student In Peril: outside near Hagrids Hut, on ns best next you"ltogether check out a student in a Devil"ns Snare. Use Lumons Solem to totally free him.

Red Bstack (Rapid Dig): ~ above the route towards the quidditch field tright here to be a few see-via Lego discs. Use Wl that castle come produce a raincloud, then usage Wtogether come relocate ns rain caccording to lefns and best to develop 4 flower patches. Use Wl aget on each spot and the red brick will appear. Bring earlier to ns enntrance gate that thins area and offer it come the owtogether come unlock it.

Character: Percy Weasley - Tbelow to be 4 carrotns stuck in the ground approximately this area. Use Wl come bring them every up.

Character: Ginny (Cardigan) - usage ns on ns pixies near ns enntrance gate to get a flying pumpkin vehicle, then optimal that the hiltogether to cost-free a rocket. Usage X on ns rocket and ins will certainly paris off and also ns personality token will certainly appear. Usage ns paris pumpkin (use A to go up) come go grAb it.

Character: Viktor Krum - exact same together above, yet you"ltogether need to usage DM on ns Second rocket.

Character: Cedric (Lake Task) - after obtaining the Ginny (Cardigan) token, cons back later and ns rocket will certainly be tright here again, thins time through silver- locks. Usage RD and also then paris up and grAb it.

Hagrids Garden

Character: R~ above (Brvery own Jacket) - There are 3 mushrooms you deserve to use Wtogether top top in thins area, ~ i m sorry the token will certainly appear.

student In Peril: as friend to be establishing up all the food, you"ltogether be able to use Wtogether ~ above a basket. A student within will thheat a particle out. Hins ns seed come do it a pumpkin, then use Wtogether on ins come "save" him. **part human being just seem to miss out on this one. Do not simply leave it if friend thoctopus you"re done through it, if girlfriend execute it appropriate the basket will fly amethod - that"s once ins countns together being a conserved student**

gold Brick: after goinns to the garden and doinns every ns tasks to cure Ron, leaving and come earlier later. Ns yellow Brick have to be near/over the cauldron.

**thanks Wolfe_CH for confirmation**

Character: Amos Diggory - walk the best and use RD ~ above ns chest, then Riddikulus top top ns boggart.

(TT) Character: Petunia Dursley - on ns far best ins a destruction spot, dig ins come acquire ns token.

(TT) Character: Gilderoy Lockharts (Eco-friendly Jacket) - walk come ns far lefns and use RD top top the lock, then hins the axe come obtain ns token.

(TT) college student In Peril: ~ above the right tbelow ins a student grounding under a pumpkin, hins ins come conserve him.

(TT) yellow Brick: move ns heADVERTISEMENT to the scarecrow, then dig ns gring and also ruin ns pumpkins. Traction the chain, climate do the fireplace. Lastly, Put ns egg in ns fireplace and also the yellow bstack will appear.


college student In Peril: quit the crates, then Wtogether ns pieces come do a dock for ns student.

Character: Ron (Tuxedo) - perform the over SIP, and the token will appear top top ns dock.

yellow Brick: usage Wtogether top top ns fishing pole to obtain part frogns in the water. Ride one and take it through the 2 poles in ns water - another 2 will certainly appear, just save following them until the gold bstack pops up.

Character: Bassist - save whacking ns moles that come uns till a personality token appears.

Quidditch area Entrance

college student In Peril: exterior ~ above ns left tright here ins a student grounding top top a billboard. Use Wl ~ above ns rolling up tapestry come do a trampoline because that hns to jumns into.

Character: Padma Patil - There to be 4 Slytherin (green) flagpolens in this area. Use Wl come do the flagns go uns and the token will appear.

Character: Katin other words Bell - exact same idea together above, except it"s 5 Gryffindor (red) flagpoles.

yellow Brick: through ns time tbelow ins a bench that friend have the right to use Wl on. Jumns ~ above and have her Ai or co-ons buddy lifns you up. Run alengthy ns tent and use Wl ~ above the ball grounding in a little thingy on ns left. It will role dvery own and the gold Bstack will certainly appear.

Character: Ravencregulation Boy - ~ above ns ideal side tbelow is a popcorn stand also through students in fronns that it. Wl all ns corn stalks around ins and a bunch of studs will certainly drop, and then the character token.

(TT) Character: George (Quidditch) - go come the ideal and also use ns destruction spot, climate Wl to do a sun/cloud. Then usage Wtogether top top both setns the corn sspeak to obtain ns token.

(TT) yellow Brick: usage ns dig spot, climate usage Wtogether a few times come do the band also pplace and also acquire the brick.

(TT) student In Peril: walk near the tent and also use RD top top ns chest come save ns student.

(TT) Red Brick (Stud Magnet): go over to ns far right near the huge ice block. Usage Wl top top ns hammer and also chisel, then move it roughly the block come release ns brick. Ns owl ins ~ above the left near the instruments.

Diag~ above Alley

gold Brick (4 total): usage RD top top the lock in ns pub, then walk downstairs. Tbelow are 4 statuens to build, a because that each year. Because that each year, you have to save every the SIPs, obtain True Wizard, and finish every home Crests come have the ability to construct the statue.

Character: Hermion (sphere Gown) - In Madto be Malkin"s Robes, use Wl on ns shirtns close to the apparel racks.

Character: take care of (Tuxedo) - In ns earlier the Madto be Malkin"s Robes, walk close to the best curtain come open it. Ns Human being within will certainly drop ns token.

yellow Brick: **Glitch Alerns - because that some factor this brick may be invisible. It"ns close to ns shop owner. ** inside Eelops Owl Emporium, stop ns itemns ~ above ns left and also do a sweeevery vehicle. Jump top top and also clear every ns dust turn off ns floors. Ns yellow brick will climate appear. ** sweep favor CRAZY. Also if you think you"ve brushed up eextremely single inch, store sweeping. You have to get ins eventually. Look at closely ~ above the gring and sweep over ever single patch of dusns until lock all disappear**

yellow Bstack (12 total): girlfriend deserve to purchase 12 gold brickns native Eelopns Owtogether Emporium. Full price is 6.6 milli~ above studs.

Knockrotate Alley

(requires RD to access)

Character: Igor Karkaroff - after passong under the walkmeans via ns token ~ above it, use Wtogether top top ns planks to do a staircase to it.

Character: ns Bloody Baron - Jump ~ above ns cart that the over pink were sit on, climate targain ns carts using X come punch friend into ns token.

Character: Shifty Wizard - proceed dvery own the route and also tright here will certainly be a chest on a table. Usage X ~ above ns chesns and ns tmay be will relocate come boz friend approximately ns token.

yellow Brick: within Borgin & Burkes, it"ns ideal behind ns Key desk.

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Character: mr Voldemort - after ~ collectinns every 200 gold Bricks, walk come Borgin & Burkes and build the golden doorway. Go inside because that the bonuns level. You"ll get ns character appropriate away, yet you"ll should beat the level for %100.