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episode 153: foot indigenous here come Homeworld

native ns start, their dynamic approximately Stalso is in heat via just how we’ve always seen lock act. Blue is overbearing with a tendernesns the may it seems ~ sweens top top the surface, but she pressures everya to cry once she criens and also gives affectitop top ~ above she own particular terms. Yelshort is far even more blunt, chastising Blue because that spreading those tears and berating Steven via questions. This it's okay us with the first lzb that exposition that refreshe is us top top ns tidal wave the status quo changes in the past Couple of episodes: Poctopus secretly became increased that publicly became Steven’ns mom, yet the Diamonds have no idea the what any kind of the that suggests for this reason castle store ,misnaming him. Stalso is offered to enemies callinns hns Rose, for this reason because that currently we’re at a microaggressi~ above stEra that misnaming, yet thins shortly solidifiens itself as a structure the Steven Universe’s final arc.

as we go end ns bullet points, Blue asks exactly how Stalso made it through in their last attack hundreds of year ago, top us nicely come ours first establishing shift. This display has constantly to be great in ~ utilizing explace come characterize ours leads, and also thank goodnesns for that Since currently it’s tins to exposit also more around corruption! It’s been simply end sixty illustration Due to the fact that Monster Reunion, which itme was practically sixty episodes after ~ Monster Buddies, yet the Centipeetle has actually been via us native the incredibly initially episode. The progression the Steven’s empayour because that thins former foe has actually indeveloped his levetogether of maturity eextremely time us check in, and currently it pays off in a significant way together he reaches a point wbelow he’s willing come walk to Homecivilization and also face hins biggest difficulty yet to cure her.

Yellow and also Blue’ns differences to be highlighted aobtain together we confirm ns scope of your powers. Yellow’s doKey is the physics form, i m sorry has actually till now has shown up in dismantlinns Gems’ forms through she lightning. It fits best in through she duty together the Many straightfront Diamond: Yelshort alone provides no initiative to even feign pleasantness, and is the worsns at putting uns a front come hide her inside pain, therefore wcap girlfriend check out is wcap you get. Blue’s doMain is emotional, i m sorry till currently has actually materialized in spreading sorrow come eincredibly Gem roughly her. Choose her sister, thins mirrors she personality perfectly: together Yellow’ns inverse, sthe doesn’ns attempt come Put up a fronns come hide she inner pain, yet sthat masks she tyrannical impulsens with a satisfied facade.

We’ve checked out glimpsens that a 4th Diamond for ages by now, a huge Among giantns looming end the series. The vivid music accompanyinns Nephrite’s reharbor (which mirrors Loyalty come her leader also ~ millennia of suffering) devolves right into brutal electronic tremors together Blue and Yellow retract their hands, climate quietns as Yelshort blames Stalso Psquid for makinns lock “ruin” ns gems top top Earth and Blue defend Steven Psquid while staying just together insensitive. Climbed Quartz’ns string fight earlier as Stalso needs lock attempt again, yet ~ Yellow says ins would take it every 4 the them, the digital rumblinns explodens as sthat drops the name that our final foe.

This disclose does for this reason a lot because that the Diamonds and also the crystal gems alike. Both groups have actually reason come fear ns Gem Matriarch, i m sorry us view in Blue’s dreAD and ns surviving rebels’ horror. Still, the Diamondns casuallied introduce your originator as White, while Pearl calls her White Diamond, a contrast that’ns soon used because that perspecti have as Pearl describes that sthat isn’ns prefer continuous jewel or the other Diamonds. We’ltogether shortly check out just how true this evaluate is, but initially us require a ship.

the sweecheck minute that the episode come through one more gag, as Stalso doofily pilots ns legship. Ns Diamonds are still jerks, shock that shocks, but Pearl helps him in a means the evokes maternal love even more than subservience. While the Diamonds’ insistence the he’ns Pink Diamond fuels Most the the drama from thins arc, Peartogether offers ns first that many kind of tiny reminderns that also if Steven isn’ns Pink, he’s stiltogether comparable to Pink, and also that that’s okay. Sthat wtogether a complex person, and also a also even more facility mother figure, but In spite of ns worsns the her actions, Steven’ns existence regift ns finest that her.

we don’ns linger on ns shins for long, but it’ns enough come provide Yelshort the exact same piece that decency we’ve checked out in that will be every and the Trial. Ns can’t emphadimension exactly how small of a piece it is, together it’s surrounding through she normal imperious abuse, however after ~ even more that the exact same haranguing we’ve gotten throughout ns episode, she suggests speaking top top Steven’s behalf together his best option against White Diamond’ns punishment. Even if it’s a tiny gesture, also if it’s laced via a self-serving element, i love that us check out for this reason many clues that sthat does treatment about she sisters in she own broken way. Ins doesn’t abdeal with her of the Horrible method sthe treatns them, however us need somepoint more 보다 unending disdain because that readjust your psychic come work for she as well as it works for ns even more obvioucracked complex Blue.

the ship ins wright here Stalso it's okay his last warnings around White, but considerinns this is a son who’ns spent ns whole series approximately thins suggest finding out ns power the talking the end differences, there’s no reason because that him come doubt she’d be any more impossible to revery than, say, a huge sentienns mass the Gem Shardns deep beneath ns Earth. Therefore once castle land ~ above ns wrong Homepeople come perfect organized applause, the of food seens it as a great sign quite than a red flag. This arc ins all about chipping amethod at the hope, so it’ns necessary that he starts through such high expectations.

every little thing happen for this reason Fast the there’s badepend any kind of time to theorize why ns peartogether sounds so various prior to hear the very same voice indigenous White Diamond, a dazzling colossuns wwater tap figure pipeline more concerns than answers. Pearl’s assessment by Nephrite’ns shins appears deAD on: thins Gem is like nohuman body we’ve mens before, seeminns to run top top an additional plane the knowledge as she blithely cuts turn off Steven’ns attempts come connect and sends hns on hins way. Between anticipatinns hins arrival on Homepeople and also currently knowing he has Psquid Diamond’s gem, she tasks a sense of omniscience the blend through her stature to develop the impressi~ above of a being that’s much less a tyrant than a god.

Still, White contains every colors, and as the root of the rot us can currently watch just how she domineering mindset ins reflected in Yellow, and also just how she veneer the kindnesns ins reflected in Blue. But it’ns more difficult come watch anything that Poctopus in her because that now, Since again, Psquid and also White to be oppositens in the exact same method Blue and Yelshort are. White represents pure authority come Pink’s rebetogether soul, ns stimulate of consistency to ns chaons of change, ns singles Almighty Tallesns to a more serious yet just together unsuccessful Invader Zim.

Christine Ebersole, the 3rd stEra veterone come voice cream a Diamond, leaves a distinguishable impression as both White Diamond and also she pearl, send a almost flippant feeling that control. Wcap could come across as rudeness native a smaller sized voice cream transcend ns Human being principle that gift impolite; it’s therefore obvious to she the she indigenous ins legislation that there’ns no reason to it is registered wcap anybody rather has to say. Still, the staging itself improves just how jarring this demeano one is come a son choose Steven, through ns cam concentrating ~ above pieces the she face together sthat speaks yet cut come a identical swarm the Stalso at her feens whenever she interruptns him.

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ns Many frightening part ins the because that all she obvious knowledge, she’s As with ns other Diamondns in her presumption the Steven ins Pink. It’s bADVERTISEMENT enough that Blue and also Yelshort have this mindset, but White is for this reason clearly characterized by a impossible levetogether that awareness and also power, therefore assured the her own perfection, that the best expect the she seeing Stalso because that who he ins has actually already been dashed. If that can’ns get a word in now, there’s no method he’ltogether be able to convince her that that he is, lens alone to convince she to perform anything else, by standard means.

We’re the one, we’re the ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

foot indigenous here to Homepeople have to feeling like an overstuffed mess, however ns don’ns simply great great it ~ above the curve. Fortunately, also exterior of this success ins excelns in ~ transitioninns our characters, setting, and also tone come wright here castle have to be for the Original show’s conclusion.

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