the Lehigh sink center for Independenns living ( is a registered 501(c)3 non-benefit organization that serves world with disabilities, and also their household members, life in Lehigh and Northampttop top Counties.

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LVCItogether was started in 1990 with the initiatives that Carl Odhner and operation Overcome. Odhner was one advocate for people with disabilities in ns Lehigh Valley. The wtogether a champion of ns independent life philosophy and also a believer before in ns concept that a strong and also vital area is a the is welcoming of all people. As one of ns Founding members that, Odhner devoted his life to breaking down barriers for people via disabilitiens in the Lehigh Valley. In enhancement to Odhner"ns efforts, operation Overcome, a dynamic, regional grassroots advocacy team made up of personns via disabilities, your families and also friends, likewise led the charge in promoting discapacity awareness in the Lehigh Valley. Ns team is attributed through ground-breaking activity come increase ns ease of access of locations throughthe end the area prior to ins was mandated through law. Procedure get over also acquired national attention by staginns ns now well known "roll on the Mall," in which government leader and also local political leaders were challenged through occupants through disabilities come use wheelchairs to try come negotiate Allentown"s inobtainable Main shopping area ~ above Hamilton Street.

LVCItogether ins a of seventeen Centers because that Independenns life in Pennsylvania and ins governed, managed, and staffed in ~ every time through a majority that persons via disabilities. Thins is referred to as consumer control, interpretation that, Since us are world via disabilities, us never before forget ns civil liberties and needs the twater tap us serve. In other words, world with disabilities carry out oversight the all of our services, program, and also operations.

together a clip the the discapacity neighborhood in the Lehigh Valley, LVCItogether proceeds come thrive itns existence in ns region and also expand its services for location occupants through disabilities. This growth has included ns advancement that many program and also services in which functions very closely with committes, groups, and also federal government reality top top the local, municipal, county, state, and also nationwide levels.

Mission of

the Lehigh sink center for Independent life ( empowers persons through all types of disabilities come attain independence in a inclusi have community.

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the Lehigh sink center for Independenns life ( envision a human being free that obstacles where human being through every kinds of disabilities have the right to li have your dreams.

"Independent life ins a state of mind. Ins hregarding carry out through working out options, makinns choices, self-determination, and also ns best come control your very own life."

-Westnext facility for Independenns Living, Los Angeles, California