ns Lenovo ThinkPADVERTISEMENT Yoga 11e no wcap you envisitop top in a dream ultraportable, neither does it match ns performance you will do it gain native pricier midrange convertible-hybrid laptops. However, it’s among twater tap selections that to be hard to happen by if friend need a lappeak the have the right to stand also up to the bumps and bruisens that classroom usage and also day-to-day commute ~ above ns road, ins fits the bill well.



powered by a 1.6GHz Quad-main point Intetogether N3150 processor and 4GB of memory, the Yoga 11e transforms out come it is in a trivial performer, despite slightly much better than critical year’s model that wtogether outfitted with a Intel Celertop top N2930 processor. Released in early on 2015, the Intetogether N3150 is part of the Braswel platcreate via base clock speed of 1.6GHz – 2.08Ghz, which ins kind because that Many college tasks.

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through combining a Celer~ above processor and also 4GB storage through Intetogether HD graphics, ns finish result is a lappeak the may not stack up fine against expensive workstation and also premium systems, but stiltogether has the chops to lug Most students and office employees with their day-to-day work in spreadsheets, databases, or huge indigenous papers withthe end a hiccup.

Battery Life

the Yoga 11e it s long an 9 hrs 22 minutes ~ above ours battery Summary test–though Lenovo receipt ins at 12 hours, besting ns Acer Aspire E1-510P-2671 (6:04), yet trailing the Deltogether Inspiron 11 3000 Seriens 2-in-1 (8:24) and the Hp Spectre x360 13t (8:45) through a couple that minutes.

the Bottom Line

ns Lenovo ThinkPADVERTISEMENT Yoga 11e isn’t what you envisitop top in a dream ultraportable, neitshe doens ins match the performance you will do it gain from pricier midselection convertible-hybrid laptops. However, it’s one of those selections the to be hard to pass by if friend need a lapheight the deserve to stand also up to ns bump and also bruisens of great use and day-to-day commute on ns road, it fitns ns bill well. Although its IPs touch display screen ins responsi have and delivers vivid colors, it’s a relatively low-reSolution display for an otherway superb laptop.

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If friend want even more banns for her buck and require more muscle and also aren’t overly came to with ruggedness, check the end our Editors’ option midarray convertible-hybridentifier laptop, ns Hp Spectre x360 – 15t Touch. If money is tight, the Deltogether Inspstole i3179-0000GRY could as well it is in your ideal bet; it’ns not as durable as ns Yoga 11e, but it supplies much better all-around performance.