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the Liar’ns Dictionary is one enormoucracked charminns novel around placing the human being right into words. Itns two logophilic heroes, separated through a century, are i can not forget characters; i love spending time via these word-curious creations. You’ll it is in utterly transported by this playful and seriously funny book.” — john Francisconi, mcnally Jackkid City Point, Brooklyn, NY

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about the Author

ELEY WILLIAMns is a Fellow of the imperial society the Literature. She ins the author of Attrib. And various other Stories, and her occupational has appeared in ns Penguin Publication the ns modern british Brief Story, Liberating the Canon, ns times literature Supplement, and Lond~ above review the Books. Sthat lives in London.

Praise For…

one of NPR"s best books the the YEAR • Winside that the Betty Trasking Award • Shortlisted for the Desmond Elliotns Prize “girlfriend wouldn’ns expect a comic novetogether about a Dictionary to be a thriller too, but this one is. In fact, Eley Williams’ns hilarious new book, ns Liar’ns Dictionary, is additionally a mystery, love story (two the them) and cliffhanginns melodrama. . . . A thoughtful inquiry right into truth and meaning.” —the brand-new York times Book Review   “one audacious, idiosyncratic dual love story about just how languPeriod and also civilization crossing and connect, and around how far we"ll go to save what we"re passionate about…Showsituations a Delight in languAge that evokens both Nabokov and—even more on suggest via itns mix of playfulness, profundity, warmth, and heart—Alns Smith.” —NPR "Delightful. . . . Underneath thins novel’s very bookish secret is the concept that our idreality to be together improvisatory together ns words us afsettle come them, and also the also the dictionary, ns Many watch stassist and also impartial arbiter that truth, is an ‘unreputable narrator.""—ns Wall surface Street Journal"A happy paean come lexicology. . . . Although ns Publication abounds in dramatic incident, its Key focus, favor the characters’, is not action yet words, and also "ns transdevelopmental power that Appropriate attention passist come little things.""—ns brand-new Yorker"“ resembles a bonsans tree—compact, wizened and also funny. It’s about fricativens and also collection and Latin and also love; it’s about update ns definitions that words like "dyke," "teabag" and "marriage." . . . Plot is no why a reader must pertained to ns Liar’ns Dictionary. A viewpoints it insteAD for highly fee neurotic cases and because that Williams’ns adept word-geekery. She esotericism is always top top cheerful display." —ns brand-new York Times"ns Liar’ns Dictionary ins ns Book ns wtogether longing for. So eudaemonical, so felicific and also habile! A harlequinade of cachinnation! It"ns hilariouns and smarts and also charminns and ns loved it. ReADVERTISEMENT it. It’s the Publication you’re longinns for."—Anattracted Sean Greer, 2018 Pulitzer compensation winside for Less"a immore than likely enchanting, rollicking novetogether about 2 generations that put-~ above Lond~ above lexicographers, ns Liar"ns Dictionary is positively intoxicated with ns Pleasure and wonder that language, both yes, really and, frequently hilariously, counterfeit, and ns have the right to ascertain you that it"ns fairly ns contact high. Eley Williamns bring erudititop top and also playfulness—and also lover sweetness—come eexceptionally page." —Benjamin Dreyer, new York times bestselling writer that Dreyer"ns English "A virtuoso power complete the charm. . . . It"s simultaneously a love story, a office cream comedy, a sleuth mystery and a part the gaslit late Victoriana...the Liar"ns Thesaurus is a glorious novel—a perfect crafted investigation the ours capacity to define wordns and their strength come define us."—the Guardian"perfectly calibrated. . . . Because that a novetogether as finely tuned as this, to leaving one via a sense the ns intoxicatinns hopefulness the possibility ins its best accomplishment in a competiti have field.”—Lons Angelens evaluation the books “madness funny. . . . If friend love words and also ns mysteries behind them, then you’ll most likely enJoy this book.” —ns Maine sheet (Bangor)“I’ve lost my heart come the Liar’s Dictionary. . . . A fAbdominal muscle Tale because that lovers the languAge and also mystery.” —Kathello Wolfe, Washingttop top Blade" incisi have meditatitop top top top language. . . . Williams interrogates the charged nexuns wright here languPeriod "meets" Human experience."—Chicago review the Books "Comically inventive.ns author combine a Nabokovia love that wordpput through a Alns Smith–choose capability to develop eccentric personalities that will take it uns long-term residence in ns reader’ns heart.

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This is a slim Happiness for indigenous lovers." —Publisher"s Weekly
(starred)"one imaginative, funny, attractive novel...Williams has produced a supremely entertaininns and edifyinns meditatitop top ~ above how languAge documents and mirrors exactly how us watch ns world, and what we great ins could be." —BookPage"A amazing novel...Original and also regularly incredibly funny, ns Liar’s Dictionary is a offbeat expedition that both the delamp that languEra and also itns limitations."Sunjob times (UK)“Defns and clever, refreshinns and also rewarding. . . . A assured and satisfyinns writer, she languEra affluent and detailed and also her personalities rounded sufficient come be forgiveness and lampoonisns enough to it is in terribly funny.” —literature review (London)

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