illustration 2: Rules

This episode will take girlfriend approximately 2-3 hours come play through and tbelow are 6 collectables come pick uns throughout elalso chapters. To start ns episode, pick proceed from the Key menu.

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a video showing all collectable locations withthe end story spoiler has to be provided below:

video tape by AchievementSquad

chapter 1 – Younns Apprentice

Tbelow ins one collectmay be within thins chapter.

~ the opened cutstep friend will it is in introduced come a new Game mechanic; friend deserve to asking Daneil to use hins strength come communicate with an item through holding once ns large blue arrowhead is displayed, then push .

perform this via a number of that ns rockns along the river sheet (and also top top the much bank), mushroom ns dons and also ns shootinns variety on ns tree stump and also ask Daniel to lifns them. ~ practising via ns shootinns range, Sean will pick uns a snowball to thheat at/roughly Daniel. Thheat the snowball double through

come end the exercise session.

before headinns earlier to the cabin, girlfriend need to fill up ns water canteens. Go come the wooden pontoon and questioning because that assist () to fill them. Daneil will cons and also aid you. After filling ns canteens, walk front uns ns snowy hiltogether to see a creepy two-headed snowman to the lefns that the cabin. Behind ns snowman ins a tree in which you will discover her initially collectable:

come gain it, look at ins when with and also then asking Daneil come lift it out the the tree through and also . After Daniel lifts ins the end the the tree, walk end come package and inspect ins with . As soon as you’ve choose up ns sticker you’ll earn:

ago in Timefind optional collectible #1 in episode 2

3 guides

friend can now heAD inside and also proceed ns chapter, but tbelow to be a couple the things girlfriend can interact with outside prior to heading in:

*** Spoiler - click come expose ***

A smite in front the the cabin – pput bring through Mushroomtalk about the scarry snowmale with Daniela couple the small pet traps roughly the cabinns animal burheat behind the snowman

as soon as you"ve finished outside, go in through the slide door and also into the cabin.

currently you’ltogether need to acquire a couple of things Together to construct a fire in the hardwood stove and do dinner. Tbelow to be a number of things friend can communicate with in ~ various points:

*** Spoiler - click come reveal ***

Reto fill Mushroom’ns bowlafter lighting ns fire, talk about the raccoon on the table external through Danielafter grabbinns ns believe of food, talk about the chalkplank through Daniel~ putting the food top top the stove, you can tevery () mushroom

Firstly, Get in the bedroom and also find via Sean’s stuff to discover a lighter. Take it ns lighter, Get in the toilet and also include water come ns container ~ above the bath. Walk come the wood cooktop in the living room and do a fire (). GrAbdominal muscle part food native ns peak shelf in the kitchen and also grAbdominal muscle a clean pa from the bathtub. Go back come the food in the kitchen and also prepare ns enjoy the meal ().

when that cooks, friend have the right to walk outside come attract by interacting with the sliding door and earn one more achievement. When you’re sat down, organize come observe and also climate wiggle (

) come draw. Once you’ve finished your first ring that drawing you have the right to either continue the illustration or stand also up, earning:

attract ns linestart any type of drawing in illustration 2

3 guides

walk back within and also serve ns enjoy the meal ~ above ns stove. Watch ns cutstep to finish ns chapter.

chapter 2 – Ship, Captain, Crew

There are no collectables wislim thins chapter.

~ the cutscene, friend will certainly still be in ns cabin but ins will certainly be later on in ns evening. Go into ns bedroom and also search Sean’s stuff ~ above the top that ns chest the drawers. Seone will speak to out come Daniel and also asking hns wbelow the Placed the map, ~ i m sorry Daneil will tell you it’s in hins tent. Search ‘Daniel’s lair’ and move () mushroom. He won’t move for this reason you’ltogether need to asking because that Daniel’ns help via . Pick uns ns map top top ns appropriate hand side and heADVERTISEMENT earlier come Daniel.

place the mans on ns tmaybe () and also ~ ns cutstep it’s tins come play a Video Game through Daniel. The ans the the Video Game is to gain Together a ship, captain and crew, and then come acquire together a lot treasure together friend can. Ns Human being via ns Most treacertain winns the game. Girlfriend need to perform this in three dice cream throws, in i beg your pardon you role numerous dice cream at once. Girlfriend have to role a 6 because that a ship, 5 for a captain and 4 for a crew. You can’t have actually a captain without a ship or a crew withthe end a captain. When you’re all set come start, roll the dice cream through . ~ you’ve finimelted the Game you can decision come pplace aget or speak to ins a night, and also if you won friend deserve to decide what to attract top top Daniel’ns backpack.

thing 3 – rule or Might

There are no collectablens wislim this chapter.

once the thing begins, girlfriend will certainly need to gatshe your stuff With Each Other before leaving. Get in ns bedroom and also Sea will certainly speak to Daniel. Enter ns restroom and also refill the water canteens () from the container by ns sink. Add ns canteenagers to ns bag top top the table in the living room and also heADVERTISEMENT exterior come watch because that Daniel. Turn come the appropriate and also folshort ns trail behind the snowman towards the collapse tree blockinns the path. Crawtogether under the tree and walk forward to pick uns ns bandana. Watch ns cutscene and also do a decision to end ns chapter.

chapter 4 – ns RoADVERTISEMENT to Beaver Creek

Tbelow to be no collectables wislim this chapter, which is composed the cutscene complying with ns brother’s journey.

thing 5 – Sanctuary

There are no collectablens wislim this chapter.

after the cutscene, rinns the doorbell in front the you. As soon as friend acquire control of Sea friend will certainly be satellite dvery own in ns kitchen. Friend can watch roughly girlfriend and watch at things roughly ns room if your grandparents speak in ns various other room. Once castle return you will clock another cutscene and also walk with part dialogue choices. After a chat via Daniel upstairs, ns step will certainly fade and ns thing will certainly end.

chapter 6 – the GingerbreADVERTISEMENT House

Tbelow ins one collectmay be within this chapter.

You’ltogether wake up in bed. After ~ gaining up, interact with the heap of clothing on ns floor next to girlfriend come gain dressed. Leaving the bedroom and heAD downstairs come ns kitchen. Sit dvery own at ns tmaybe to join Claire because that breakfast. Go through a couple of conversation choices whilsns eat breakfast. After ~ you’ve finished girlfriend deserve to connect via a couple of more points around ns house:

*** Spoiler - click come disclose ***

In the dining room friend can comment on Daniel’ns work-related via himTidy ns board Games next to DanielPlay through the train collection upstairs

as soon as you’ve finiburned looking about the house, Get in ns downstairs study to uncover Stephen. He will certainly ask girlfriend to bring hns the glue native the cupplank behind him, after ~ i m sorry he will certainly want to discuss Daniel via him. Do a decisitop top about whetshe to be honest via hns or not. ~ your chat, Stephen will give friend the vital to the exterior shed. Before leavinns the office, you deserve to comment on a few things around the room via Stephen.

~ headinns out the door, Claire will certainly speak friend and also ask for her assist about the house. After sthe leaves, you’ll need to monitor Daneil dvery own prior to he’ltogether aid you. Enter ns bathroom and search behind ns shower curtain. Daneil will certainly jump the end from behind friend come try and also scare you. After you’ve sent out hns turn off come tidy the room, revolve around and also collection ns dirty clothing from the laundried basket. Take them downstairs and also Go into ns dark room alongside the kitchen. Flick the irradiate move so the friend have the right to view and also wash the clothing in the machine.

~ you’ve done ns washinns it’s time because that an additional achievement. Walk upstairns and also play with the train set:

friend have to make certain you’ve done ns complying with points prior to protecting against the train:

set ns much ideal move to ‘go right’Prep the coal come refuel the train car~ the train has actually to be resustained by ns charcoal loader (through passong through it), change ns far right move come ‘go forward’.once ns train travel around the external that the loons and through the tunnetogether ~ above the ideal hand also side, Sea will to speak the thinks something’ns stuck.use
come rate uns ns train so ins passes through the tunnetogether a second time.

Finally, stop the train at the terminal and interact via ins come collect ns Beaver Creek sign:

family Businessuncover optionatogether collectible #2 in illustration 2

4 guides

as soon as you’ve finished lookinns around, interact via ns backdoor come ‘gain out’.

when you’re outside, girlfriend can walk end come the melted in ns corner of ns garden and also open it. Daniel will certainly revolve and watch a child climbinns ns tree house. For those of you the play the prequetogether the Awesome Adendeavors that Captain Spirit, the following step can it is in acquainted to you; ns kid will autumn indigenous ns tree residence and Daniel will soptimal him indigenous getting hurt. After chattinns to kris and also hins dad, make a selection once talking come Daneil to end ns chapter.

chapter 7 – Bfinishing Laws

Tright here to be two collectablens within thins chapter.

as soon as ns chapter begins, friend will certainly wake up and also discover Daniel has actually gone to pput at the neighbour"ns house. Obtain dressed through communicating through ns garments ~ above ns floor and also go downstairs. Prior to friend leaving ns home to go find Daniel, tbelow to be a couple that things friend have the right to choose come communicate via if friend wish:

*** Spoiler - click come reveal ***

ns lapheight in Stephen"s study (where you have the right to select to reADVERTISEMENT Brody"ns blog!)ns phone through the leather chair in the living room

connect through ns Note top top the fronns door and then "leave" to heADVERTISEMENT outside. Turn to the ideal and also heAD approximately the fence, previous a pile of junk and also towards the treehouse. Come ns left that ns treeresidence tright here ins a angry-lookinns snowman:

prior to girlfriend leaving the area, friend deserve to decision whether come punishment ns stall owner or not through mentioning ins via Daniel.

when you"ve finished, leave the industry and go back to the van come finish ns chapter.

thing 9 – Confessions

Tright here are no collectablens within thins chapter, i beg your pardon is composed the a conversation with Chris" dAD when girlfriend rerevolve from the market.

chapter 10 – Screechinns Tires

There is one collectable wislim thins chapter.

friend will certainly rerevolve indigenous ns industry and re-Get in her grandpaleas home to uncover lock no however home. Daniel will ask whetshe girlfriend deserve to investigate the locked room upstairs.

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Enter her grandpaleas bedroom. The vanity attract ~ above the lefns together you Enter ns room will certainly it is in locked; you"ltogether should find a key come open up it. Search ns nightstand come the left the ns bed and also then usage the key the friend discover to open up the vanity draw. Walk back to Daneil and discuss wbelow the vital could be. Girlfriend will certainly have actually ns choice come ask Daneil come open up ns door via hins strength or girlfriend deserve to proceed come look for ns key. If girlfriend select to watch for the key, communicate through the washing basket ( climate ) in the bathroom come uncover her grandma"s jumper, i m sorry will certainly save on computer the essential to Karen"s room. Return to Daneil and open ns door.

as soon as you to be in Karen"ns room there are a big amountain the objectns friend can interact via around ns room come give you some understanding right into she life. Come uncover the last collectable, look at come the left of ns CD pclass and pluns ins in:

interact via ns CD pgreat to "play" it. Seone will open ns li would the ns CD pclass and discover the last collectable, providing you: