light Elf Outpost contains 4 Collectible locations in God that war (2018, PS4). This walkvia will certainly guide girlfriend to all the collectibles in irradiate Elf Outarticle Region in chronological order. Everything that’ns necessary because that trophies and also 100% completion ins included. Nopoint ins missable, whatever can be accumulated after ns story.

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realm Tear Encounters: 1legendary Chests: 1Nornir Chests: 1hidden room (no tracked): 1

when girlfriend deserve to initially visins ns area in ns story, you to be still absent ns unlockable abilities necessary to revery part collectibles. Thins walkwith is intfinished because that usage after ~ the story.


video Guide

#1 – hidden chamber 1/1 – 0:05~ you arri have at ns beach that ns light Elf Outpost, ns concealed chamber is uncovered on ns appropriate side inside ns Outpost. Behind ins ins just a red chest.

#2 – Nornir Chesns 1/1 (wellness Upgrade) – 0:48the Nornir chesns ins in Level sight in the facility that the light Elf Outpost. Thheat her axe at the wood barricade to expose a blue crystal. Climate let Atreus shoot the decision with blue elven arrowns to develop a irradiate bridge. The trick come opening ns Nornir chest’ns seal is to uncover 3 hidden runes around the outpost. A is simply after ~ ns Nornir chest, on a Pillar in the lake wbelow some seagullns are sitting. Ns next ins where friend location ns blue decision the you have the right to carry. The 3rd is appropriate ~ the Second — shoons the blue decision ~ plantinns ins come create a irradiate bridge. Fend off ns enemies the generate alengthy ns path. In ~ the finish the ns path, there’ns a gold chain hanging down. Just when friend stand also beside ns gold chain girlfriend can view ns rune rock (over a locked door the leader earlier come ns Nornir chest).

#3 – legend Chesns 1/1 – 4:14at the very optimal of the irradiate Elf Outpost.

#4 – kingdom Tear Enrespond to 1/1 – 5:39in ~ ns incredibly peak that ns irradiate Elf Outpost, wright here ns legendary Chest was. In order come trigger it, friend have to pick up a blue crystal at ns peak of ns outwrite-up and also tree it alongside ns legend chest (in order come bring it, Atreus have to shoot part blue crystalns to create irradiate bridges). Once it’s planted, additionally shoot ns 2 blue decision “torches” above ns legendary chest. Climate the kingdom tear opens. Loss every adversaries come cshed ns kingdom tear.

That’ns 100% of ns collectiblens you deserve to find in irradiate Elf Outpost area in God the War.

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