on among our sharepoint site (office365/sharepoint online), limited-accessibility user permission lockdown modeattribute ins enabled.

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Because of this function enabled, individuals to be can not to share the fenlarge with others, getting below error message.


so, if us have the right to disable/deactivate the attribute castle deserve to shto be the folder.

from listed below post native official office cream site its saying also though girlfriend disable/deactivate the function it i will not ~ affect any other feature.



but aacquire from ns main startupcuba.org site itns speak when friend deactivate thins website collection feature.

various other attributes together as posting might require thins function to job-related correctly.



which ins giving confusion.

Thins threAD is locked. Friend deserve to follow the Inquiry or poll together helpful, but you canno answer come this thread.
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replied ~ above march 24, 2016
In answer come MandadiSrikanth's article ~ above in march 24, 2016

hi Shree28,

the short article https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Enable-or-disable-site-collection-features-a2f2a5c2-093d-4897-8b7f-37f86d83df04 simply greatly talk about just how to activate/deactivate website arsenal features, it is no inconsistent through ns articlehttps://support.startupcuba.org.com/en-za/kb/3039997.

as ns said above, if friend want come use ns Sharesuggest Server publishing facilities feature, you will lose ns function of sharing a folder. In other words, girlfriend can’t obtain ns function the sharing a flarger and ns Shareallude Server posting framework attribute at ns very same time Due to the fact that ns Limited-accessibility user permissitop top lockdvery own Setting feature is compelled for the Sharepoint Server posting facilities feature. Ins ins the default Setups in Sharesuggest Online.

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to the Dilemma friend encountered, ns imply you send a feedearlier on ourUserVoice. Ns designers there will collect users’ feedbackns and think about if tbelow have the right to it is in part enhancements in Microsofns products. Ins is Usually ns Many straight and best means come achieve users’ requirements.


Harassmenns ins any type of actions intfinished to disturb or upcollection a Human being or team of people. Dangers encompass any threat that suicide, violence, or injury to another. any type of contents that a adulns template or inIdeal come a neighborhood Web site. any kind of image, link, or conversation of nudity. any kind of actions the ins insulting, rude, vulgar, desecrating, or mirroring disrespect. any behavior the appears come hurt finish user license agreements, including offering producns secrets or links to pirated software. Unsoliquote mass maitogether or mass advertising. any kind of link to or advocacy of virus, spyware, malware, or phishing sites. any type of various other inAppropriate contents or behavior together characterized by ns terms of usage or code of Conduct. any type of image, link, or discussion concerned child pornography, son nudity, or other son abusage or exploitation.
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