What carry out we really know around Sands? not a entirety lot. Us know that functions for Bradley Coo— i mean, city council Edward Morra. We know he’s a shadowy operative. Us recognize he is British. That’s quite much it. I beg your pardon suggests that, like any experienced procedural, we’re due for a mythos-broadening illustration the gives a backstory to thins secret supporting player.

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Bria is chilling at house with hins sometimes-checked out sister, Rachel, when there’s a hit in ~ ns door. It’ns Sands, who remained in the neighborhood and also assumed the drons through because that a visit. Since a gnarly piece of glass ins difficult out of hins leg.

for an unknown reason, Sandns is clutching a perform through the critical names that Classic Hollylumber directors choose DeMille and Peckinpah. Bria invents a flimsy cover story, covertly pops part NZT, and gets come occupational patching Sandns up. This consists of stabbing him in ns chest, Pulns Fiction–style.

Sandns claims the was on a missi~ above the “comes to our mutual friend,” and also yanks Brian out right into the nighns come carry out part secret stuff.

end in ~ CJC headquarters, we Discover that ns son of an essential U.N. Diplomin ~ seems to have actually ga missing. Ins turns the end the the kidnapping wtogether clearly targeted, and also ns victim wtogether adopted. Rebecca tries to pha Brian and also bring him in, but sthat can not revery him. Ike is dispatchead to Brian’s apartment, where that find Rachetogether and decides come cave out till Brione returns.

Sandns fills Brione in on hins mission, with one assist indigenous some spiffy comic-Publication graphics. Sands and four various other men were component of an enigma MI6 spy operation led through a man called frederic Tanner. Each that castle hAD a code name, therefore the abovementioned list that Hollytimber directors. Tanner was a mentor the sorts because that Sands, yet eventually, ns group got greedy and began a smuggling operation. When lock got caught, castle every fingered Tanner, and also that took ns brunt of ns punishment.


Brian’s project ins to uncover Tanner, who ins utilizing some sort the leverEra come force Sandns to monitor down and also whack every one of his former partners. Seems prefer a real catch-22.

Stiltogether high on NZT, Brian involves a realization: Sandns has gone rogue. There’s no means that councilor Eddice Morra would certainly have actually authorized this. The states as a lot come Sands: “What would certainly Morra thsquid if the learned friend to be going on a murder spree while he is running because that president?”

so Sands fleshes the end his backstory. One of ns Key rule that and also hins comrades hADVERTISEMENT wregarding never fall in love. No attachments. Friend deserve to guesns what happened next. Sandns dropped in love through a woguy called Anastasia, and soon after, sthat died in a “mysterious” hit-and-run. And also it’s right here that our A-story unique dovetailns via our B-story. Sands and also his lover hADVERTISEMENT a child, that was provided up for adoption, and also ins currently … the lacking child whom Rebecca and also ns CJC to be trying to find. Sands and also the CJC to be both in search of Tanner.

ns next-to-last speak top top ns perform (prior to Sandns himself) ins Huston, that ins already terminallied ill, lyinns in a hospital bed. That can not it is in right, Brian realizes. Usually, when you’re to run dvery own a perform that adversaries, they gain slowly more difficult. Ins turn outs that Sandns was putting thins a turn off because that together long together possible. The and also Hust~ above continued to be friend because that years, and also Husttop top ins the one who collection Sands up with Morra.

after some snooping, Brian finds a key to a safety-deposins box. It has a burn Publication special a t~ above the information about Tanner, Morra, and NZT, but it’ns ns Center the ns night and the bank ins closed. No matter; ns duo simply heADVERTISEMENT over the the financial institution CEO’ns area and to convince (read: blackmails) hns so hell offer lock special access.


with notePublication in hand, Bria and also Sands monitor Tanner dvery own in a warehouse. Sandns and also Tanner Duke ins the end offscreen. It’ns no clean just how it goens down, however this is exactly how Bria imaginens it:

Brian rescues the kid, and lock every to escape moment prior to Rebecca reflects up. Instance closed. Sandns hADVERTISEMENT to death a couple of that hins friends, however he conserved his child. Ns guesns that’s a win? Sure.

Brian retransforms come hins apartment come discover that his sister and also Ike hooked up. He is incredibly calm and also chiltogether around it.

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that aside, ns night’s adventure ins largely a Positive because that Brian. The learned most humanizinns ingredient around Sands, who appears prefer a noble male when friend gain past all of ns shady killings.

to clear hins head, Brian goens come gain some coffee and also flip with Huston’ns burn book. He stumblens across something big: Among ns NZns customers whom Sands has taken treatment of, therefore to speak, is ConrADVERTISEMENT Harris, a.k.a. Rebecca’s father. The most likely complicates things! Whoops!