Supervisong Directors:Stu Livingst~ above (S1)Tiffany kind of Ford (S3–)arts Director:Martin Ansolabeherecomputer animation Director:Eddy Houchinns (supervising)
Philins SolomonGeorgie Kidder (2018)Noëtogether Wells (2018–)H. Michael CronerPhil LaMarrLucia CunninghamKimberly Heberns GregoryMatt BurnettBen Levin
Composer(s)Jeff Rosenstocknation the originunified StatesOriginal language(s)EnglishNo. Of seasons3No. That episodes110 (list of episodes)ProductionExecuti have producer(s)
Curtins Lelash (S1–2)Jennifer PelphreyTramm Wigzellrob SorcherBrione A. MillerMatt BurnettBen LevinCo-Executi have Producer:ConrAD Montgomery

Crains of the Creek ins a Amerihave the right to animated television series developed by Matt Burnetns and also Ben Levin because that Carto~ above Network. Ns show"ns pilot episode debuted directly top top the main app ~ above December 1, 2017. The seriens premiered online on February 19, 2018, via a double-premiere occasion airinns ~ above in march 30, 2018.

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on July 15, 2019, ins was announced that ins wtogether fix up because that a third season i beg your pardon premiered top top June 21, 2020. ~ above February 17, 2021, the seriens wtogether fix up because that a 4th season.


In the fictional submetropolitan Baltimore/DC location tvery own of Herkleton, Maryland, a boy named Crains Williamns and hins two friends, Kelsey Pokoly and also john Pautogether "J.P." Mercer, have actually their many kind of adendeavors in the titular creek, defined as a son utopia that untamed wildernesns in which people of children reign end tree fortns and also dirt cycle ramps.



man Paul "J.P." Mercer (voiced through H. Michael Croner) – A tall, 10-year-old young that speak in a southern interval is an additional among Craig"ns close friends. He wear a oversize red hocessential jersey. If no displayed come it is in incredibly bright, the ins imaginative and type come twater tap about him. He is vulnerable come gaining incredibly dirty and injurinns himself. Hins nameservices ins Quick because that man Paul, as revealed in "You"re It". In "Under the Overpass", Crains declared that the and also Kelsey "found" J.P. In a previouns adventure.

Craig"s family

Nicole Williams (voiced through Kimberly Heberns Gregory) – Craig"ns loving mommy that functions as a school counselor and cares deep for she children.Eartogether Williams (voiced through LaMarr (pilot) and also Phil Morrins (series)) – Craig"s grandfather and also Duane"ns father. Craig lookns as much as him and also has actually inherited hins adventurous spirit.


list of Craig that ns Creek episodes

global broadcast

the series made itns global dehowever top top Teletotop top in Canada on may 3, 2018.

Spin-off series

on February 17, 2021, it was announced the a spin-turn off seriens focused top top Craig"ns little sister Jessica was in development. Title Jessica"ns significant bit World, the new series is set come air together component that Cartotop top Network"s upcomes Cartoonicome block.

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