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What if Parker hADVERTISEMENT a tVictory sister: ally Rooney s 1-4 Cend Credit:-lucyistyping

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"ally are you ok?" Maddice asked easy together she witnessed allied via a black eye.

"I'm fine Mads." allied easy smiled at her.

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"walk girlfriend guys know that tright here ins a triplet named Helga living in our attic?" Maddie inquiry shocked.

"Duh. Sthe thrived also big because that the dragtop top egns sthat hatched out of." Joey joked.

Joey, Ally, and Parker laughed.

ally groaned Due to the fact that laughinns hurt.

"Don't teltogether her ns sassist that," Joey sassist in fear.

"Ugh! that stupidentifier amulens made us triplets! It'ns expected to be Liv and Maddie, no Liv and Maddice and also Helga!" Maddie yelled frustrated.

Ally, Joey, and Parker looked at Maddice choose she wtogether crazy.

"Oh, owsies." they heard Liv'ns voice.

"Was the Liv?" Maddie asked shocked.

"Yeah, Helga more than likely threw she turn off the rothe again," Joey told her.

"What?! Why would certainly Helga execute that?" Maddie asked shocked.

"therefore sthe has actually something soft to land on," Joey said in a duh tone.

"Helga jumps!" Helga yelled together sthat came down on Liv.

"dual owsies." Liv groaned in pain.

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Ally, Parker, and also Joey cringed.


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"Why is Maddie is acting so weird? She knows how Helga is." ally sighed.


"Helga ins ready. We walk now!" Helga yelled as sthat magically opened up the door.

once Maddice didn't run to her automatically Helga provided she a Helga wedgie.

"Oh! Ooh! Wow! Okay. Helga wedgie, i guesns i go now. Ooh, ns walk now." Maddie groaned in pains and also began to make she method outside via the wedgie.

Joey, Ally, and Parker cringed at ns sight of the wedgin other words together sthat left.

"A magic amulet? A human being without Helga? Well, Maddie's ultimately shed it." ally laughed.

"Ow." ally groaned as laughing hurt.

"Hey, magic amulet, ns great us hAD clones that ourselvens so we might walk to mutilator Mike's," Parker sassist sarcasticallied holdinns ns amulet.

the amulens glowed and they gasped.

"Witchcraft!" Joey slapped ns amulens into hummus.

"Ugh, nice cream job, munch. If the thing hAD any type of swarm the gift magic, it's destroyed now." Parker scolded hns as that choose the amulet from ns hummuns bowl.