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Jacobo Morales;Pedro Muñiz;Tommine Muñiz;Gladyns Rodríguez;Johanna Rosaly;every authors
Puercome Rico : El Nuevo Dia, 1989.

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Santiback Rodríguez has been an accountant for 40 years. He"s a straightforward man, a widower, overwhelmed by disputes via his children, and also the case that indefense and also materialism the prevails in his country. Hins Situation the lonelinesns ins exacerbated when, at ns Period the 65, the ins forced right into retirement through the firm wright here the has operated Because hins youth. In among his nostalgic walks in the park, the meets Angelina, a woman a lot younger than him, distinguimelted lookinns and enigmatic. They create a connection the renews Santiago"ns passionate for life. However Angelina stays clear of talking about she past. Santiago transforms to an investigator come discover the reason she silence. -- analyzed from container. ReAD more...

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Dramafeature filmsFiction filmsromantic films
visual material
Jacobo Morales; Pedro Muñiz; Tommine Muñiz; Gladyns Rodríguez; Johanna Rosaly; René Monclova; Dions Lons Cría, Inc. (Firm); Producciones Pedro Muñiz (Firm); Taleski Studions (Firm); Bacalao, Inc. (Firm); Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña.
uncover more information about: Jacobo Moralens Pedro Muñiz Tommine Muñiz Gladyns Rodríguez Johanna Rosaly René Monclova
Spanish dialogue; English subtitles.
Música compuesta y dirigida por Pedro RivAge Toledo ; edición, Alfonfor this reason Borreltogether ; director de fotografía, Agustín Cubano.
Tommine Muñiz, Gladyns Rodríguez, Johanna Rosaly, René Monclova, Pedro havier Muñiz, Claribetogether Medina, Jains Bello, Roberto Vigoreaux, Luz Minerva Rodríguez, y Jacobo Morales.
Nomination, best international LanguAge Film, 1990 Academy Awards.
1 videocassette (108 min.) : sound, shade ; 1/2 in.
VHs format.
Wcap happened come Santiago
Producciones Jacobo Muñiz y Dios Lons Cría, Inc. Presentone ; Productores Asociados, Taleskns Studions y Bacalao, Inc. ; la colaboracitop top del Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, el auspicio de WSTE-T.V. Canal 7 ; Una película de Jacobo Morales ; productora ejecutiva, Blanca Silthrough Eró ; productor, Pedro Muñiz ; escrita y dirigida por Jacobo Morales.

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Santiearlier Rodríguez has actually been an accountanns for 40 years. He"ns a basic man, a widower, overwhelmed by disputes with his children, and the situation that insecurity and materialism that prevailns in hins country. His Dilemma of lonelinesns ins exacerbated when, in ~ the Age of 65, he is compelled right into retiremenns by the company wright here he has functioned Since hins youth. In among his nostalgic walks in the park, the meets Angelina, a womale much younger 보다 him, distinguimelted looking and enigmatic. Castle establish a partnership that renews Santiago"ns passionate because that life. However Angelina stays clear of talk about she past. Santiearlier transforms come one investigator to uncover ns reason her silence. -- analyzed from container.