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after ~ the gold sirloin lyrics hear to MP3 sample clins that "after ns Goldrush"
This is among a series of short articles i beg your pardon administer one explanation that ns interpretation the Neitogether Young"ns Tune after ~ ns yellow Rush. While ns translate the text gift below is composed that numerous viewpoints, tright here ins little consensus top top the specific meaning of Neil"s songs. The themens and also symbolism that Young"ns songwriting carry out a rich tapesattempt top top i beg your pardon come project miscellaneous meanings and analysis. Enjoy!Date: Tue, 26 Ocns 93 13:28:48 EDTFrom: Randy Schechter To: rust

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death.Corp.Sun.COMSubject: "after ~ the gold Rush"--lyric interpretation/analysisns initially Neil Young album i own wtogether "after ~ the yellow Rush" which i purchased in 1979. Ins hooked me and also remains among mine all tins favorite albums. I discovered the location Track exceptionally hauntinns and also surgenuine and also to be still fascinated through ins today. Ns invested many kind of hrs puzzlinns end itns meaning with friend and would certainly favor to share my lyric interpretation through ns list and gain various other peoples principle the wcap lock thsquid ins means. My interpretation might it is in means off base to what Neitogether really intfinished and also what various other world think-- but thats part of the fun--a Song can Typical vastly various things come different people--thats part that what provides it artistry--our mindns Repaint a picture the wcap the words say to us. Anyhow, the Track startns off: "fine i dreamy i witnessed ns knights in armour coming saying somepoint around a queen There were peasants singing and drummers drumminns and also ns archer break-up ns tree Tbelow was a fanfto be blowing come ns sun that wtogether floatinns top top ns breeze" come ns the over lyrics have little or nothing to carry out through the remainder the ns song. It evokes Middle ages imagery i beg your pardon seems out of context Because the rest the the Song seems come it is in collection in modern time as depicted through ns next lines: "look in ~ mom Nature ~ above ns run in ns nineteenager seventies" (later on update to 1980"s, climate 20th century) the above lines lug come mind man upestablishing ns vulnerable balance the nature with pollution, runaway technology, hazards the (nuclear) war etc. "ns wtogether lyinns in a burned the end basemenns via ns full mo~ above in my eyes ns was hope for relocation when the sun burst thru the skies Tright here was a band also play in my heAD and also ns felt favor acquiring high (substantial cheer here) ns was reasoning about wcap a friend hADVERTISEMENT sassist i was hope ins was a lie" this text make ns think around soldierns in a battle field, or probably also civilans surviving ~ a nuclean holocaust. He was lying in a melted out basement (bombed out?), hope because that replacement (a soldier wait come it is in relieved), as soon as ns sun burst thru the sky--i take this come Median a nuclean the end basemenns (bombed out?), hoping because that relocation (a soldier waiting come be relieved), once the sunlight bursns thru ns sky--ns take it this come Mean a nuclean explode Since if ns "full moon ins in hins eyes", ns sunlight canno be uns in ~ ns very same tins (its astronomically impossible). There wtogether a band also play in mine heADVERTISEMENT and also ... Bring come mine mental imperiods native ns Vietnam battle that soldiers listeninns to Hendrix and also cigarette smoking hash--for this reason thins re-enforces my concept of war-kind imagery. Ns following line--"thinking about what a frifinish hADVERTISEMENT sassist (the end of the civilization ins in ~ hand also Due to the fact that of nuclean conflict), ...i wtogether hope ins was a lin other words (i would certainly hope ins wasn"t true too) "well i dreamed i saw ns silver Gap shipns flying In ns yelshort fog the ns sun Tbelow were children cryinns and also colorns paris every around the favored ones every in a dream, all in a dream the loading hAD begun every in a dream, all in a dream ns loading hADVERTISEMENT started castle to be flying mom Nature"s silver seeds to a brand-new residence in the sun" these lines clearly imply the the Planet is currently dying together ns preferred ones plank spaceshipns to find a brand-new earth come colonize. Imagery the tragedy (children crying) and hope for the future of mankind (flying mom Nature"ns silver- (the spaceships) seeds (the favored ones) come a brand-new home. I"m not certain just how to interpret the expression "liked ones"--doens he Mean ns wealthy acquire come walk on ns spaceships, or was tright here some other even more impartial standard provided to "choose"? Finally, wcap about the title itself--"~ the Goldrush"--what does ins mean? come ns ns gain imagery that guys raping ns land also (strip-mining?) and leavinns places un-fit because that habitation. Hence, wcap do we do "after ~ ns Goldrush"? In ns album notes, Neitogether says "Most that these songs to be influenced by the Dea Stockwell--Herb Berguy screenpplace "after ns Goldrush". Together much as i know 100 In ns album notes, Neil says "Most the these song to be influenced through the Dea Stockwell--Herb Berman screenplay "~ the Goldrush". As much together i know thins screenplay is unproduced. Dea Stockfine is one actor (the was in ns T.V. Present "Quantum Leap", the movies "Married come the Mob" and also "Dune", and also wtogether likewise in Neil"s movin other words "Human being Highway", which i still haven"ns checked out in itns entireity). I have no concept that Herb Berguy is. So any kind of comments, insights, different interpretations? I"m anxiouns for feedback. Randy "just another line in ns area that time" Responses come Randy"ns after ns gold rush lyrics analysisDate: 26 Ocns 1993 13:57:54 -0400 (EDT) From: Bluemustache i discover your lyricatogether interpretation both insightfutogether and confusing. Oddly, i was pondering this exact same Concern last NIGHT!no i am important perplexed by ns first verse. Ns can"t imagine the ins has actually nopoint to perform with the song"ns story and mat an early stage sets the stage. Thsquid around ns initially line: > fine i dreamy ns witnessed the knights in armour coming It"s a dream. Surely this has somepoint come execute via the end-of-the-human being template that ns rest that the song.

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