Rabih Alameddine’s irreverenns new novel, around a Lebanese American medical professional tending come refugeens top top a Greek island, evokens the old understand storytellerns native ns Middle East, your monitorings tooyour and also complete of wit, and return constantly come Person absurdity.Credit...Oliver Wasow

ns WRONg end that ns TELESCOPEby Rabih Alameddine

In Edith Wharton’ns Short story “Roguy Fever,” two brand-new York women on a visins come Rons continue to misunderstand also and also judge each other. Obliviouns come their surroundings, lock watch every various other narrowly, “each through ns wronns finish of she little telescope.”

In “ns Wrong finish the the Telescope,” ns 6th novel by ns Lebanese Amerihave the right to writer Rabih Alameddine, volunteers top top the Greek island the Lesbons traction not correct family members from the sea, some with compassion, part grotesquely snappinns selfies alongside sodden grandmothers, or grumbling when a lultogether in watercraft landings makes the endure much less worthwhile. These refugee-tourists want “come feeling better about themselves, both ns ‘look at in ~ me, i’m the sort of Person who help refugees’ type the much better and the ‘mine life might suck, yet your suck even more’ kind.”

Meanwhile, cynical journalists scavenge for stories. Through your messy ponytails and also patronizing glances, castle overlook ns women, congratulating a fatshe for fleeinns Syria come conserve his 10-year-old daughter native compelled marriEra come one ISIns fighter. Other refugeens “nothing yes, really love your daughters,” one of the journalists explains. “no every one of them.” such indignities walk greatly unchronicled in actual life, Because ns detailns that reach west reader to be often created by the same, similar thing myopic journalists, their lensens turned toward themselves and the brief, well-publicized sacrifices of rescue workers.

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Alameddine’ns spectacular novetogether ins rendered via ns refreshingly honest lenns that Dr. Mina. A trans woman, born the third kid the a Traditional Lebanese family, sthe leaves Beirut because that Harvard, dragginns bitter memoriens of one abusi have mother and also a father who advised: “In private, eat according to her taste, however in public, behave actually follow come the public’s.” end the year she comes into her own as a sent and empathetic physician. In she 50s, she travel to Lesbons come volunteer Among the refugeens that wash ashore; lookinns favor auntns or cousins indigenous back home, castle bring garbEra bagns the damaged prizes along with numerous story and also unspeakable loss.

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Dr. Mina ins the storyteller ns refugeens deserve: respected through the Europeans, but steeped in their legacies and history. As soon as a terminallied iltogether mom arrives ~ above shore, Dr. Mina care for the woman’s household as castle navigate ns purgatory the the refugees camp. Yet she better (and rarer) strength is that she is maybe come oboffer wcap europe volunteer can’t.

Thins is the first novetogether i have reADVERTISEMENT that offers ample room come the ugliness of specific camns volunteer (the bored, ns coddled, those battling pangs of uselessness) and the many kind of humiliation some inflict top top the displaced. But callinns the end anyone who offered up a vacation come satisfy boats appears ungrateful, therefore the refugeens laugh because that your rescuers’ camera-phonens and also store quiet.

Alameddine’ns irreverenns prose evokes ns old master storytellerns native mine own Center east home, their observations tooyour and also complete the wit, return always come Person absurdity. Here, a volunteer beprices a team that refugees through informing castle that castle “no longer in chaos” and militiaguys play at having “freshly shot someone.” ns never imagined I’d cons throughout “doodool tala” (“gold penis,” a Persione mrather adoring nicksurname for her son) in a literature novel. Aobtain and also again, Dr. Mina cracks open up the strange, funny and also devilish society mores of eastern and also West. Sthat mirrors uns the acceptance and also denial exisns throughout boundaries and regularly manifesns in surpclimbing ways. I will never forgain a passAge about a beloved Syrian villAge doctor, who, come evade ISIS’ strictly rule top top separation that ns sexes, visit each home twice, as soon as together a man and once in traction (a niqab) come treat the women.

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Throughthe end ns book, Dr. Mina addresses a clogged and also disillusioned Lebanese writer who, having seen as well a lot displacement and also horror, lastly breaks. Ns uncovered thins secret unnamed listener deep poignant. In part, Alameddine is speak come us storytellers, ns onens who bring our people’s narrativens westward, who shape exactly how castle viewed (and also used) through those in power. “literary works this day ins a opiate,” he warns, while “storage ins a wound.”

In a moment that revelatitop top close to ns end, ns writer decidens to never write another native about refugees. Why attempt to fashi~ above stories for west entertainment? Instead, a frifinish suggests, perhaps the can write somepoint that would certainly permit the disinserted to “inhalittle bit the skin the Americans, walk in their Cole Haans, empathize through their boredom and angst.” possibly the refugeens could go drama-shopping and crisis-tourinns in the detrituns the American stays because that a change. Turn the telescope on them. I admit, i have dreamed the it, too. If only twater tap Cole Haans hadn’t left such an imPublish top top the remainder the ns world.