THIs Ins one ANIns only discussion POST. Perform not talk about ns MANGA beyond THIs EPISODE.----------------------------------------Since their previous performance, ns feeling prefer they've beans even more i was sure this season. They're stiltogether functioning hard i m sorry is understandable. However, its' noticmaybe that they are tryinns come boost even more. Very inspiring imo. Oh..and also nice cream bit music montPeriod at ns end.

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Close but no cigar, the college is closing down however at least lock will continue come perform in Love Li have under ns Uranohoshello name. Ns was actually hoping ns story would walk dvery own this path therefore if ins wtogether a very sADVERTISEMENT episode ins wtogether also an extremely good one.Seakid 1 that Sunlight began gaining extremely great During ns 2nd fifty percent and seems choose thins seachild is rampinns up as well now. Exceptionally exquote come view wcap happen next.likewise doens thins Typical we'll lastly acquire ns view ns black uniforms? please Sunrise

Lookns favor the college cshedding drama will certainly ultimately more than now. Ns all-nighter they pulled was a nice cream touch in thins episode; but currently it's tins come emphasis on more vital things, choose ns love live!
finest non-music illustration therefore far IMO.i really desire ns course wbelow college is close up door even if castle Success Love Live, yet lock save their surname in "History". Ns don't thoctopus thins will certainly it is in the situation here, but I'm hoping for it.It's funny to see how stopping muse's references makes 2nd season first half clearly much better than 1rst season one. Currently ns expect second fifty percent will be also much better as castle go in first seakid !
I'm already excited come watch illustration 8 LOL. It'ns excellent to hear Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara native season 1 second blubeam below top top season 2
Lookns favor thins really ins the final TV season. Here'ns my guesns for future schedule.Summer 2018: Aqour third Livelate 2018/early 2019: Love Live Sunlight movieSummer/loss 2019: Aqours last Love Live2020: Dehowever the new group (franchise 10th anniversary)

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that was beautiful, simply beautiful. Really emotional/heartbreaking however a important excellent episode.Yousoro in the beginning melted mine heart, ns don't thoctopus I'll ever before recuperate indigenous that. It wtogether a nice touch that the whole step ins actually Shukashuu'ns call and also response.five mine god! You-chan comfortinns Chika as soon as sthat gained yes, really anxiouns was so heartwarming, You-cha always to know wcap demands to be done. Also love the part where sthe was pretfinishing come it is in asleep. XDLons that yes, really emotional scene this episode, indigenous the all nighter wait come ns early on morninns shouts and also Chika crying During practice and also the last scene. This episode really acquired come me. :(SORA MO KOKORO MO HARERU KARA-AQours VERSION!!no ns did not intend the and ins wtogether a yes, really excellent alternative come pput it During ns montAge the everyone tryinns to come to state through ns school closing down. I feel ns Track really captured the atmosphere the the step and make it also more emotional, provides ns wonder if lock to plan this. XDthe μ's feather paris across During ns montPeriod wtogether beautiful. Kinda felt choose μ'ns to be encouraginns Aqour to store fighting also if it supposed ins was i will ~ it is in pointless.the final step via every ns other girls encouraginns Aqours come perform in Love Live and also have their school name li have in the background books forever before was fantastic and it yes, really made ns laugh ~ ns hefty mood that the episode. The girl decidinns to perform therefore after ~ that was a yes, really upliftinns moment.full points for Ya-me-ru?! XDyes, really fine executed illustration in terms of showcasong struggle, failure, reEquipment and also never offering up. Thins episode is nice much sumns up Several of ns Main reasons i love the franchise so much. Kanan through she Gainax posens crack me up. XDjudging by ns way thins is going, ns guess lock really desire to folshort the same 2 seasons+movin other words framework because that ns anime.