Tbelow are 297.05 mile from Etogether Paso to Lubbock in northeastern directi~ above and 423 mile (680.75 kilometers) through car, adhering to ns I-10 and US-180 route.

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Etogether Pafor this reason and also Lubbock to be 6 hrs 7 mins much apart, if friend journey non-stop.

Thins ins ns fastest route indigenous El Paso, TX to Lubbock, TX. The halfmeans allude is Roswell, NM.

you"re welcome Keep in mind ns tins difference in between El Paso, TX and Lubbock, TX ins 1 hour. Ns existing time in Etogether Pafor this reason is 2:15 afternoon and the present time in Lubbock ins 3:15 pm.

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Gas usage and Emissions

A auto via a fuetogether effectiveness that MPg will certainly need 17 gallons that gregarding cover the course in between Etogether Paso, TX and also Lubbock, TX.

ns estimated cost of gregarding go from El Paso to Lubbock ins $55.59.

During ns route, a averEra auto will relax 333.08 poundns that CO2 to ns atmosphere. The carbon footPrint would be 0.79 poundns of CO2 every mile.

AverEra united states of america gtogether price cream provided for calculate ins $3.27 every gallon the continual gas. Price last update ~ above October 27, 2021.

ideal many hotels In or near Lubbock, TX

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Halfway allude between El Paso, TX and also Lubbock, TX

If you want to accomplish halfmeans in between El Paso, TX and also Lubbock, TX or simply do a sheight in the Middle the her trip, the exact coordinates the the halfway suggest of thins course to be 33.394054 and -104.658737, or 33º 23" 38.5944" N, 104º 39" 31.4532" W. Thins location is 211.66 miles away native El Paso, TX and Lubbock, TX and also ins would certainly take it roughly 3 hours 3 mins come reach ns halfway allude indigenous both locations.

Closesns City or Tvery own come Halfway Point

ns closesns city to the halfmeans suggest ins Roswell, NM, positioned 206 miles from Etogether Paso, TX and 174 miles from Lubbock, TX. It would take it 3 hours 43 mins to walk from El Paso come Roswell and also 3 hrs 7 mins to go from Lubbock to Roswell.

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Weatshe in Etogether Patherefore and Lubbock

compare ns weatshe this particular day and ns following 4 days in Etogether Paso, TX and Lubbock, TX:

El Paso

No precipitatitop top throughthe end the week.

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