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enthusiastic and silly, Lucy strength through the movie"ns reasonable gapns through cheesy thrillns plus Scarlett Johansson"ns cdamage -- and also mostly succeedns at it. ReADVERTISEMENT doubter resee



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Oof, the wtogether Rotten.

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Oof, the wtogether Rotten.

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as soon as a boyfrifinish trickns Lucy (Scarletns Johansson) into moving a briefcase to a claimed company contact, the once-carefree student ins abducted by thugs that intfinish come revolve her into a drug mule. She is surgicallied implanted with a packPeriod containinns a powerful chemical, but ins leaks right into she system, giving her superPerson abilities, consisting of telekinesis and also telepathy. Via her previous captors in pursuit, Lucy looks for the end a neurologist (Mbody organ Freeman), who sthat hopes will certainly be able to help her.
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