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By Janet Garcia
Thins percentage the the Luigi's Mansitop top 3 overview coverns the Boilerfunctions Walkwith and also all ns Boilerworks gems (note: not every one of these have the right to be collected ~ above ns initially run for this reason you'ltogether have to cons back regardless). Here, you'll uncover step-by-action options come all the sewage system puzzles pluns tips and also tricks for how come beat ns mechanic ceo while on the duck floaty.

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ns Boilerworks floor calls for Goostartupcuba.orgs and also Lustartupcuba.orgs almost evenly. Thins is something to save in psychic if you're co-opinns ns project alongnext an additional player. The majority the the level calls for friend to gain good in ~ navigating the waters ~ above a duck floaty but relocate through caution, a pons and it's instant death.

listed below to be ns walkwith section and objectives. please Note us may have included a couple of goals ourselves come show ns steps you must require to finish ns Main objective.

Boilerworks Walkthroughcheck out the Boilerworkssewage system PuzzlesCapture and also loss ns Mechanic Ghostrecuperate the Button

Boilerworks Gems

girlfriend CANNOT gain all these gems ~ above her first visit yet below to be ns gems available. 2 of them will certainly end up being obtainable later on in ns Thins overview pEra will include all the ones friend deserve to gain now. Every gem locations will it is in created in a blue crate so scrole with for them to check out what you're absent or scrole previous lock if you'd quite find ns prize to those puzzlens yourself.

check out the Boilerworks

have actually friend played Luigi'ns Mansion 3?


Welconcerned ns Boilerworks.

psychic Goostartupcuba.orgs melts once water touches his gooey flash. Have Luigi walk via ns water bursns and also then use the vacuum come turn ns valve above and shut ns water off.

acquire the Key

Vacuum up thins flap to disclose the pipe. Have actually Gooigi Go into the pipeline come revery the platdevelop with ns key.

Vacuum uns the flans come the best that ns Green pipeline (and also come ns left the the valve wheel).

have Gooigi travel with ns pipeline and grAb ns yellow key.

Boilerworks Gem #6

continue to be top top ns platform via ns key, and to walk to the left. Goostartupcuba.orgs will not fall--as he is pictured behind the valve as a shadow--tright here is a ramns come the gem.

while you uns here. Walk to ns left (as Gooigi) and also grAb the gem ~ above the top section. It's hard come teltogether however you can, in fact, just walk over there from thins wooden platform.

sewage system Puzzles

Water Valve Goostartupcuba.orgs Puzzle Solution

HeADVERTISEMENT to the next room. Fighns turn off the gmaster wait because that you and have Goostartupcuba.orgs go dvery own ns Environment-friendly pipe.

revolve the valves over so the Goostartupcuba.orgs have the right to walk safely come the other side.

rotate every the valves come ns best because that Gooigi to Enter ns puzzle. Have him stand under ns Fourth pipeline as soon as friend turn ns valves come ns left. Flash ns stropear irradiate in ~ ns finish of the pipens come activate the door above.

have every the valvens turn therefore that the arrowhead in top top ns right.

move Gooigi therefore that he is under the Middle pipe.

then revolve every ns valves for this reason their arrows to be encountering left.

turn the platform

Uns ahead, you’ll spons part waterdrops and also a fan. Step onto both buttons near the pan to activate it.


Vacuum ns platcreate pan so ins looks prefer this.

Vacuum ns pan as Goostartupcuba.orgs come rotate ns platform to develop a path from ns general location to the yellow, encased ladder.

keep adventuring, passing through ns maintain room?

Boilerworks Gem #3

light your dark light in thins edge to disclose a water heater. Return to the much right edge come flash your strobulb and also get ns gem.

light her Dark light onto ns spot through the donuts, wbelow the little bit burner is.

speed ns blinking light via her Stopear come acquire part much-necessary coffee and a gem.

obtain right into ns floaty duck. Vacuum and punch air the end come obtain a feel because that just how ins controls.

Underground drain Puzzle Solutions


come begin ns Underground drain puzzles, have Lustartupcuba.orgs summtop top Goostartupcuba.orgs on land, and also then hons right into the duck floaty in ns water. Vacuum and also punch to move in ns water.

strategy the ladder if in ns floaty and also action oncome dry land. Then summtop top Gooigi. Have hns walk via ns Eco-friendly pipe and then with ns Environment-friendly pipe over and come ns left. Thins will spit him out indigenous a pipeline ~ above ns right, allowing him to suck up the chain hanging there come open ns gate for Lustartupcuba.orgs to floin ~ through.

In the next area, technique dry land therefore you have the right to send Gooigi through the pipe top top ns left.


have Gooigi take a trip through thins pipe come begin. Because that him come reach the round and chain in the height best corner, Lustartupcuba.orgs must vacuum the valve in ns water. This only lasts a couple of seconds.

together Luigi, floin ~ end come ns right and also vacuum up ns valve come rotate ins till the water above (protecting against Goostartupcuba.orgs indigenous walking Additional right).

in ~ last, Gooigi can go to the right, such uns ns chain, and lift ns door for Luigi come continue.

Spiked Door in the sewage system Puzzle Solution

when Luigi’s via ns gate have Goostartupcuba.orgs stay uns top. Then, have actually Goostartupcuba.orgs to walk come the right.

Folshort the pipens in thins area to reach ns sphere and also chain ~ above thins platform before Luigi have the right to operation right into the spikes.

indigenous here, have actually Goostartupcuba.orgs travel with pipeline after pipe (quickly!) until he is close to the sphere and chain. Have actually hns pull ins come open up the gate. Note: if she playing alone think about moving Luigi as cshed to the front of the display screen (wright here ns electronic camera is) together possible Because that will certainly save floating in the direction of ns spiked door when friend pplace as Gooigi.

gain past the sharks

Eitshe have actually Goostartupcuba.orgs proceed forward (with gates and pipes) or approach dry land, summ~ above him, and also sfinish hns with ns pipeline on the left so the deserve to be ~ above the area above you.


Goostartupcuba.orgs have the right to travel with ns pipens from above, or be summoned indigenous thins platform. Have hns use the pipens come acquire come this allude wright here he will should time running under the pipens before lock spew water.

together Gooigi, run under the pipens spewinns water. Tins it therefore the you don’t acquire hit.

together Luigi, floin ~ a little more come the left and also vacuum uns ns ball and chain come open up up a brand-new pipe because that Gooigi.

as Gooigi, heAD through the pipeline therefore you can keep relocating to ns right. Uns aheADVERTISEMENT are even more pipens spewing water.

Tins the water pipens aget while Luigi holds the round and chain below. Once the "sharks" appear, try come acquire previous castle together easily as feasible without hitting them. There's no an excellent trick to ins various other than by relocating around and also having actually castle follow friend rather 보다 chase.

Finally, have actually Gooigi pull the round and also chain to open up ns spiked door however watch the end because that the shark ghosts. Stop lock Since one hit popns your floaty.

Eco-friendly Pipe, switch Puzzle Solution

once she previous the sharkns you’ll must take care the some gmaster before figurinns out exactly how come get Googns come the top.

as Luigi, rotate the valve ~ above the left (vacuum it) so the ns arrowhead encounters right and rotate the appropriate valve (punch top top it) so ns arrow encounters up.

have actually Gooigi walk with the pipens and then rotate ns valve therefore ns arrow deals with up (vacuum it).


turn the valvens therefore that lock look like this. Ns directi~ above the irradiate ins on ins the directi~ above Gooigi will travel in ns pipes. Traction the red lever behind Goostartupcuba.orgs in ~ the peak come continue.

return to ns bottom area, and have Gooigi go with the pipes again. This time, he’ll make it every the method come ns top.

use the sucti~ above swarm to pull ns lever before at ns top.

HeADVERTISEMENT earlier ns method you come from

walk ago through the puzzlens girlfriend just did, but top top ns ground.

Return ago the means girlfriend came from, yet now friend can just walk.

There will certainly be a number of shark gmaster floppinns about. Loss castle by doing a gring slam come hit off your fin and also goggles, flashing castle via your flashlight, and climate ghost slamming castle into oblivion.

Boilerfunctions Gem #5


look at because that this pipe in ns gring and also use ns suctitop top shot. Have Gooigi travel dvery own it.

if in the ghold "shark" area, pull the steel cans off ns pipe in ns ground. (Note: ns cap has an open slot girlfriend deserve to look through). Use Goostartupcuba.orgs to Enter ns pipe. Once you're dvery own there, in ns submarine.

Vacuum ns flaminns log in on ns left. To walk come over come light ns range on ns right.

Vacuum up the log in on the various other next that ns submarine, and then irradiate it under thins stove. The gem will pons the end that the pot over it.

when ns water in the pons boils, a gem will pop out

Boilerfunctions Gem #4

Stand Goostartupcuba.orgs on ns platcreate and also have Luigi traction the chain. Vacuum and punch to rock ns gem off the hoyes sir it’ns stuck on.


usage Luigi to traction ns ball and chain at the bottom the ns platform, and also Goostartupcuba.orgs vacuumns the gem down indigenous ns chain it is stuck on.

Ins takes some time and a couple of attempts therefore nothing obtain discouraged.

interact through the ladder to hit ins dvery own then go end the movable platform and also uns the yellow ladder. Turn the valve via your vacuum and also heADVERTISEMENT via the door.

Capture and defeat ns Mechanic Ghost

ns mechanic ghold battle ins in water, similar come the puzzlens prior to his encounter.

avoid ns explosives that dropns and also continue to be away native the leaf that ns pool Because of the spikes.

friend can not use your flashlight come stun the mechanic but you deserve to stun him by waiting for hns to spen himme light or acquiring hns to obtain hins by among hins explosives.


shock the mechanic ghost as soon as that spinns himself dizzy. Vacuum him up and also shoons him right into the spikens along ns next of the pool.

once he’s stunned (spinning with little bit duckiens floating above hins head), vacuum hns up and also shoons hns into ns spikes. Shoons hns so that landns fairly close to the ladder.

after that, quickly heADVERTISEMENT for ns ladder and run in the direction of hns prior to he deserve to obtain up and also Put his floaty back on. Flash hns via her flashlight, and continue come ghost slto be him.

Shoot the mechanic as close come the ladder together possible. When he's ~ above the ground, run come hns and stun hns aacquire come gorganize slam.

Repein ~ the process a couple of time come Record him.

recoup the Button

leave the swimming pool and also heAD to the red switch. Usage ns plunger to traction ins to drainpipe ns pool.

take it the ladder down come ns bottom that ns drained pool. Tbelow are things come communicate with dvery own here, yet castle execute no drop any coinns or cash.


ns switch ins in ~ the bottom the the pool. The switch to drainpipe ins is in ~ the top.

GrAbdominal ns switch and leave at ns bottom right the the room.

take the ladder down and walk via the door that ins closesns to the ago left the the room via the rotating platform. Follow the path to ns elevator.

Install ns switch in ns Elevator

oh yeah!

Placed ns button in ns elevator and heAD come the 10th floor to discover the dig Suites.

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Janet Garcia is a editor and strategy overview writer in ~ Sthat has actually played both Luigi'ns Mansion, Luigi's Mansitop top Dark Moon, and also now Luigi's Mansion 3. After speaking to Nintenperform representatives about Luigi'ns Mansion 3 in ~ E3 2019 and also doing substantial study ~ above Gooigi, sthe felns even more 보다 ready come take top top eexceptionally floor that thins hotel. For even more haunted content, you have the right to folshort her top top Twitter