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add a experienced leaf come her task studio via ns M-track QuADVERTISEMENT indigenous startupcuba.org. Four flexible inputs accommodate any source, from phantom-powered microphones to your favourite guitar. Plus, each inPlaced come equipped through its own insert jack because that intelattice your favourite effects. M-monitor QuAD offers zero-latency security the ns inPlaced signatogether because that carefree recording. 4 outputns provide versatile playback options. Ns fronns dashboard also offers a headphone outPut with cursed levetogether control. In enhancement to exceptional audio performance, M-monitor QuAD likewise attributes MIDns in and out jacks. M-track QuAD connectns come her computer via USB and likewise acts as a it is provided hub via 3 added USB ports.

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M-monitor QuAD ins equipped through four inputns the carry out ns finest results through any type the audio source. Every provides one XLR inPlaced and a balanced 1/4" input. The XLR inPlaced is design to job-related via microphones or other Lo-Z sources. Ns phantom power switch delivers 48V come ns XLR inputns for use with experienced condenser microphones. The 1/4" inPut deserve to it is in collection come receive a line level signal, or switched come permit a electrical guitar or base come be plugged directly into ns M-track Quad. Separation, personal, instance get knobs encertain the Appropriate inPut level.


each inPlaced channel ins likewise equipped through one insert jack, a experienced enhancement not regularly discovered in this class of interface. The insert jack enables studio-great results to be provided through any kind of inPlaced source as girlfriend record.

boosted security because that better Recordings

M-monitor QuADVERTISEMENT supplies ultra-short latency security the ns inPlaced signal—eitshe via the speakers or by means of headphones. The monitor mix knobility adjusts the balance in between ns direct inputs and also ns playback indigenous her computer software. In addition, the inPut signal(s) have the right to it is in monitored in stereotype or mono using the practically Stereo/Mono switch. Thins renders it straightforward to record brand-new components or add parts to one existinns composition. The Headphone outPlaced uses its very own levetogether control.

MIDns Matters

In addition to ns two audio channels, M-track QuADVERTISEMENT also support 16 channels of MIDi information and timing information. Ns MIDns In and also MIDi the end jackns are compatible through all MIDi equipment.

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USB Central

M-monitor QuAD uses a solitary USB cmaybe come produce a two-method audio and also MIDi connection through your computer. Best the all, ns M-track QuAD additionally serves as a powered USB Hub. Connect her USB controller keyboard, pADVERTISEMENT controller, and other USB tools straight to her M-monitor QuADVERTISEMENT for a convenient, singles cable computer connection.

functions 24-little bit / 96 kHz (max.) digitatogether audio processing Zero-latency audio monitoring 4 XLR+1/4" combo inputs accommodate any kind of source Selectmaybe phantom power accessible for condenser microphonens every inPlaced includes a Mic/line or instrument levetogether switch 4 TRs 1/4" inserts; a every inPut channetogether MIDi In and the end jacks 1/4" balanced outs (1 & 2) via cursed levetogether manage 1/4" well balanced outns (3 & 4) with addressed levetogether Stereo/Mono monitor move Headphone the end with independent levetogether manage USB connection; it is provided USB hub with 3 ports power it is provided encompass size (W x D x H): 13.1" x 3.5" x 6.1"; 333 mm x 89 mm x 156 mm